Getting your Holiday Covered

Summers are considered to be the best month for annual leaves. Your bid team would like to binge on them and leave for the holidays. On the contrary summers tend to be quiet busy month for planning procurement. With the start of the new financial year large contracts and tenders are out for the suppliers to profit their business with.  Many authorities look to mobilize contracts by requesting for the responses so that they can enter the new financial year with full swing

Therefore, with fast approaching summers, it is necessary for the teams to ensure they have got their holidays cover before hand to avoid inconvenience.

So this a special post for all those who are planning to binge over holidays this summer guiding them to how they can plan their contract pipeline and enjoy stress free holidays.

Getting Your Holidays Covered

Getting Your Holidays Covered

  1. Procurement Cycles: As we discussed above, Authorities tend to float tenders earlier at the start of the month as new strategies are into planning. So it is necessary to track the procurement cycles of your industry. Ensure you are having well managed your contract pipeline ahead of time in order to avoid staff shortage when a amazing contract opportunity lands on your desk.
  1. Avoid the Strain of under staff: Becoming Under staff can happen too quickly, it takes only few members from you bid team to leave for the annual vacation. In order to reduce this stress, we would suggest having a bid library. Bid library is a collection of previous tender documents, company information, and relevant policies. Bid library can come handy while drafting your response that have scored most marks in your previous submission. So you have strong material to refer back.  This comes handy when you have limited staff at your dispense.
  1. External Bid Writing Support: You can render the support of an external bid writing firm while your team is off to their annual leave. These firms always work on off projects and are flexible in their approach. Therefore, undertaking help of external bid writing firm is also of great help.
  1. Monitoring your Contract Pipelines: As among the busy periods or holiday month ensure that you are on the top of your contract pipelines. You should be aware of your in-house capabilities to deal with the forth-coming bids and any potential opportunity those lands on your desk at the last moment. Therefore, make sure you are updated with all the procurement schedules and cycles, Contracts coming towards their end dates and Having a bid library at the hand to refer back when in need.

With only few weeks remaining for the companies to shut their doors and employees to leave for their annual break. It is high time to ensure that you have your holidays covered for any tender or bid submission.

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What is your Social Offering?

With the introduction of the Social Value Act 2012, the public and the local authorities are now obliged to consider the social value of the work that their contract generates. The Act clearly dictates the contracting authorities to include questions by which the bidders can demonstrate the social value that will be delivered by them for the well-being of the community if awarded the contract. And with the enforcement of the act high-value contracts have started to include social value questions.

Initially including social value responses in your tender may seem an easy job, however, suppliers have not been able to clearly interpret the social value questions. Social Value is all about the buyer gaining the real rate of return on investment in your organization. Social value  often includes questions that are broader it includes 3 major sections;

  • The Social Benefit
  • The Economic Benefit and
  • The Environment Benefit
Social Value and Tender Response

Social Value and Tender Response

Recently the buyers have gone much beyond the general overview of the social, economic and environmental benefits and ask for something that is more measurable. Social value questions might appear a little confusing but once you understand them well they become a lot easier to answer. The phrasing of the questions might seem tricky but all comes down to the same bottom of  Quality assurances.

Social Value offering offers local contractors an edge over the non-local contractors. Having a local presence helps you to secure your contract with numerous social benefits that may be difficult for a non-local contractor to realize.

As we discussed above the Social Value questions involve Social, Economic and Environmental benefits that your company will deliver if awarded a contract. If you are a supplier hitting your head thinking about the possible response we below discuss some of the guidelines to include the social value response in your of the contract.

 The Social Aspect: The social aspects relates to the local community and the people in it. How your company can benefit the local community. Here are some potential areas you can talk about)

  • Engagement activities for the local community
  • Working with schools, Charitable Trusts, Volunteer Programs
  • Helping social and Activist groups and
  • Supporting the people in the area

The Economic Benefit: The Economic Benefit aspect relates to the employment opportunities your company will generate for the local suppliers or contractors. Here are some of the potential areas you can talk about when responding to economic benefit.

  1. Employment Opportunities
  2. Apprenticeship Programmes
  3. Making use of local Supply Chain
  4. Investing in the growth of Local Business etc.

Environment Benefit: Environmental responses require you to show how your company will benefit the local environment to help keep it away from damages throughout operations. Aspects of this response may already be part of your company’s environmental policy, which should be referenced where relevant.

Environmental aspects of social value:

  • Saving energy where possible
  • Recycling
  • Working to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Use of eco-friendly goods etc

 Social value responses must include some realistic commitments that you can deliver. Be specific in your responses while quantifying the number of opportunities you will create and how can they benefit the local group. Often the authorities may hold you for the commitments that you promised to deliver and failed this will have a costly impact on your business in long-term.

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Applying for Grants in Tenders

Government tenders offer opportunities that provide organizations with a continuous source of revenue. Undertaking contracts often involve a huge cost, therefore having a strong financial backup is one of the important elements of participating in government tenders.

Often do organization do not undertake to tender owing to the entire project cost that organization will have to bear in order to participate. In such situation, federal and government including the state and local government offer grants to these businesses in order to help them participate.

Grants are non-profit funding opportunities that provide financial assistance towards achievement of specific project objectives. Grants are in the forms of fund awarded to the organization to participate in the project.  And to win one,you have to successfully apply for grants.


To start with, you need to learn more about the organizations that offer grants to participate in tenders. These agencies or organization have eligibility criteria for the businesses to which they offer the grant. Read the criteria carefully to understand which agency can help you with the funds. There are plentiful funding agencies that offer grants but an application of grants from each agency is different and can be a little tedious job.

App for grants

So here we discuss few guiding essentials that might be helpful to you while you apply for grants from these agencies.

  1. Selecting the Right Funding Agencies: Applying for grants you are not eligible for can have a negative impact on your business along with wastage of your time. It is very much obvious to get distracted by the amount of the grant and we might want to apply. But that can be of no use unless we are eligible as the process involves huge documentation and efforts.

Moreover, applying to the grants you are eligible for can not only increase your chances of applying successfully but also help you in quick participation. Therefore, look beyond the grant award and select the right funding agency with right specifications.

  1. Investigate the Funding Agency: Try to gather as much information as possible about the funding agency. What kind of projects do they fund? What are the core elements of this project? What is the awarding criterion? And other important information. Conducting a research on the funding agency and understanding their goal will help you to convince them how you can help them in achieving their goals. Often the winning applicants are those who promise to provide best of the solutions.
  1. Strengthen your Application: As there are 1000 government grant programmes but you may qualify only for some handful. Identify the requirements of the application. Some grants are open to an organization that has been in business for a certain period of time. Strengthen your documents with the reports of Audits, financial status, standardized reports and other shreds of evidence mentioned in the application.

Avoid use of certain terms and words which the funding agency does not support. For instance, if the funding agency does not support technology initiatives avoid using such words in your answers.

  1. Use a Grant Writing Agency: Like tender proposal writing, writing a grant proposal is a complex task and needs the practice to make it perfect. So, if you don’t have that expertise in-house don’t shy from using the services of the grant writing agencies. These agencies are long-time players and have had helped many businesses like yours to submit the grant application.
  1. Ask for help:

 Chances of getting funded by the government agencies are very low.  Therefore, if this is your first time to apply for the grant, we suggest you take help. Reach out to those who have had applied and won the grant you are seeking for. It is easy to find this information as often these agencies publish the names of the winners of the grant. Reach out to them to learn what did they do to win the grant. As this will be a helpful guide for your organization to apply while writing the Grant application.

Grants are one of the ideal sources of funding when you are running short of funds. The only problem is they are not very easy to win, you really have to write a great grant application for the agencies to consider your proposal. As you look for the organizations that provide you grant don’t forget to look for government tender opportunities as they are also a lucrative source for business expansion.


Did you find the information useful? Write to us in the comment, we always welcome valuable feedback from our readers


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Why Consider Having a Bid Writing Team

Tender bidding is an incredibly complicated process and can be confusing at times. For any organizations that bid for public tenders and contracts are in need of a bid writing team. Bid team is a team of professional bid writers & consultants that are well versed with the current legislation, recent trends in the industry, significant knowledge of the company policies and certificates and can make your company stand out before the contracting authority.

Often do organizations may not find the need of hiring a bid team as for them it might add up to an additional cost but, with a continuous shift in the market & the legislation governing them keeping oneself updated can be a daunting task Therefore, having a bid team ensures that your organization is updated with the all the recent changes in the markets and legislation and also allows you to focus on your contract pipeline.

Why you must consider having a Bid team

Why you must consider having a Bid team

Here we list down most essential reasons why you should consider having a bid team

  1. Helps in Communicating: Ineffective communication is one of the reasons as to why Bid fail. Often do buyers find it difficult to understand what message the supplier is trying to convey through his proposal, and this can form a reason for the buyer to toss your proposal. In such cases having a bid writing team can prove to be beneficial. Their sharp skills of communication and drafting compelling yet convincing responses ensure that your proposal stands out in the competition.  They make sure that all the important questions reflect how your company is an idle supplier for the buyer requirements.
  1. Helps in scoring more: Bid writing team may come for rescue when you constantly score low in certain sections of the tender document. Their updated skill sets and wide knowledge can help you overcome the shortcoming. For eg, there may be a case where you constantly score low on your Tender Presentation. In such situations, bid team can help you with innovative presentation ideas that will help you score more in your next bid
  1. Improve your Tender Submission: Tender bidding is a complex yet compliance driven process. Often do we overlook small and minute compliance details can cost us the entire project cost. Having a bid writing team can ensure not even a single detail is overlooked while writing a proposal. From writing in the given format within the given word count, they also provide support in gathering and presenting information that is accepted by the contracting authority.
  1. Provides you competitive Advantage: Having a bid writing team can not only help you in improvising your weaknesses but also help you in keeping your organization updated with market highlights, recent trends and how they can be used to improve more contracts, analyzing competitor’s strategy and presenting a more competitive bid. They also help your company win more contracts.
  1. Aligning your Bid Process: Organizations across the supply chain rarely have time to review the process due to short time and length submission process. However, having a bid writing team aligns your entire bid process starting from bid no bid decision to going through the PQQ and ITT thoroughly, to drafting a response to attaching certificates and documents to submitting shreds of evidence to proofreading for errors to submission. Bid team aligns your entire process from start to end ensuring that the entire team adheres to responsibilities given to them.
  1. Saves Money and Time: Having a Bid writing team that is both skilled and experience ensures you have the best chance of tender success. Moreover, with such a team you can confidently bid for lucrative and large contracts without wasting time and money in outsourcing your proposal.
  1. Winning more contracts: Above all, having a bid writing team is a need for an organization to win more contracts. The aim is to ensure the highest quality submissions across the board. Therefore, having a bid writing team not only aligns your bid process but also ensure high-quality bid submission with complete utilization of their skills and knowledge.

It is a great way for your business to win contracts but only if done right. Bid writing is a unique skill that takes years to get perfect on your own, but with professional assistance, you can focus more on winning contracts than master the art of writing winning proposals.

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Benefits of Supplier Engagement Events

Buyers or tender implementing agency conduct extensive research prior to publishing contracts. They need to consider all the recent changes that have been made into the industry to drive increased value for money. Therefore, they often organize Pre-engagement meetings for suppliers or supplier engagement events to discuss their procurement requirements.

Supplier engagement events offer a great chance to get a deep knowledge of what is the procuring authority looking for? And how your company can provide them with that?  These events might take place in several different forms like workshops, consultations on changing procurement; discussion on upcoming contracts etc are the topics that are likely to be discussed in such meetings.

Benefits of Supplier Engagement Events

Benefits of Supplier Engagement Events

For buyers, such meetings are an outlook on what is the market size of the product they are procuring and also the size of the providers for the same. For suppliers, it is an information-gaining session wherein they get insights on what’s new in terms of services, current best practice, and getting your company under the radar of the buyer. However, it is a great way to build a long-lasting relationship with the buyer you wanted to work with.

Attending such events gives you the opportunity to make your network strong along with promoting your expertise to the buyer. These events not only help you learn what services they are looking for but also help you with knowing how they want it to be delivered? Such events also offer you chances to give advice and valuable knowledge sharing that strengthen your companies’ position before the buyer

Here are some of the helpful tips to make most out of such events:

  1. To start with get yourself registered with these agencies that organize buyers’ events or supplier events. Make sure you receive a formal invitation to attend the engagement event.

2. Supplier events are restricted to a certain number of organizations that can attend the make sure you get your team member registered with for such events.

3. Supplier engagement events are very interactive. There may be Workshops, Q&A sessions, debates and other brainstorming activities. So always go prepared with the list of question you want to ask, some insight giving pointers on the topic of discussion etc. This helps you to attract the attention not only of the implementing agency but also of the audience present at the event.

4. Utilize the information that you gather from such events, make a note of it for your reference. As topics and agendas discussed at such events can help you make you’re bid/no bid decision.

5. Try to gather as much information about the implementing agency. Reaching out to top-level personnel will help you get a deeper insight over the upcoming tender. So that when the tender is finally announced make sure you include the key information in your responses.

6. Your Approach towards them also plays a key role; asking too many questions about the upcoming contract can prove to be a big no for your organization. Instead start your conversation by sharing the future changes in the technology, ways to address the challenges stated and similar kind of information. This will not only help them you to impress them but also give them primary level information about what to include in the contract.

By understanding what evaluators are looking for, and by gathering as much information as you can about their requirements, will enhance your understanding of the evaluation criteria and, ultimately, your chances of success.

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Framework Arrangements in Tendering Process

With constantly changing Procurement landscape, efforts are continuously made to moderate the growing complexities involved in the process. Many new approaches are been adopted across the value chain to reduce the long and lengthy processes that form the basis for the delay of key executive projects.

One such concept is of “Framework Arrangements” this umbrella concept has been garnering lot of attention as a solution for lengthy procurement processes. However, with its modern day approach businesses across the value chain are looking forward to implement this in their next bidding strategy.

Framework Agreements in Tendering Process

Framework Agreements in Tendering Process

What is this Framework Arrangement all about?

Frameworks have become a popular mechanism that minimizes the efforts that goes into making frequent purchases by buyers. In other words, “A framework arrangements enables the organization to establish agreement with the terms and conditions under which the contracting authority can award individual contracts for one or more than one service to one or more than one supplier over the lifetime of the framework. (normally 4 years)”

Lets take an example,  a school is to be built over the period of 4 years.  The buying organization establishes a framework arrangements with 2 contractors, contractor A and contractor B. On the agreed terms and conditions the framework is set up. The buying authority may call-off requirements for the small units needed to be constructed over the period of 4 years. The contractors involved will be providing range of services from provision of paper, furniture’s, electronic items and more on until the school is completely built.

Framework arrangements are largely used by the authority that undertakes projects with no set schedule of completion. Once the company secures a place in the agreement then they will never lose it and may have access to large and potential contracts that’s the major benefit framework offers.  A framework covers the provision of a generic group of goods, works or services or both. For instance, goods like office furniture, services like design consultancy and works like construction of classrooms.

There are broadly 2 types of Framework Arrangements the former one is framework contracts and the latter one is framework agreements.

Framework Contracts:

A framework contract has a consideration of a monetary sum paid up front by the buying organization to the supplier. This payment is made in order to create a contract on the terms and conditions offered by the supplier to the buying organization so it is important to first ensure that the terms and conditions are correctly drafted so that the supplier is tied in to what has been agreed.

 Framework Agreement:

A framework agreement is the same arrangement without the up-front consideration – instead, each time a buyer uses the agreement a separate contract is formed by the consideration paid for the order in question. Some organisations call framework agreements ‘trading agreements’ – others might call them ‘standing offers’. ‘Blanket orders’ etc.

The public contractors are largely benefited from the inception of framework arrangements as it gives the freedom from re-advertising of the tenders and re-application for the contract awards by the suppliers. More importantly framework in the tendering allows you to have a long-term business relationship with the buyer along with the  continuous source of revenue.



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How to find opportunities to Bid For

Federal contracting offers tremendous opportunities for sales and long- term revenues. However, finding that right opportunity matching your organization’s core competencies and experience can be a daunting process for the supplier.

Today for businesses that are interested in pursuing the federal opportunities have many options available for them to showcase their businesses to the potential buyer. They may get themselves registered with the contracting agencies or affiliated agencies that help them find the right opportunities to bid for. There are also other procurement information providing portals like Tenders info, that ease your work providing you daily opportunity alerts delivered right into your mail box.  These agencies functions as a facilitator for the supplier that effectively communicates to them procurement opportunities and vendors requirement along with the contract value.

This is an opportunity identification stage for the supplier, to move on, he should consider working with a consultant who can drive the bidding process untill he gets familiar with the government procurement function.

In this short video we explain how you can find the relevant tender opportunities from different sources that will help you kick start your bidding journey

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What goes into the Tender Evaluation Process

The process of evaluating tender begins with the submission of the contractor’s response to the Invitation to tender. It makes an offer to supply the asked goods and services as per the requirement of the tender implementing agency. once the tenders are being submitted the process of careful assessment begins to select the preferred contractor for the project. This process is known as tender evaluation or sometimes tender adjudication.
Although the initial evaluation of the offer is reviewed at the time of the bid openings.

But a detailed evaluation or examination is done after the offers are received in compliance with the solicitation document.

Here is a short video explaining the tender evaluating process especially for those who are new to the tendering world.

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3 essential Tips to make your Tender Stand Out

One of the points that is often overlooked while writing a tender proposal is presentation of your Tender proposal. However, insignificant it might be but the look and feel of your tender proposal may affect the outcome. Put yourself in the evaluator’s shoes and see how a well formatted highly rich in content tender proposal might look. Such kind of presentation skills immediately makes you stand out of the competition. A high quality professionally drafted Tender document gives you the perfect platform to promote your business.

Here are 3 essential tips that will help you make your Tender Stand out in the competition.

The bidding landscapes becoming competitive day by day making yourself stand out from the competition can be a tough challenge. So here we discuss 3 essential tips to make your tender stand out in the competition.

3 essential Tips to make your Tender Stand Out

3 essential Tips to make your Tender Stand Out

  1. Do not keep a Low-Key Profile: A tender proposal is one of the best platforms for you to promote your business. It is an opportunity to make your success shine the brightest amongst all of other. Remember that the evaluator is alien to your organization, he has never heard of your brand. So you must ensure they know even the finest of the details of your organization. These are some of the hand-outs to help you effectively promote your organization.
  • Recent Projects
  • Staff Qualification
  • What makes your organization different
  • Resource Capabilities
  • Achievements
  • In-house strategies and Methodologies
  • Investments

However, the buyer is never impressed by just words he needs to see why and how you are the best company for the job.

  1. Use Varied Evidences  

Evidences are very specialized they are information drawn from the personal testimony. Presentation of evidences in the form of graphs, charts and other contract examples help to strengthen your Bids. Attachments of relevant case studies, contract win strategies are allows to convey strong information as to why you’re an idle supplier for the buyer. It is often so the tender document holds a place where you can attach your Work history for the review.

Utilize the space with images, charts which makes the proposal interesting for the evaluator and easy for him to allot you marks for the same. Don’t struggle to find the examples of evidence for your tender document. Just provide the points that make you stand out and explains why you are best suitable for the contract.

  1. Pass all the Compliance Criteria:

Within the public sector tender process there are strict marking criteria’s and one of the most important part of your tender document is Compliance with the specification. Once you pass all the compliance check there is no way you lose marks. So make sure you tick as many boxes as you can. Because the person evaluating your proposal will mark you against the specification so don’t give them a chance to score you low then the competitor.

Consider the below points for the above question

  • Give relevant answers to all the Questions considering the Specification
  • Draft your response within the word limit and the character limit
  • Don’t over estimate but do show the added value in the price criteria
  • Review your bid prior to submission for error free final print.

More so often we are so engrossed with the submission that we don’t pay much attention to the presentation details of our tender proposal and miss the vital elements of the information. However, it is difficult to be your own critique when you have to look at your own organization from an external point of view. Therefore, if it is a must win bid for you, you need to improvise on your presentation quality to make the evaluating process easier for the evaluator.

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Mistakes to Avoid while proposal Writing

Writing the bid for tender submission is a time consuming, complicated and includes lots of documentation. And this is mostly true when you are in your initial stages of bidding for contracts.  At this stage it is obvious to make mistakes as you are new to the understanding of the process.

However, to make your process simpler we have pen down certain common mistakes that you may encounter while writing your bid proposals.

  1. Not reading the Tender Specification Carefully:

The buyer can understand from your bid proposal that the supplying organization has not read the tender specification correctly or you have not answered the asked question correctly. Because when you don’t read the specification correctly you make mistakes while drafting your response for the same.  Chances are you might miss to mention certain important information that was asked by the buyer. Therefore, make it a priority to read the tender specification carefully.  Make a note of all the specifications and review them once you are ready for submission.  Take this as a guide to avoid missing out on important information in the tender document.

  1. Failing to attach important documents to the proposal:

Bidding for tender requires lots of documentation and attachments. The buyer may require your statement of methods, company’s turnover details and the list goes on. Failing to attach any of the documents asked by the buyer your bid may prove non-compliant. Therefore, to avoid such scenario make sure you have all your documents maintained and updated with the latest information. Maintain a check list of all the important documents and review it once before submission to avoid.

  1. Not Doing your Research :

Today we don’t buy anything without a prior research, and contracts should not be a different scenario. Research the buyer’s profile thoroughly for – what are their aims, objectives and goals for the contract?  Adapt this habit as among the winning strategies for your contracts.  Along with buyers also research the competitors. How can you differentiate yourself, and what makes your organization stand out? This should be portrayed in your bid proposal and should be a clear message.

How to avoid common mistakes while Writing bid?How to avoid common mistakes while Writing bid?

How to avoid common mistakes while Writing bid?

4. Taking Note Word limit Page:

This is some minute details that tend to be overlooked when we pen down to write the bidding proposals. Often the companies or the bid team of the organization fail to read the tender instructions and can skip past the page limit or the word count mentioned in the tender   specification.  This can create a bad impression of your organization even if you have a great deal to offer. It is always recommended to read the document carefully and take note of things that are asked for and only then draft your responses within the specified word limit for that question.

  1. Assuming the buyer knows you and your organization

It is so often that we might get the chance to work with the same buyer yet again in our next bid. That is all great that you have a cordial relationship in place. But still make sure you tender go into detail while writing your proposal.  Assuming that the buyer has no previous knowledge of your business, the buyer will ultimately judge you on your tender presentation and you’re offering and not on the cordial relationship. Therefore, make sure you don’t assume anything and write the proposal as if it’s a completely

Take these above points as guiding tips when you start writing your bid proposals. These are some of the common mistakes one might make while writing bid proposal but can cost you high. Ultimately you will be judged on the proposal you submit to the evaluator so why not make it error free fine print

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