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  • Bid Management Solution is a combination of:
  • 1. Bid management software
  • 2. RFP response software
  • 3. Bid tracking software
  • 4. Digital tender response software
  • 5. Price Integration Software & many more

Solution Highlights

Bid Approvals & Controls

Pricing Integration & Consolidation

Bid Scheduling & Tracking




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Win More

  • 1.From submitting bids to submitting Winning bids
  • 2. Why are we losing more deals?
  • 3. How to tame the tendering process?

Bid Productivity

  • 1.Steps to save time & effort in the bid development process
  • 2. Avoid these 5 mistakes during bid pricing

Bid Intelligence

  • 1.Determining your price-to-win
  • 2. Know your competitors price ...Before they do
  • 3. Let’s apply machine learning to bid management


  • 1.What’s the ROI on a bid management solution?
  • 2. When to budget for a bid management solution?

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Webinar on "Win more by Digitizing your Bid Process "

Traditionally, organizations have been running their bid response processes (estimations, pricing, reviews, and approvals) in general-purpose office productivity tools. This has often led to disintegrated process and disparate data. Impact – slower and inefficient bid development, sub-par deal analysis, and limited deal history.
Tendersinfo presents an integrated Bid Pricing & Approval platform for solution providers and system integrators. A single, synchronized repository of all your process and data across your bid response components - pricing | proposal | solution.

Webinar on " From Submitting Bids to Submitting Winning Bids "

The objective of submitting bids is to win them. That is the only way to grow! Yet, many a times we are on the losing side. The competitive nature of bidding, the pressure on pricing, and scarcity of resources – these factors are not going to go away. So, what can organizations do which can place them ahead of their competition? We will share with you 5 practical ways in which your organization can go from submitting timely/compliant bids to submitting Winning bids

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