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Azerbaijan’s economy is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing in the region. Azerbaijan is a rapidly growing economy through marketing its huge natural resources. The nation’s healthy economic indices and constantly improving international credit rating is a result of the Government’s responsible fiscal policy and a long-term economic strategy.

Currently, Azerbaijan is making major investment into wide-ranging infrastructure projectsand encourages development of the rapidly growing agriculturetelecommunications andITtransportation and service sectors throughout the country. The well-established tradition of building positive partnerships with foreign investors, simplified tax and licensing regimes, and the Government’s strong emphasis on developing non-oil economy, open wide range of opportunities for investors interested in Azerbaijan.



Oil & Gas:
Azerbaijan has been one of the fastest growing producers of both oil and gas in recent years.  BP is the dominant operator in Azerbaijan, and the majority of the 150 or so British companies active in Azerbaijan form part of their supply chain. With oil revenues rocketing in recent years, there are starting to be increasing opportunities in other areas of the Azerbaijani economy.


Financial Services is one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy, resulting huge growth in banking, insurance, leasing and other areas. The banking sector is well placed to help the development of financial services within Azerbaijan.


The Government of Azerbaijan is investing heavily in infrastructure projects, including power generation, utilities, transportation and construction projects. Some of these projects receive funding from the International Financial Institutions.


Consumer Goods:
Azerbaijan is a growing market for consumer goods, and many western shops are already visible on the streets of Baku. These are often franchises, operated by local retail groups. There are two distinct markets – luxury goods for the very wealthy  and mid-range brands aimed at the growing Azerbaijan middle-class.


The capital of Azerbaijan Baku, is undergoing a construction boom. This has resulted in strong business opportunities in areas such as architectural services and project management.


Azerbaijani government is heavily investing into agriculturetelecommunications and ITand tourism. There is also increasing interest in the education sector, and the UKeducation industry is highly regarded in Azerbaijan.


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