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Introduction [Top]

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads formed in April 2009, when Queensland Transport and the Department of Main Roads merged.

Our Director-General, Dave Stewart, reports to both the Minister for Main Roads and the Minister for Transport. We have a workforce of over 10 000 people.

The department works closely with Queensland Rail, port authorities, TransLink Transit Authority, other state and federal government departments, local governments, industry and the community to ensure a coordinated, consultative and integrated approach to addressing and resolving transport and road challenges.

Maritime Safety Queensland, a government agency attached to the department, is responsible for Queensland's waterways and the people who use them. Rail safety is regulated through our rail safety unit.

We manage Queensland's 33 337 km state-controlled road network. The network includes more than 6500 bridges and major culverts. Our department includes customer service centres, government agencies, marine operation bases and regional and divisional offices. This ensures we are always within reach and connected to Queensland communities.

Vision, Purpose and Values [Top]

Our vision

Connecting Queensland

Our purpose

Plan, manage and oversee the delivery of a safe, efficient and integrated transport system that supports sustainable economic, social and environmental outcomes in Queensland.

Our values

We achieve our vision and purpose guided by the value we place on:

  • our customers

  • our people

  • our reputation

Corporate Information [Top]




Heavy vehicles


Working with us


Passenger transport


Service standards



The Department of Transport and Main Roads publications include policies, strategies, work programs, plans, standards, technical publications and manuals.

Department publications

Previous publications

How Business is Awarded [Top]

Transport and Main Roads is a diverse, decentralised organisation, responsible for the management of the state road network. We trade with many different individuals, companies and authorities. This trade involves both receiving and supplying goods and services.

Legislation requires us to publish a Roads Implementation Program (RIP). The RIP sets out network capital works and maintenance proposals. This document also requires us to give emphasis to competitive processes in delivery of the RIP.

Transport and Main Roads' project delivery system (MRPDS) determines the delivery options for major works and projects.
There are three MRPDS volumes:

Austroads Report (Draft) - National Prequalification System for Civil (Road and Bridge) Construction Contracts

Information for Suppliers and Contractors [Top]

Trading with Transport and Main Roads

The department offers work through a tender process and various construction and maintenance contract arrangements.

In general, tenders will only be considered for Transport and Main Roads' major works using the road construction contract (RCC) document if the tenderer is currently prequalified. The prequalification level of the tenderer must be equal to or greater than the advertised project level for the works.


Transport and Main Roads generally calls for tenders for its construction projects. A number of projects, however, are delivered under sole invitee arrangements with local governments or with Transport and Main Roads' own commercial units (RoadTek).

Tender offers and listings are found at the Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office.

Tender information and documentation are available on the website, with a login and password, issued by Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office.

Advertisements and prequalification

Advertisements inviting tenders for Transport and Main Roads projects state the minimum prequalification levels of organisations for the issue of tender documents. These documents are issued on request, only to appropriately prequalified organisations.

The prequalification level of the tenderer must not be less than the advertised project level for the works.

Project delivery options

Main Roads project delivery system (MRPDS) determines the delivery options for major works and projects.
We recognise the need for a variety of delivery methods and to accommodate this, we have developed a series of contract documents:

  • volume 1: road construction contract

  • volume 2: roadworks performance contract

  • volume 3: minor works

They are currently available in our technical publications area.

Electronic tendering

Traditionally, Transport and Main Roads has utilised a manual paper-based process for issuing and accepting tenders.
Transport and Main Roads recognises the benefits associated with electronic tendering systems.

We have developed a works delivery system which provides significant benefits to both parties. The first stage of this system allows the use of electronic schedule of rates in the tendering process.

This has been achieved by the development of the Tender schedule viewer program.

In the future these documents and programs will be available on our new site.

Proposed major roadworks to competitive tender report

The Proposed major works to competitive tender report comprises contracts valued at $1 million and above intended to be procured over the forward 12 month period. The report is updated on a quarterly basis and includes road and transport infrastructure contracts proposed to be let by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Information about Trading Goods and Services [Top]

Transport and Main Roads has a two tier procurement system.

Some procurement activities in Transport and Main Roads are centralised through the Program Procurement Division, located in Mineral House, Brisbane.
These activities are for:

  • corporate procurement in South East Queensland

  • whole of department procurement activity

Core Business Services Units in each of the Transport and Main Roads offices manage the procurement activities specific to each region. The Program Procurement Division provides advice and support as required.

The new State Procurement Policy (SPP) 2008 replaces the previous State Purchasing Policy that had been in place since 2000. The department of Transport and Main Roads commenced implementation of the Policy on 1 January 2008. Suppliers can access the Procurement Policy and other useful reference information on the Queensland Government Marketplace site. Suppliers can also access the series of Better Purchasing Guides, published by the Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office, which provide an understanding of how government agencies should undertake purchasing activities.

Agency Purchasing Procedures are in place to guide departmental officers through purchasing systems and practices in Transport and Main Roads. These are aligned with the SPP.

Purchasing thresholds are in place. They are consistent with the government's framework, making purchasing more efficient with better outcomes;

  • subject to ongoing review

  • will be amended when needs change

Purchases up to A$10,000 in value can be made using the Queensland Government Corporate Purchasing Card (QGCPC).The QGCPC in Transport and Main Roads is a CBA MasterCard®.

Purchases of between A$10,000 and A$25,000 are sourced from competitive quotes. These are obtained directly from the marketplace.

Formal invitations to offer are issued for the supply of goods and services above A$25,000 in value.

Predetermined evaluation criteria are used to select successful offers. The outcomes of supply market analysis will also influence the sourcing strategy applied by Transport and Main Roads.

An 'invitation to offer' for the supply of goods or services may contain various supporting documents such as:

  • forms

  • conditions of offer and supply

  • specifications

  • drawings

  • schedules

'General conditions of offer' and 'general conditions of supply' form part of the invitation documentation.

The General Conditions of Offer  sets out the framework for potential suppliers.

The General Conditions of Supply  sets out the conditions of supply for products or services to Main Roads.

Important Links [Top]
Archived Tenders [Top]
  1. Fitzroy region open market asphalt resurfacing program 2010/11

  2. Supply And Delivery Of 10mm And 14mm Pre-Coated Cover Aggregate

  3. Bruce Highway Upgrade (Cooroy to Curra) - Traffic Modelling

  4. Preliminary Design Services for the Coorparoo Busway Station

  5. Provision Of Mowing Services On Nominated Industrial Estates



Current Tenders [Top]
  1. Design and construction of floating walkways for the existing boat ramps

  2. Culvert Construction on Warrego Highway

  3. Supply of Bituminous Surfacing Services

  4. Construction of shoulder paving and sealing of Road

  5. Provide Taxi Mystery Shopper Services



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