EBRD finance to modernise Manas Airport in Kyrgyz Republic

Manas Airport in Kyrgyz Republic to be modernised with EBRD financing

EBRD financing to modernise Manas Airport in Kyrgyz Republic

EBRD financing to modernise Manas Airport in Kyrgyz Republic

The EBRD is providing loan and grant financing to Manas Airport, the main air gateway in the Kyrgyz Republic, for the modernisation of the terminal building.

The airport operating company, MIA (International Airport Manas), will receive a loan of US$ 4.7 million and an investment grant of US$ 500,000 to address the growing demand for good quality airport services in the Kyrgyz Republic, and will assist the installation of a ventilation and heating system, which complies with international best practice and energy efficiency standards.

The loan and grant agreements were signed on May 25th, at the EBRD Headquarters in London, by Natalia Khanjenkova, EBRD Managing Director, Central Asia and Russia and Emir Chukuev, Chairman of the Board of JSC Manas International Airport.

Manas, the main airport in the Kyrgyz Republic, serves the capital Bishkek and is used by some international airlines as a transit airport.


Natalia Khanjenkova said: We are very pleased to support this project, because it signals the start of cooperation between Manas and the EBRD. Regional connectivity, including modernisation of regional airports, is an important part of the Banks transport strategy as well as the overall transition agenda.

The project will also be the first time in the Kyrgyz Republic that a majority state-owned enterprise borrows funds without a sovereign guarantee.

Emir Chukuev said: Development of airport infrastructure is one of the key strategic priorities in Kyrgyzstan. We believe cooperation with such a reputable international financial institution as the EBRD will facilitate Manass rapid growth and lay the foundation for future partnership.

In addition, the EBRD will provide technical assistance to the airport to improve financial management and efficiency of operations, as well as energy efficiency standards.

To date, the EBRD has invested about US$ 770 million in various sectors of the Kyrgyz economy, with projects in infrastructure accounting for a third of the total investment.

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Collaborative Tendering

Going by the word, the term collaborative indicates outcome produced by two parties that closely work together, working together in an intellectual endeavour to achieve the same success. The term collaborative tendering or procurement may have different meanings for different organisations based on their knowledge and experience. Collaborations are similar to but closely structured than co-operation. Collaborative tendering takes place when two or more parties agree to work together having identified the benefits that can be achieved by aligning their resources to deliver efficiency and effectiveness without any disturbance to the project.

As more and more public services are procured through the tendering processes, in larger packages and projects working together has increased the chances of success in the face of competition from the private sector. Many organisations have identified this as one of the best methods to utilise procurement expertise and resources that eliminate duplicate efforts. Collaborations not only brings additional benefits but also procurement benefits. Collaborative procurement is an opportunity for the supply side to join to reduce cost and offer improved value for money to clients. It is an opportunity to work differently. Collaborative procurement helps deliver efficiencies, improved working practices and real savings. It is an opportunity to procure public services under a single umbrella.

Collaborative Tendering

Collaborative Tendering

These are some of the benefits of Collaborative procurement
• Increased Chances of winning through shared expertise, knowledge and experience
• Opportunity to bid for larger and lucrative tenders and contracts
• Increased opportunity for smaller businesses to bid on their own
• Collaborating helps in best utilisation of one’s expertise and strengths
• Makes the Tender Process easier and less expensive
• Creation of sustainable relationship
• Less likely to miss future tender opportunities instead will be able to bid for more tenders
You may get to see collaborative arrangements across
• Contractors and contractors
• Contractor and specialist contractor
• Contractor and suppliers
• Contractor and consultants
• Consultants and consultants
• Specialist contractor and specialist contractor
• Specialist contractor and supplier
• Supplier and supplier

Taking a note of this, we can surely state that the market has evolved over the past years, the procurement organisations have awakened to the reality that by working together the better quality of services can be offered to the clients with the improved value of money.

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Rajasthan Government Housekeeping tenders

NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY invite tenders for housekeeping and maintenance of officers rest house complex Delhi and Delhi Sarai Rohilla under Aden

Document Type : Tender Notice
Bidding Type : Domestic Competitive Bidding
Project Location : Rajasthan, India
Deadline : 15 Jun 2017

Housekeeping Services Tenders, Rajasthan

Housekeeping Services Tenders, Rajasthan


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West Bengal Government Online tenders

ORDNANCE FACTORY BOARD (OFB) invite tenders for Unit Load For 155Mm Charge 9

Document Type : Tender Notice
Bidding Type : Domestic Competitive Bidding
Project Location : West Bengal, India
Deadline : 19 May 2017

West Bengal Defence Tenders, India

West Bengal Defence Tenders, India


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Defence Tenders, India

CENTRAL RESERVE POLICE FORCE (CRPF) invite tenders for Provision of Assault rifles

Document Type : Tender Notice
Bidding Type : International Competitive Bidding
Project Location : India
Deadline : 27 Jun 2017

Defence Tenders, India

Defence Tenders, India


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Government to roll out PHP157.4-B infra projects in poorest PH regions

PHP157.4-B infra projects to roll out in poorest PH regions

Infrastructure projects, Phillipines

Infrastructure projects, Phillipines

A total of 1,313 region-specific infrastructure projects amounting to PhP157.44 billion included in the Three-Year Rolling Infrastructure Program (TRIP) 2018-2020 will be rolling out in the next three years in the five regions that have the highest poverty rates.

This is in line with the countrys National Spatial Strategy in the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022. We want to set the countrys direction of future growth to one that strongly involves the regions and maximize this connectivity of sustainable urban and rural communities, said Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto M. Pernia.

Out of the 4,895 projects amounting to PhP3.6 trillion included in TRIP 2018-2020 revealed during the Dutertenomics Forum, 4,498 are region-specific (PhP935.55 billion), 158 are inter-regional (PhP1,848.02 billion), and 239 are nationwide in scale (PhP824.47 billion).

Among the regions, the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, the countrys poorest region with 48.2 poverty rate among families in the 2015 Philippine Poverty Statistics, will have 955 projects amounting to PhP50.71 billion.

Also included in the poorest regions, Caraga (Region XIII) will have 66 infrastructure projects amounting to PhP28.81 billion, Eastern Visayas (Region VIII) will have 147 infrastructure projects amounting to PhP19.8 billion, Soccsksargen (Region XII) will have 28 projects amounting to PhP7.8 billion, and Northern Mindanao (Region X) will have 117 projects amounting to PhP50.32 billion.

These numbers only include the region-specific projects. These areas are also expected to benefit from the inter-regional and nationwide infrastructure that will form efficient network of engines of economic growth all over the country, said Pernia.

For the region-specific projects, 2,857 infrastructure projects amounting to PhP524.48 billion will be built in areas outside the National Capital Region (NCR), compared with 293 projects amounting to PhP180.37 billion to be built in NCR.


This shows how serious this administration is in jumpstarting growth in the regions and in addressing spatial and socioeconomic inequalities by linking lagging regions with leading ones, said Pernia.

He also noted that this will help develop the regional and sub-regional centers, and decongest Metro Manila.

Also, according to him, this long pipeline of infrastructure projects can enhance prospects for job generation, help in increasing household consumption, stimulate business-related activities in the areas and, in the long run, reduce poverty incidence.

In terms of mode of funding, 3,334 will be Locally Funded Projects (LFP), 70 will be financed through Official Development Assistance (ODA), 33 will be supported by Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), and 1,341 will be backed by other modes. For 117 projects, the mode of funding has yet to be determined.

TRIP aims to strengthen the links between planning, programming and budgeting, and help attain the indicative public infrastructure spending targets for the medium term.

Meanwhile, the Investment Coordination Committee (ICC)-Cabinet Committee and the NEDA Infrastructure Committee approved in a joint meeting last April 17 the updated list of 75 infrastructure flagship projects.

The recently included projects still up for the approval of the ICC include Mindoro-Batangas Super Bridge, Camarines-Catanduanes Friendship Bridge, Ipo Dam No. 3, Panay River Basin Integrated Development Project, Nationwide Fish Ports Project (Package III), Agus 3 Hydroelectric Plant, among othersmost of them candidates for Chinas ODA.

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ACCIONA to build and operate two potable water treatment plants worth EUR 300 million in Panama

ACCIONA to build and operate two potable water treatment plants in Panama worth 300 million euros

Potable Water Treatment Plant Project

Potable Water Treatment Plant Project

ACCIONA, through its Water and Construction divisions, has been awarded two contracts to design, build, operate and maintain two potable water plants: the Ingeniero Jos G. Rodrguez plant, in the Arraijn district, and the Sabanitas II plant, in Coln, capital of the province of the same name and one of Panama’s largest cities. The two contracts combined are worth 319 million balboas, i.e. approximately 300 million euros, and will serve close to 500,000 people, one-eighth of Panama’s population.

The two plants, commissioned by Panama’s Instituto de Acueductos y Alcantarillados Nacionales (IDAAN), will contribute to enhancing the supply of drinking water to the country’s urban dwellers, which is one of the main goals of the “Water for All” National Water Security Plan 2015-2020 implemented by the Panamanian government. The plan envisages building and/or expanding potable water plants, rural water mains and wells so as to cover 98% of the drinking water supply to cities and 70% of the supply to rural and indigenous areas by 2020.

The Ingeniero Jos G. Rodrguez plant will produce 150,000 m of drinking water per day initially, although it is designed to be expanded in the future to 227,000 m. The new system will take water from the Panama Canal and will benefit 283,000 residents of the Arraijn district, in West Panama province, one of the most populous districts in the country.

The Sabanitas II plant will provide 114,000 m of water per day to the residents of such towns as Sabanitas, Puerto Limn and Cativ, benefiting 150,000 people, and is also designed to be expanded to a capacity of over 261,000.


In addition to the latest technology in water capture and distribution of treated water, the plants will have control buildings, laboratories, workshops and warehouses.

ACCIONA Group already operates in the water business in Panama, where it is currently expanding and upgrading the Villa Darin potable water treatment plant; ACCIONA Construction has been operating in Panama since 2013, when it was awarded the contract to build the Dr. Rafael Hernandez Hospital in the David district.

A consortium headed by ACCIONA was recently awarded the contract to widen and upgrade the section of the Pan-American Highway between the Bridge of the Americas and Arraijn, which links the western side of the Panama Canal with the outskirts of Panama City. This is one of the principal road projects being undertaken by the Panamanian government to enhance communications between the country’s main cities, and it has a budget of 335 million balboas, approximately 310 million euros.

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Warehousing Tenders, Singapore

PEOPLES ASSOCIATION, Singapore invite tender for provision of warehousing, Inventory control management and logistics support services

Document Type : Tender Notice
Bidding Type : International Competitive Bidding
Project Location : Singapore
Deadline : 18 May 2017

Warehousing tenders, Singapore

Warehousing tenders, Singapore


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Timor-Leste Road Project receives US$35.2 million World Bank funding

World Bank Supports Expansion of Timor-Leste Road Project

US$35.2 million World Bank funding for Timor Leste Road project

US$35.2 million World Bank funding for Timor Leste Road project

The World Banks Board of Executive Directors approved today a US$35.2 million credit to expand a transformational transport project in Timor-Leste that is helping travel between the North and the South of the country become safer, faster and more reliable.

The additional financing for the Timor-Leste Road Climate Resilience Project will support the improvement of drainage and pavement along the 22.6 kilometers of mountainous road from Laulara, south of capital city Dili, to Solerema.

The broader government-led road rehabilitation project encompasses a 110 kilometer corridor that connects three important districts: Dili, Aileu, Ainaro.

The corridor between Dili and Ainaro is a vital lifeline for more than one third of Timor-Leste, said Bolormaa Amgaabazar, World Bank Country Representative in Timor Leste. This investment will make travel on one of the countrys busiest routes safer and more resilient. The project will also help many remote communities reduce transport time and costs as they connect to services and markets.


Once completed, the Solerema section will join the already-rebuilt road from Dili connecting to the Ainaro Road, which is now under construction. Feasibility studies and detailed designs for potential future road improvements linked to the crucial Dili-Ainaro corridor will also be addressed by the project expansion.

Construction on the Laulara to Solerema section will commence in mid-2018. The road rehabilitation between Solerema and Ainaro is continuing and expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

Since 2000, the World Bank has assisted the government of Timor-Leste to rebuild national infrastructure, stabilize the economy and strengthen government institutions.

In 2017, the partnership includes support for improved service delivery in education and nutrition, the construction of climate-resilient roads and transport infrastructure, as well as support for the development of non-oil economic opportunities.

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EBRD funding for Slovenian and regional street lighting framework

EBRD invests in Slovenian and regional street lighting framework

Street Lighting EBRD funded project, Slovenia

Street Lighting EBRD funded project, Slovenia

The EBRD has signed the first project under a 140 million Street Lighting Framework for the Baltic states, central, and south-eastern Europe. A loan to Javna Razsvetljava d.d. will enable the Slovenian company to invest in new projects and develop further the street lighting market in Slovenia and in the region of central and south-eastern Europe.

The framework is funded with 100 million from the EBRDs ordinary capital resources, while up to 40 million from the Green Energy Special Fund will be mobilised on a sub-project level, where eligible.

The provision of good street lighting is directly related to road and personal safety. It promotes security in urban areas and increases the quality of life. These investments will also improve the environment in line with the EBRDs Green Economy Transition approach under which the Bank aims to increase the volume of its green financing to 40 per cent of its total annual business investment by 2020.


Jolanta Gabriel, EBRD Head of Slovenia, said: We are happy that we are opening our regional Street Lighting Framework with Javna. The company has established a very good track record of successful projects in Slovenia and is a good example of how private sector financing can play an important role in improving public sector services in new and innovative ways.

Stanko Furlan, member of Javnas management board, added: This loan will enhance our company’s ability to invest and develop new street lighting investments in Slovenia and the region. We are focusing our future operations throughout the region to promote environmentally sustainable investments by providing the best street lighting systems that result in significant energy savings.

The Street Lighting Framework will be available in the following 16 of the 36 countries where the EBRD currently invests: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, FYR Macedonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia.

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