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TI Ref. No:- 429101267
Satellite Terminal Building (stb) Enhancement Project - Phase Ii

Organisation Details

Address Administration Building (17)/ Procurement Department 190 19 Spata Greece,  Tel : +30-210 35 37 159
 Fax : +30-210 35 37 734
Email : LountzisS@aia.gr,Tenders@aia.gr
Country : Greece

Tender Details

Document Type Tender Notice
Bidding Type International Competitive Bidding
Project Location Greece
Description Tenders Are Invited for Satellite Terminal Building (STB) Enhancement Project - Phase II

AIA is further developing the operational, commercial and aesthetic
ambience of the STB, which is mainly characterized by the following:
The screening area shall be relocated from level 2 to level 0 (basement) in
order to render the building sterile in almost all of its areas. Furthermore,
a series of interventions are taking place all around the central basement
area in order to facilitate the commercial replenishment process and PAX
services. New materials are being introduced (not only at level 0 but at all
levels) in order to enhance the PAX experience, especially after having
travelled a long route along the underground link. At the same time, these
new materials are being implemented in such a way as to resemble to the
key interventions that have successfully taken place throughout the Main
Terminal Building (MTB) these last few years

In level 1, the main issues concern the widening of the main public
circulation corridor, the introduction of the new "in-gate" queuing concept
(applicable to all lounges, at both levels 0 & 2) and the construction of
public toilets. The aesthetic concept is being implemented accordingly and
the walk-out lounges are becoming operationally more effective, by
implementing in the new design experience gained from the first months
of operation under phase 1.

At level 2 finally, and in the place of the relocated screening area, a large
cluster of commercial activities shall take place around a central public
square – seating area called the "Plateia". Furthermore, the implementation
of the "in-gate" queuing leads to the relocation of all the pre-boarding
points of entrance and therefore helps improve the queuing process before
entering the gate lounges. Finally, PAX services, such as a new smoking
lounge, are being offered, alongside the further development of the F&B
units at all areas.

Duration of the contract: Estimated award time: First week of 2018
Construction Completion: Mid of May 2018
Term completion (Liability period): Mid of May 2019
More details will be included in the Tender Documents which will be
dispatched to the interested applicants

Deadline 17 Nov 2017

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