5 Reasons Why Bids Fail!

One of the often common questions we are faced with is “why did my bid fail?” Companies bidding for contracts will inevitably encounter failure at some point, but is important to understand the reasons a submission was unsuccessful. Always assuming you have selected an appropriate bid in the first place and priced it competitively, you must then persuade your prospective client that you are a capable organization with the depth of resource, the expertise, the empathy and the solution to meet with their objectives. Let’s have a glance over few points and make a conclusion:

  1. Research your potential customer thoroughly-To make your bid more engaging you must demonstrate a clear understanding of the corporate objectives of your company i.e. what is the rationale behind. Show that you have taken the trouble to understand them and mention their goals often. Provide details of how your products or services will help them achieve those aims, no matter in how small a way that might be. By doing this, you will help yourself to observe the first rule which is to be less generic. Have a Lucid Approach rather than a confusing one!
  1. Follow the Specifications ardently-The specification is your guide to completing the tender and not following it will inevitably result in failure. Make notes and pay attention to specific areas such as word count, font type, layout and style as these often trip companies up. Any aspect which is not adhered to is a potential area the evaluator will use to exclude you. As procurement procedures become more competitive, the contracting authority will look for any reason to narrow down the field, so stick to the specification.
  1. Have Conclusive Evidence-Each point you make within a submission must be backed up with evidence. You must be able to explain exactly how your services will benefit the contract. Without enough convincing evidence the contracting authority cannot be sure of the quality of your bid and you will likely lose out to a competitor.
  1. Do not be More Generic-Whilst this may appear to be self-evident, you will be surprised by the number of bids we read that are simple ‘cut and paste’ or template driven responses. Here the solution is straightforward; stop talking about you and start talking about them. If you mention your own corporate plans more than you do theirs, you are writing a bid that will fail. The more often the reader sees their own name the more they are engaged with the text. Ultimately, the bid is not about you – it is about them.
  1. Not matching the funder’s priorities-As with the eligibility criteria, a common mistake is that organizations apply indiscriminately to a variety of funders, without first checking that the funder’s priorities match the work they want funded. The funder’s priorities are the specific causes and areas of work they wish to fund.  For example, two different funders may each fund projects for the benefit of children and young people: one funder prioritizes sports projects whereas the other prioritizes creative arts.  If a charity working with children and young people applies to the creative arts funder for a sports project, they will not be successful.


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India Market Entry Services: Ingress to Business in India

India has already marked its presence as one of the fastest growing economies of the world. It has been ranked among the top 10 attractive destinations for inbound investments. Since 1991, the regulatory environment in terms of foreign investment has been consistently eased to make it investor-friendly. India, with a young skilled workforce, high growth rate and deregulation being undertaken by the government, is set to become an important destination for market entries. But the higher number of competitors and dominance’s of market forces in India makes it difficult for entities to have a hold into the captive forces of Indian Market industry.

Tenders info India Market Entry Services was inbuilt to stop all your barriers and have a valuable market set up which not only helps to lower down the stress of doing business in India but helps it to get done in a virtuous manner. India Market Entry services enables you to understand the Indian market forces by inculcating deep feasibility studies which includes Financial, Project, Market, Economic and other feasibility reports.

Indian market is not set up with only concrete facts and figures which lets to build a base to incorporate the business; But on the other hand as we know that India is a land of building endearment of relationships. Thus India Market Entry services enables you to build strong business relationships in order to have an effective hold of the market forces and let you to have an ease of doing business.

Knowing the business culture and understanding the market trends is a tedious process. In this dynamic business scenario it really becomes tough to have a nick and peck of time and thus to remain updated. India Market Entry Services  helps you to break through barriers, it enables you to understand the business culture, the procedures and the trends. It gives you an advantage by analyzing your business and helping you establish the ideal route to market.

Tenders Info India Market Entry Services stretches its wings to let you get engulfed into the following Services by providing aids into Indian Business Market:

  • Market Intelligence and Industry Analysis
  • Partner Search
  • Opportunity Study
  • Greenfield Set-up
  • Trade Events Participation
  • India Validation Visit
  • Trade Mission Support
  • Company Incorporation & Trademark Filings
  • Location Analysis

Various Sectors in the Indian Market needs a specialization of facts and a build up support to understand the business in a better way. Indian market is sector specific and thus needs a deeper knowledge about each and every sector to know your business flow in the manner as per your vision. Tenders Info India Market Entry Services deep en roots itself in the following business sectors namely:

  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Clean Technology
  • Construction and Mining
  • Health Care and Life Services
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Marine

And Many More……!!

So in order to have a Better Market understanding and thus creating a right set up of your Business in Indian Market  Tenders info India Market Services ease down your needs to let you have a better and smooth way of establishing business in India.

For More Details Do Visit our Website: http://www.tendersinfo.com/indiaentry/

For any upcoming queries and suggestions do write us on: jatin.a@tendersinfo.com

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Sustainability-An Emerging Global Concern for Business Corporates

Sustainability is an economic state where the demand placed upon the environment by people and commerce can be met without reducing the capacity of the environment to provide for future generations. Sustainable development is a broad concept that balances the need for economic growth with environmental protection and social equity. It is a process of change in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations.

Sustainable Development indicates development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising with the ability pf the future generations to meet their needs. World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) recognized that the achievement of sustainable development could not dimply be left to government regulators and policy makers. It recognized that industry has a significant role to play in it. While Corporates are drivers for economic development, they are required to be more proactive in balancing this with social equity and environmental protection. The Contribution of sustainable development to corporate sustainability is twofold. First, it helps set out the areas that comprises the companies should focus on: environmental, social and economic performance. Secondly, it provides a common societal goal for companies, governments and civil society to work towards ecological, social and economic sustainability.

Role of Business in Sustainable Development

Trade and industry being an integral part of human society has pivotal role to play in this direction. United nations has already indicated global compact, a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with adopted principles. Corporate sustainability indicates new philosophy as an alternative to the traditional growth and profit maximization model, under which sustainable development comprising of environmental protection, social justice and equity and economic development are given more significant focus while recognizing simultaneous growth of corporate and profitability .As a good corporate citizen the companies are required to focus on the following key aspects:

  • Absolute Value Creation for the Society
  • Ethical Corporate Practices
  • Worth of Earth through Environmental protection
  • Equitable Business Practices
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Innovate new technology to achieve Eco-efficiency
  • Creating market for all
  • Switching over from stakeholders dialogue to holistic partnership
  • Compliance of statutes

Sustainability is a merging mega trend and is a measure of good corporate governance. Over the years, environmental issues have steadily encroached on business capacity to create value for the customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. The rise of new world powers has intensified competition for natural resources especially oil and added a geopolitical dimension to sustainability.

Sustainability basically works on the principle of KYOSEI which indicated the principles of living and working together for common good. Leading Sustainability companies display high levels of competence in addressing global and industrial challenges in a variety of areas:

  • Strategy
  • Financial
  • Customer and Product
  • Governance and the stakeholder
  • Human Capital

The emergence of corporate sustainability from being a niche interest of environmentalist and pressure groups to one public. Concerned has in part stemmed from the realization that corporate governance and social and environmental performances are important elements of sustained financial profitability. So let’s keep the three P’s (PLANET, PEOPLE & PROFIT) in sequence to achieve the whelms of sustainability.

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How to Win Public Sector Tender Contracts

There has been a prodigious rise in the field of public sector tenders that has given a concrete impact on Market sectors. The number of public sector contract in compare to small sectors continues to boost as the government has crossed it set target goal of 25% in the given year. Now it wants 33% of all Government spending to go to small firms by 2020.

Earlier it used to be difficult for small firms to big for and get their hands over the public sector contracts. This was due to several reasons mainly due because of lack of cooperation and support from special consultants residing outside, unrealistic leads, no cooperation in feedback delivery and further on.

Several key Pointers that have made it easier for small firms to bid for and win public sector contracts are listed below:

  • Onerous pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs) are no longer required for low-value contracts
  • All public sector contracts are published in one place.
  • Bidding processes have been simplified and made it much easier to upload.
  • Everyone in the supply chain has to comply with 30-day payment terms
  • Large contracts are increasingly being split into smaller jobs to allow SMEs to bid.

Let us discuss the 10 basic pointers which enable you to have a hold to win the public tender contracts.

  1. Learn More about public sector procurement: As a responsible manager its your ultimate responsible to have a through detailed outlook about the sector you are dealing with.
  2. Find Out About Contracts: Have a check mail on all latest website featuring a view discussion about tenders and contracts to keep you updated.
  3. Highlight your Local Credentials: Make your local market hold so strong enough so that you get a grip over the residential market sector. It is so because councils look for those who have a local market hold.
  4. Build Trust: Public sector contracts tend to be awarded by committee and they are looking to spend public money wisely. Key criteria are quality and value for money.
  5. Qualify your leads:Pitching for tenders takes up lots of time so it’s vital to qualify every opportunity to ensure that you are focusing on those contracts that you are best-placed to win.
  1. Ask for feedback:Ensure you ask for feedback if you’re unsuccessful with a tender. Public sector bodies are obliged to provide you with this within 15 days of your request.
  1. Make your own Shout: Tendering is not just a form-filling and box-ticking exercise; it’s about selling your services. Make a Highlight note of your experienced public sector clients and demonstrate how you have sorted them.
  1. Be Prepared Totally: Make a strong hold of the principle document before you are beginning with process. Ensure to have a good record of the adequate health and safety.
  1. Ensure Specialist Suggestions: There are various fields which require the suggestions and recommendations of various experienced specialist. Ensure to have a lucid flow and recommendations in loop.
  1. Make an Eye on Local Specialist Tenders: Get updated enough with the local specialist tenders to find much more about new upcoming detailed tender opportunities

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5 things you should know about Dubai Expo 2020:

Dubai is gearing up to host the most ambitious World Expo in 2020. This will bring together 120 nations and an audience of 25 million. There are lots of interesting things about this once-in-a-lifetime event that is set to enthrall its visitors with spectacular architecture, global culture and latest technology for a better tomorrow. Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) is looking at empowering the creative communities to shape the future of Dubai. It is also ensuring robust infrastructure, Business friendly regulations, and entrepreneurship empowerment.

  • Starting From October 2020 to April 2021, for 6 Months Dubai Expo will host hundreds of countries, companies and people who bring insight into possibilities in the spheres of opportunity, mobility and sustainability.
  • Expo 2020 is the 3rd largest global event in terms of economic impact after Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup.
  • Dubai Will Host 120 Countries and close to 25 Million Visitors for 6 Months During the event. This is going to create a history in itself and Dubai Government is totally charged up to create and built a new record.
  • Expo 2020 has a volunteer programme that involves more than 30K Volunteers representing wide range of Nationality, Age and Culture. This represents one of the largest volunteer base for any of the event. It requires huge database management and also efficiency to cater the needs for one and all.
  • For the Expo Dubai government has built a totally new city known as “Dubai South” Once completed, Dubai South will represent the thriving living and commercial side of the city. It will be one of the busiest and fastest economic growing cities of the world.

So be a part of this magnificent event by investing in tenders and projects floating around in Dubai Expo 2020. The Expo 2020 is bringing with it a plethora of opportunities to set you back with high sets of economic and profitable market standards. This Expo will enrich your market stand to make it more viable and concrete.

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Indian Solar Auction Capacity doubles its hold to boom Tenders and Bids.

India is progressing towards a sustainable development phase and moulds itself towards catering the needs of future generation. Solar Energy being the prime effective source to support sustainable development has given a boom in this regard.

Keeping in assent its affirmative aspects there has been wide scope of development in field of strengthening solar energy projects and its usage in our country. Aiding to this aspect there has been a tremendous enhancement in government tenders information. India has auctioned 2GW of solar projects in August 2018. This was probably the highest auction activity in relation to solar tender opportunity and it embarked to create a history in itself.

The auction activity in regard to renewable energy tenders in the month of August recently has boosted to almost a double capacity as compared to the month July, which saw the highest rate in the year with 6GW of solar projects been auctioned in relation to Indian government projects. Approximately 1.7GW of solar projects were tendered in August 2018 which supports to a notable mark of 34GW of Solar Project tenders. According to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) total target of 2018-19 was of about 30GW out of which 21GW has already been tendered in the month of August. The Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited (KREDL) tendered 200MW of grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) projects to be developed across 10 talukas of the state

Technical Bidding has also flared up the most in field of Solar tender opportunity being 1200GW solely of the total 2190 bids all together. This was done keeping in mind the persistent scarcity of transmission connectivity, plaguing renewable energy projects. The nation’s increasing renewable energy capacity has recently prompted a number of states to propose deviation charges anticipating challenges in integrating intermittent renewable onto the grid. The tremendous growth in government tenders activity has created a glint image of India globally to set up a mark of target and achievement unbeatable.

But, the high interest shown by bidders this time around is the silver lining for implementing agencies, and something valuable to boost the spirits of the industry.

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5 Reasons a Review can augment your Tender Submission

One step that is often overlooked in the tender writing process is the review and the Final stage that totally is the most pivotal one:

Reviewing a tender submission proves to be the most tedious task as the total Nub of the Tenders Documents resides on it. If your draft document is not lucid it gives an uncertain purview to your Tenders, Bids and deviates the sole purpose of the Government Projects. Having another person reviewing your tender document responses ahead of submission is crucial for many reasons as it totally affects the bid document and its effective meaning.

Therefore let’s have a glance at the five main reasons a review can be beneficial in winning you a contract and improving your success rates to a higher level.

  1. You might be non-compliant– Bid and tender submissions often include various Excel spreadsheets, and supporting documents along with it. Generally our tender document is uploaded via online portals and hence there arises a situation of things getting unticked. Being a project manager it roots the sole responsibility to overcome a situation where a slight minute failure leads to ultimate top down of essence of the tender document.
  1. Improving the Standard- He is the one best at who can review it to that level where your document signifies to a standard mark up and quality. A reviewer who can point out the critical points proves to be more significant to make your tender document more impactful. Ultimately this could make a difference of a few marks; and this could be those few marks that are between you and your main competitor
  1. Thinking from the evaluator’s Standpoint- A review can cross check that you have responded to the tender in the way it intends and whether it can grabs the actual realistic view of it. The main aim is to put ourselves to evaluator’s perspective which emulsifies the viewpoint and helps to identify what the buyer is looking for.
  2. You can’t see the wood for the trees- Small slips which tends to be the main crux of the tender document proves to be very noteworthy and essential. You being a Project Manager need to identify the areas which are too minute but their effect to the tenders are vulnerable.
  1. Do not deviate from the actual essence– Let your Draft tender document be unambiguous and effective enough to transfer the exact meaning and its purpose to reader’s mind and can make a concrete image of itself.

Therefore in order to create a robust impact of your draft tender document on market economy it entirely becomes predominant to have a unambiguous tender document with a thorough review attached towards it.

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Getting your Holiday Covered

Summers are considered to be the best month for annual leaves. Your bid team would like to binge on them and leave for the holidays. On the contrary summers tend to be quiet busy month for planning procurement. With the start of the new financial year large contracts and tenders are out for the suppliers to profit their business with.  Many authorities look to mobilize contracts by requesting for the responses so that they can enter the new financial year with full swing

Therefore, with fast approaching summers, it is necessary for the teams to ensure they have got their holidays cover before hand to avoid inconvenience.

So this a special post for all those who are planning to binge over holidays this summer guiding them to how they can plan their contract pipeline and enjoy stress free holidays.

Getting Your Holidays Covered

Getting Your Holidays Covered

  1. Procurement Cycles: As we discussed above, Authorities tend to float tenders earlier at the start of the month as new strategies are into planning. So it is necessary to track the procurement cycles of your industry. Ensure you are having well managed your contract pipeline ahead of time in order to avoid staff shortage when a amazing contract opportunity lands on your desk.
  1. Avoid the Strain of under staff: Becoming Under staff can happen too quickly, it takes only few members from you bid team to leave for the annual vacation. In order to reduce this stress, we would suggest having a bid library. Bid library is a collection of previous tender documents, company information, and relevant policies. Bid library can come handy while drafting your response that have scored most marks in your previous submission. So you have strong material to refer back.  This comes handy when you have limited staff at your dispense.
  1. External Bid Writing Support: You can render the support of an external bid writing firm while your team is off to their annual leave. These firms always work on off projects and are flexible in their approach. Therefore, undertaking help of external bid writing firm is also of great help.
  1. Monitoring your Contract Pipelines: As among the busy periods or holiday month ensure that you are on the top of your contract pipelines. You should be aware of your in-house capabilities to deal with the forth-coming bids and any potential opportunity those lands on your desk at the last moment. Therefore, make sure you are updated with all the procurement schedules and cycles, Contracts coming towards their end dates and Having a bid library at the hand to refer back when in need.

With only few weeks remaining for the companies to shut their doors and employees to leave for their annual break. It is high time to ensure that you have your holidays covered for any tender or bid submission.

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What is your Social Offering?

With the introduction of the Social Value Act 2012, the public and the local authorities are now obliged to consider the social value of the work that their contract generates. The Act clearly dictates the contracting authorities to include questions by which the bidders can demonstrate the social value that will be delivered by them for the well-being of the community if awarded the contract. And with the enforcement of the act high-value contracts have started to include social value questions.

Initially including social value responses in your tender may seem an easy job, however, suppliers have not been able to clearly interpret the social value questions. Social Value is all about the buyer gaining the real rate of return on investment in your organization. Social value  often includes questions that are broader it includes 3 major sections;

  • The Social Benefit
  • The Economic Benefit and
  • The Environment Benefit
Social Value and Tender Response

Social Value and Tender Response

Recently the buyers have gone much beyond the general overview of the social, economic and environmental benefits and ask for something that is more measurable. Social value questions might appear a little confusing but once you understand them well they become a lot easier to answer. The phrasing of the questions might seem tricky but all comes down to the same bottom of  Quality assurances.

Social Value offering offers local contractors an edge over the non-local contractors. Having a local presence helps you to secure your contract with numerous social benefits that may be difficult for a non-local contractor to realize.

As we discussed above the Social Value questions involve Social, Economic and Environmental benefits that your company will deliver if awarded a contract. If you are a supplier hitting your head thinking about the possible response we below discuss some of the guidelines to include the social value response in your of the contract.

 The Social Aspect: The social aspects relates to the local community and the people in it. How your company can benefit the local community. Here are some potential areas you can talk about)

  • Engagement activities for the local community
  • Working with schools, Charitable Trusts, Volunteer Programs
  • Helping social and Activist groups and
  • Supporting the people in the area

The Economic Benefit: The Economic Benefit aspect relates to the employment opportunities your company will generate for the local suppliers or contractors. Here are some of the potential areas you can talk about when responding to economic benefit.

  1. Employment Opportunities
  2. Apprenticeship Programmes
  3. Making use of local Supply Chain
  4. Investing in the growth of Local Business etc.

Environment Benefit: Environmental responses require you to show how your company will benefit the local environment to help keep it away from damages throughout operations. Aspects of this response may already be part of your company’s environmental policy, which should be referenced where relevant.

Environmental aspects of social value:

  • Saving energy where possible
  • Recycling
  • Working to reduce the carbon footprint
  • Use of eco-friendly goods etc

 Social value responses must include some realistic commitments that you can deliver. Be specific in your responses while quantifying the number of opportunities you will create and how can they benefit the local group. Often the authorities may hold you for the commitments that you promised to deliver and failed this will have a costly impact on your business in long-term.

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Applying for Grants in Tenders

Government tenders offer opportunities that provide organizations with a continuous source of revenue. Undertaking contracts often involve a huge cost, therefore having a strong financial backup is one of the important elements of participating in government tenders.

Often do organization do not undertake to tender owing to the entire project cost that organization will have to bear in order to participate. In such situation, federal and government including the state and local government offer grants to these businesses in order to help them participate.

Grants are non-profit funding opportunities that provide financial assistance towards achievement of specific project objectives. Grants are in the forms of fund awarded to the organization to participate in the project.  And to win one,you have to successfully apply for grants.


To start with, you need to learn more about the organizations that offer grants to participate in tenders. These agencies or organization have eligibility criteria for the businesses to which they offer the grant. Read the criteria carefully to understand which agency can help you with the funds. There are plentiful funding agencies that offer grants but an application of grants from each agency is different and can be a little tedious job.

App for grants

So here we discuss few guiding essentials that might be helpful to you while you apply for grants from these agencies.

  1. Selecting the Right Funding Agencies: Applying for grants you are not eligible for can have a negative impact on your business along with wastage of your time. It is very much obvious to get distracted by the amount of the grant and we might want to apply. But that can be of no use unless we are eligible as the process involves huge documentation and efforts.

Moreover, applying to the grants you are eligible for can not only increase your chances of applying successfully but also help you in quick participation. Therefore, look beyond the grant award and select the right funding agency with right specifications.

  1. Investigate the Funding Agency: Try to gather as much information as possible about the funding agency. What kind of projects do they fund? What are the core elements of this project? What is the awarding criterion? And other important information. Conducting a research on the funding agency and understanding their goal will help you to convince them how you can help them in achieving their goals. Often the winning applicants are those who promise to provide best of the solutions.
  1. Strengthen your Application: As there are 1000 government grant programmes but you may qualify only for some handful. Identify the requirements of the application. Some grants are open to an organization that has been in business for a certain period of time. Strengthen your documents with the reports of Audits, financial status, standardized reports and other shreds of evidence mentioned in the application.

Avoid use of certain terms and words which the funding agency does not support. For instance, if the funding agency does not support technology initiatives avoid using such words in your answers.

  1. Use a Grant Writing Agency: Like tender proposal writing, writing a grant proposal is a complex task and needs the practice to make it perfect. So, if you don’t have that expertise in-house don’t shy from using the services of the grant writing agencies. These agencies are long-time players and have had helped many businesses like yours to submit the grant application.
  1. Ask for help:

 Chances of getting funded by the government agencies are very low.  Therefore, if this is your first time to apply for the grant, we suggest you take help. Reach out to those who have had applied and won the grant you are seeking for. It is easy to find this information as often these agencies publish the names of the winners of the grant. Reach out to them to learn what did they do to win the grant. As this will be a helpful guide for your organization to apply while writing the Grant application.

Grants are one of the ideal sources of funding when you are running short of funds. The only problem is they are not very easy to win, you really have to write a great grant application for the agencies to consider your proposal. As you look for the organizations that provide you grant don’t forget to look for government tender opportunities as they are also a lucrative source for business expansion.


Did you find the information useful? Write to us in the comment, we always welcome valuable feedback from our readers


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