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CCTV; Access Control: Market Insights when coupled with Procurement Requirements!!

CCTV Tenders- Security Tenders

Security System

A security system is an electrical device which sets off an alarm when someone tries to break in. In order to have safe and secure workplaces and houses, Security Systems & Equipments are intended to be high in demand across the world.


Security Equipments are comprises of CCTV (Closed circuit television cameras) Security Cameras; Burglar Alarm Systems; Surveillance Systems; Home Security Systems; Security Monitoring Systems; Fire Alarm Systems; IP Cameras and Access Control Systems.


The world society and its scenario demands surveillance systems to be widely used in day to day lives of its citizens and be cautious to unexpected situations.


These equipments are mainly used to enhance the security of certain important areas such as airports, railway terminals, banks, government buildings, hotels, and other public places. It also used for Crime Prevention purposes; Traffic Safety; Industrial Safety; Home Safety.


Companies like Bosch, Honeywell, GE, Pelco, Samsung, Yoko, Meritt Lilin, Hanse, Hi Sharp, CBC, Sanyo, American Dynamics, Vicon and more recently Sony, Axis, DVTel, and Verint have captured the larger pie of the CCTV market.


On the other hand, the Access Control  market which is also demanding in terms of security services and systems is ruled by players like HID, Europlex, Cardax, GE (Casi Rusco), Lenel, Syris, Poris, Pegasus, Elid, IDTEK, Tyco (Sensormatic), JCI (Card Key) Solus, MBux and Kantech.


Closed-circuit television (CCTV) has the biggest market share in world security, the largest markets being Asia and America.


Of the total world CCTV market, China represents 16%, North America 23%, while U.K., which despite being one of the most developed markets for CCTV, represents only 4%. It is estimated that over the period 2011-2015 the Global Video Surveillance market can rise at a CAGR of 14.33 percent and has also been witnessing the growing demand of high-quality images.



The UK is the most surveyed country in Europe with an estimated 4.25 million CCTV cameras. The UK security market is more matured in comparison with many other international markets. As per the latest edition of BSRIA report on the world market for electronic security systems, the UK market for CCTV, access control and intruder alarms were worth over £2 billion in 2010.


South Africa has been taking measures for the development of their security. Consumers in the country are more open to advanced technologies in security systems. With the new security products the dynamics of the South African security systems and services market will be changed and innovative technologies will lead to new market competition and a probable redistribution of existing market share.


Share of CCTV products converged by value, 2010:




Cater to the demands through Security Tenders and Security Projects at


Sample Descriptions for CCTV RFPs:

  • Ø  Maintenance of CCTV system
  • Ø  Parking services CCTV equipment resources upgrade
  • Ø  Provision of installation of electric fence system and removal and re-installation of alarm systems and CCTV presence
  • Ø  Supply and Install RealTime CCTV Surveillance Systems with additional 2 years onsite server supports, parts and labor


Sample Descriptions for Access Control Systems RFPs:

  • Ø  Supply of Technical specifications and other details for biometric fingerprints attendance cum card based access control system
  • Ø  Supply of network access control solution
  • Ø  Preventative Maintenance, Breakdown, Fault Detection and Corrective Maintenance of Security Access Control and Monitoring Systems
  • Ø  Operation & All inclusive comprehensive maintenance of CCTV system & Access Control System


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