Spbo Pusat Pertanda Live Score Terlengkap

Bagi anda para peminat taruhan judi bola atau judi latihan jasmani online, anda pasti butuh yang namanya bakat tentang skor Terkadang untuk boleh ingat hasil skor dari sebuah laga antar tentu kita tidak mungkin jika harus memeriksa atau menonton pertandingan … Continue reading

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Judi Online Indonesia Penyelesaian Main Taruhan Skala Global

Sebaiknya apapun game judi luar yang akan ditawarkan dan se gede apapun profit yang akan dijanjikan pada bettor tentu bermain judi lokal dari situs judi yang baik merupakan seleksi yang lebih bijaksana untuk seseorang Bettor Tidak banyak pemain yang mau memikirkan keberadaan game judi lokal dengan trik pandang yang baru. Malahan betul permainan judi online lokal tidak senantiasa jadi preferensi yang cacat dan sebagai kualitas menyembah dengan permainan judi online dunia.

Masih ada banyak games judi bola resmi online Indonesia yang sangat layak untuk coba anda mainkan dan jadi games judi yang akan memanjakan pemain dengan fasilitas dan kualitas yang tidak akan angkat tangan dengan permainan judi online luar. Bahkan dapat saja apa yang anda harapkan dari games judi online akan terbentuk dengan sangat sempurna dari game judi lokal yang anda mainkan. Bukti bahwa games judi online ini tinggal aktif dan terus eksis sampai saat ini ialah sinyal yang dapat anda pertimbangkan jika ada games yang baik sampai banyak bettor yang mampu bertahan untuk berasimilasi dengan permainan judi online ini.

Judi Online Indonesia Penyelesaian Bermain Judi Mudah

Game judi online Indonesia merupakan games judi yang akan jauh lebih mencebikkan bagi player judi Indonesia. Alasannya sangat prasaja lantaran member nantinya tidak akan urgen mengharmoniskan bahasa dan mata uang yang akan di berlakukan di permainan judi online yang satu ini. Selagi ini jika permainan judi dunia yang ada di lokasi akan selalu mencadangkan bahasa canggung yang tentunya akan jadi kesukaran bagi bettor yang masih belum pengertian bahasa yang di gunakan. Maka sering salah memahami bahan yang di sampaikan di website judi tersebut.

Lain halnya jika anda bermain di tempat ini sebab judi Indonesia akan memanfaatkan bahasa Indonesia dan bagi petaruh dari Indonesia akan lebih menyelami bahasa ini. Mata uang yang akan digunakan lalu mata uang Indonesia adalah rupiah maka member tidak mesti berbeli-belit untuk menukarkan mata uang Rp sepadan dengan kurs mata uang bagian yang berterima pada saat itu.

Kecuali Judi Indonesia yang Paling baik Untuk Member Lokal

Enggak melainkan berdansa disitu saja karena game judi online Indonesia juga akan dimainkan dengan mengabdikan kartu kredi. Artinya anda akan menjumpai banyak promo yang Menarik Dibandingkan dengan menggunakan no rekening bank promo yang akan di berikan akan jauh lebih banyak jika anda menentukan kartu credit dan profit yang lain adalah dengan kartu kredit ini anda bisa menyajikan pinjeman online guna perlu modal untuk main judi online jenis apapun.

Faktanya lagi games judi Indonesia ini maka memiliki banyak cara game yang siap untuk anda mainkan kapan Aja Maka sesungguhnya pemain tidak penting memberati diri dengan menyatu di permainan jurusan jika faktanya ada banyak games judi asal Indonesia yang ada skala games bidang dengan arti yang lalu jauh lebih besar. Istimewa bagi bettor Indonesia juga akan ada banyak promo yang akan di janjikan diberikan pada setiap game judi online yang dilakukan petaruh tersebut.

Permainan judi online dari Indonesia maka tidak akan usai mubazir dalam melengserkan yang paling baik bagi pemainnya. Tersebut untuk memberhentikan yang paling menjanjikan dan yang paling diinginkan pemain dari suatu permainan judi online yang real saat ini. Maka tidak ada salahnya mencecap permainan judi online ini selama anda berkarir andaikata petaruh judi online.

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Daya upaya Mengoptimalkan Bonus di Suatu Diler Domino Online Terpercaya

Jika kita memang inginkan pendapatan yang besar dalam games judi Domino Online ini maka dapat memaksimalkan pahala dengan setengah trik yang tepat. Pada dasarnya sebagai seseorang yang menggunakan teknologi digital dan internet dengan sangat Teguh Dan teratur maka kita akan … Continue reading

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Opportunities for investment in India post covid-19

The novel coronavirus pandemic has resulted in unthinkable loss to the global economy and the loss of human lives has been extraordinary.

Globally, the coronavirus pandemic has killed 119,666 people and infected almost two million people, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

The large wave of novel coronavirus has affected most business sectors from agriculture to poultry, from petroleum to shipping, from aviation to hospitality and from real estate to apparel. As no sector has been spared the list is lengthy, comprehensive and wide ranging.

Due to Covid-19 has the world has changed crucially. To safeguard the people the nations are practicing the lockdown by keeping their businesses on hold, which have brought a halt to the wheels of economic growth.

After facing this situation and dealing with this unaware pandemic wherein there is an economic dip due to the coronavirus everyone around the globe including the organizations and workers are thinking that is there any light at the end of the tunnel, and where do we go from here?

For which according to many experts, there would be new opportunities, too, for greater cooperation in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and textiles. Besides, there is a golden opportunity for joint investments that could be made.

And when it is gone, the countries with proper plans will take a lead. We have to make sure we are ready for the new world post- coronavirus. There are many steps that we can take now to make sure when the lockdown is lifted, our systems are ready for economic growth. If we can do scenario planning, we, as a country, will win.

Now if we talk about India which even after being under complete lockdown less than a quarter of India’s $2.8 trillion economy is functional.

Lifting the lockdown will not be an easy process. It is a bumpy road ahead but if we can plan for it in advance and tackle major issues, we will be on the right path towards rebuilding India.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, India will have a favourable chance to build an economy that is more strong, adaptable and attractive to the global manufacturers as the majority of the businesses world wide are facing disturbance and are in confusion.

This is a great possibility where we can focus on rebooting the Indian economy.

The world is looking at India and manufacturers & service providers from across the globe are hopeful to identify opportunities in India.

Luckily for us, our agricultural backbone that accounts for almost 14% of our GDP can retrieve rapidly and in fact, grow next year.

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector, which contributes to 30% of India’s GDP, is one of the key drivers of the Indian economy. We will also have to focus on integrating technology with distribution. If consumption products can be delivered using technology, it will be a massive push in reviving MSMEs.

These sectors will put people back to work and build some traction in the recovery of our economy.

Arguably, India and Indonesia should top the list of candidates. They are large countries located near China. Moreover, India has been extraordinarily been dealing well with the Covid-19 crisis so far.

It’s important that India is considered to share values and interests that align closely with those of Western democracies. It has impressive entrepreneurial talent, a large internal market and thriving private enterprises. India can offer everything that the world is looking for right from analytics, financial and management services.

Indeed, ever since the global financial crisis, more than 50 global companies (Apple, Nintendo, Sharp, HP, Dell, etc) based in China were already shifting, or planning to shift, their production location to other countries. The reason for their relocation was mainly due to rising unit labour costs, as rapid wage growth in China outpaced labour productivity growth.

If India aggregates its State capabilities with more open trade and investment policies, it could be a major beneficiary for the ‘Make in India’ strategy that would get a jump-start. India undoubtedly has the potential to be the winner in a post Covid-19 world.

India has showcased how responsible and reliable it has been by supporting the world medically during the tough times of pandemic. Prime Minister Mr. Narandra Modi is sure to ensure the post-Covid era belongs to India.

TendersInfo India Market Entry Services is organizing a Webinar on the topic: “Opportunities for investment in India post covid-19”. In this webinar learn how Companies from South Asia, Europe, North America and many other major countries can look at India as their alternative manufacturing or investment hub.

What our Experts will Cover:

+India opportunity in the post-Covid 19 scenario
+India as the global supply chains
+Markets reboot after the crisis
+Make in India initiative
+India’s advantage of abundance resources

Register for the webinar by clicking the below link:

The COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent situation has shaken us all, but what we need now is a judicious mix of optimism and caution. Civilisation has endured several crises in its history which we have put behind us, we will overcome again. This too shall pass. So do register and be a part of this insightful webinar.

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How Governments are battling with Masks Procurement Globally

As novel coronavirus spreads across the globe companies are changing track to fight COVID-19 from deo’s to hand sanitizer, Mobiles to face masks, people are rushing to medical stores to buy hand sanitizers and face masks. More than 100 countries are affected by this deadly virus and amongst them, the top 10 worst-affected countries by #COVID19 are China, Italy, Iran, Spain, Germany, USA, France, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK).

Italy, the worst-hit country in Europe, is getting 800,000 face masks from South Africa, but it still needs at least 10 million more. Even though the workers are churning out 300,000 masks a day – and it’s still not enough.

As a result, the demand for protective masks and sanitizers has gone up. COVID-19 has caused a sudden increase in the demand for face masks.

Due to this shortage, many companies are repurposing their production lines to join the fight against COVID-19. The COVID-19 outbreak poses unprecedented challenges to businesses, governments, and societies around the world. Organizations are reacting in different ways to ensure business continuity, improve
the flexibility of their supply chain or adopt innovative ways to generate revenue.

WHO is working day and night to analyze data, provide advice, coordinate with partners, help countries prepare, increase supplies and manage expert networks. They have already estimated that 89 million medical masks will be required every month. Due to limited access to supplies such as gloves, medical masks, respirators, goggles, face shields, gowns, and aprons. WHO calls on industry, suppliers, and governments to increase manufacturing. While the WHO has shipped supplies to 47 countries including Iran, Cambodia, and Uganda.

As production of masks is not as easy as you imagine. And there’s now a global shortage of melt-blown fabric due to the increased demand for masks — and the difficulty in producing this material.

Hospitals are running out of masks, gowns and eye protection. New supplies aren’t being made rapidly enough to keep up with demand, and stockpiles seem to be decreasing. This is resulting in an unusual and remarkably worldwide shortage of medical face masks, which invites a re-emerging debate about their value in an epidemic. Doctors rely on effective use of personal protective equipment—gloves, face masks, air-purifying respirators, goggles, face shields, respirators, and gowns. A critical shortage of all of these is projected to develop or has already developed in areas of high demand.

Both the masks made for medical personnel and for consumer purchase require a once-obscure material called melt-blown fabric. It’s an extremely fine mesh of synthetic polymer fibers that forms the critical inner filtration layer of a mask, allowing the wearer to breath while reducing the inflow of possible infectious particles.

An important challenge in this context is to immediately search and qualify suppliers. However, in many cases, the existing supplier base can be leveraged to avoid lengthy qualifications and onboarding processes.

Clearly, there is a shortage of manufactured N95 respirators. You know this. Healthcare workers know this.

You can help. Today, right now. As a supplier, you can do something to help others. Hospitals and doctors are reaching out via social media to ask for mission-critical help in solving the shortage of N95-type masks during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

If you are one of those suppliers who can supply the following items, click the below items to know more.

Disposable N95 masks
Disposable surgical masks
Medical Mask
Mask Respirator

TendersInfo being the world’s one of the largest Public Procurement Support and through our Tender Portal we can help you in providing information on E-procurement, Public Tenders, Government bids, International Bidding opportunities, etc. We help business from all sectors and countries with potential tender leads that help them grow their business globally through Tendering and as a proactive measure to help the government find suppliers of essential medical emergency related products and equipment We are “Calling all suppliers – Help Governments combat Coronavirus disease”

It is our hope that every government successfully achieves their target procurement to the maximum, through the buoyant network of suppliers.

As we have now reached a critical phase where healthcare workers that are putting themselves on the line do not have enough protective equipment for themselves. Through our efforts we can help together with other complementary efforts around the world, we would be able to beat this pandemic in a good time and make the world safer.

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Calling all suppliers – Help Governments combat Coronavirus disease

Appeal to all suppliers-help governments fight new coronavirus outbreaks

A sudden new coronavirus COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic swept the world. Not only China, but the global epidemic situation is very serious, especially in Europe and the United States, which has reached the peak of the epidemic situation. Several countries have more than 100,000 confirmed diagnoses. In such a global emergency public health event, countries are in urgent need of medical supplies and anti-epidemic materials. As a factory in the world, China is also a producer of various anti-epidemic and medical materials. It has the ability and the obligation to help governments of various countries fight the new coronavirus epidemic.

Tendersinfo.com is a global tendering platform, and it calls on all Chinese suppliers to participate in government bidding for anti-epidemic and medical supplies in various countries. At present, the main bidding items are: mask bidding, gloves bidding, testing kit bidding, medical equipment bidding, ventilator bidding, personal protective equipment bidding, surgical mask bidding, mask bidding, protective clothing bidding, goggles bidding, protective apron bidding, Bidding for protective hoods, bidding for protective shoe covers, etc. These medical materials have played a key role in the current anti-epidemic, and are currently urgently needed and in short supply in various countries. The current market gap is huge.

Tendersinfo.com hopes that the majority of Chinese manufacturers will respond broadly, actively bid, and join the battle against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.

呼吁所有供应商 – 帮助各国政府对抗新型冠状病毒疫情

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How to grow your business through Bids during covid-19 quarantine

After WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic, schools, universities in many states of the country have been closed for our safety. Many businesses and companies have made it compulsory that their employees work from home (WFH) in the ongoing effort to reduce the effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

As a Bid Management Team we know how challenging it can be to work on submitting bids during COVID-19 quarantine as working from home is difficult and how managing bids across all the possible segments of the proposal can get a tad overwhelming. You need to make sure that your bidding strategy is aligned with your bottom line.

For times like these we have a Bid Management Software which allows a bid manager to have the entire bid process on a single repository wherein you can automate all your bid pricing processes which will let you define the approval workflows, offer bid tracking, and provide detailed pricing analysis at your finger-tips. You can now approve or reject, with confidence! Know more about the features of this Bid Management tool:

1. Stay Connected with your Team members: A bid manager is responsible for maintaining a communication flow between all the members involved in submitting a bid. In case of a large organization where there are various teams involved imagine having a conversation with so many people over an email, not having an apt communication flow and tool to support that discussion will surely lead to a disaster and might increase the chances of losing the bids. This Bid Management software will ensure all the members participating in submitting the bids have a smooth communication flow through a chatbox and instead of updating each team member the progress made by others they can just view the work done by their members on this platform. This not only saves time but also ensures submission of quality bids.

2. Helps you Communicate Expectations: Bidding can be a complex process. The role of a bid manager is to take ownership of the end to end bid process. One of the tasks of the bid manager is to monitor the status of the current bid, which can be quite time-consuming to gather updates from all the team members working on a bid from various departments over emails. The bid evaluation software helps a Bid Manager save time and get clear visibility of the bid status and the process, constant warning alerts are sent to members working on a bid through notifications about the timeline to be achieved, which enables the bid manager to have prompt communication with the team members through the chatbox system and get updates.

3. Evaluate & Analyze Frequently: To ensure that tasks are being completed on time, communication guidelines need to be clarified and set with managers. Bid Analysis software lets a bid manager analyze the data and support multiple business units and territories. The data is easily traceable and auditable. Get all the relevant data you need on a single platform, maintain a record for pricing bids and approvals, analyse the data in any dimension be it a business unit, territory, value, time, OEM/PARTNER, and competition. Take that pricing decision with confidence. As Two-way communication is absolutely key.

4. Save your time through Bid Approval process: A valuable bid review and approval is a process that provides a reasonable opinion from a customer-based viewpoint. Bid Approver can either Approve or Reject bids. The proposal management software will help a bid manager to capture competitors’ information, glance through the earlier proposals, have insights on the deal history and analyze the current bids, team is working on.

Working from home is an opportunity to do your best work. But you can only achieve this if you plan your day to be optimized for work and if you set up some rules to follow you will find that your productivity will not suffer and in fact you may be even more productive because of the lack of distractions.

A powerful bid management platform can initiate positive performance for your business that brings down the time it takes to develop the commercial bids from months to weeks to days.

Still wondering how you can submit quality bids during self-quarantine? Join our exclusive webinar ‘Learn how to win more bids by staying connected with bid teams in the times of lock down’ on 15th April and learn more about how you can target and win more by submitting quality bids. You can register on this link https://bit.ly/2URksWh and join us for our exclusive free webinar with your Bid Management Team.

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Tips for Bid Managers Working from Home during #Covid 19

As the world sweeps during the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries are being hit hard by this disruption. To maintain social distancing and self-isolation the government appeals to companies around the globe to roll out obligatory remote work that is giving their employees work from home to ensure that the employees are safe.

From the UK to the US, Japan to South Korea are encouraging employees to work from home while keeping their routine tasks on track while minimizing the probability of infection.

In the last few days Global companies like Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Apple, Amazon have made it compulsory for their employees to work-from-home.

Amid the spread of Covid-19 Bid/proposal managers have busy and chaotic working schedules. Efficient use of time management techniques can help improve performance and reduce stress levels.

Here are some tips for Bid Managers on how to find perspective and a sense of balance as you prepare to work within the confines of coronavirus quarantine:

Develop a remote working roadmap for your business:- Firstly analyze the attitude to remote working in your organization, where are you currently at and what needs to be done to qualify fully workable conditions. Do you have the necessary infrastructure in place? As a bid manager, you need to keep a necessary check of whether your employees are equipped with devices that can access the network remotely? Map out the full landscape as it currently is.

Maintain a Detailed Planner: Consider keeping a planner to map out what each day should look like, What tasks do you need to complete for your current assignments? Which coworkers should you virtually check-in with, and when?

Revisit that long-forgotten project: Somewhere in the deep, dark depths of your computer’s file system, do you have an unfinished project? If so, then you might want to use this time to dust off the files.

Video conference with your Bid Team: Technology allows managers and co-workers to talk about any circumstances without coming into contact with each other, through digital sites. These digital products are widely available and will help enhance your Bid team to work effectively.

Bid remotely and win together: Wondering how you can submit quality bids during self-quarantine? We have the answer for your problem on how challenging it can be to work on submitting bids during COVID-19 quarantine. For times like these we have a Bid Management Software which allows a bid manager to have the entire bid process on a single repository. Join our exclusive webinar ‘Learn how to win more bids by staying connected with bid teams in the times of lock down’ on 14th April and learn more about how you can target and win more by submitting quality bids.

As a proactive measure to help the government find suppliers of essential medical emergency related products and equipments TendersInfo as a part of Public Procurement domain has initiated a special dedicated page for Covid-19 Procurement Supplies: We are “Calling all suppliers – Help Governments combat Coronavirus disease” which would serve as a help page for governments procurement officers with needs to make Covid 19 related procurements faster and accessible. As a Bid Manager it’s your opportunity to Bid for the opportunities for #Covid 19 Tenders:

Disposable N95 masks
Nitrile gloves
Disposable surgical masks
Vinyl gloves
Bottles of hand sanitizer
Medical Mask
Mask Respirator
Face Shield
Personal Protective Equipment
Laboratory Testing
ICU Beds
Hospital Beds
Covid 19
Disinfection services

We understand that you must be missing your daily routine of no morning shuttle , no stopping by your co workers’s desk to say hello, no lunch at your favorite restaurant around the corner from your office — the daily routine is feeling much different for many workers as the world works to contain COVID-19.

But remember as a Bid Manager it’s on you to bestow and lay out clear communication and sometimes it might also be difficult to keep up the team spirit and morale as It’s easy to be stressed out or depressed these days, but If as a bid manager don’t forget to acknowledge that there is stress and difficulty but your job is to be a cheerleader for the team during this difficult time.

It’s an incredibly roller coaster situation for us. Take care of yourself and others, and remember to wash your hands!

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Covid – 19

The new coronavirus (Covid-19) is spreading fast. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared it a pandemic.

WHO is working 24/7 to analyse data, provide advice, coordinate with partners, help countries prepare, increase supplies and manage expert networks. Due to limited access to supplies such as gloves, medical masks, respirators, goggles, face shields, gowns, and aprons. WHO calls on industry and governments to increase manufacturing by 40 per cent to meet rising global demand. WHO also launched the #SafeHands Challenge to promote the power of clean hands to fight the coronavirus.

As the coronavirus reaches more than 100 countries the top 10 worst-affected countries by #COVID19 are China, Italy, Iran, Spain, Germany, USA, France, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK).

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, prices have surged. Surgical masks have seen a six fold increase, N95 respirators have trebled and gowns have doubled. WHO is working with governments, industry and the Pandemic Supply Chain Network to boost production and secure allocations for critically affected and at-risk countries. WHO has so far shipped nearly half a million sets of personal protective equipment to 47 countries.

Due to the reach of global health challenges, no single country or agency can work alone to tackle these situations. Multiple international agencies such as Multilateral Agencies, Bilateral Agencies, Non-governmental Organizations and institutions help shape global health policies and fund, implement, and evaluate programs.

Multilateral Agencies like the World Health Organization, World Bank, United Nations Children’s Fund are the organizations that were created with the aim to unite countries in the common goals of tackling disease and achieving better health globally.

Similarly bilateral organizations such as Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and United States Agency for International Development were established as a government agency or not-for-profit organization that is based in a single country and provides funding to developing countries.

As a business, we promote public procurement worldwide and if you are one of the suppliers reading this blog click on the link and bid for the opportunities for #Covid 19 Tenders:

Disposable N95 masks
Nitrile gloves
Disposable surgical masks
Vinyl gloves
Bottles of hand sanitizer
Medical Mask
Mask Respirator
Face Shield
Personal Protective Equipment
Laboratory Testing
ICU Beds
Hospital Beds
Covid 19Quarantine
Disinfection services

Be SMART & inform yourself about #coronavirus by following the necessary steps laid down by The World Health Organization:
Follow accurate public health advice from WHO & your local health authority
Follow the news on latest coronavirus updates
To avoid spreading rumours, always check the source you are getting information from
Don’t spread rumours

Learn more to Be READY for #COVID19.

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Trump’s visit to India the Land of Opportunities

#Namaste Trump to one of the largest markets in the world.

im blog image 2 Uploaded by: Ministry of External Affairs

President Donald Trump arrives Monday in a country of billion opportunities.

It’s going to be a trip that will create attention and will activate hopes for a significant trade deal between the two countries.

During his two-day visit to India, Donald Trump will be contemplating to enter and have approach to India’s massive middle-income consumer base, US companies are looking at expanding to export business should be looking at the Indian consumer market and its dynamics now, which is about 400 million from a total population of about 1.3 billion which could be considered as exciting news for American exporters.

India will achieve success in the enterprise segment of small and medium businesses (SMBs), especially in emerging sectors such as agriculture, battery manufacturing, renewable energy, pharmaceuticals and biotech.

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data” – The Economist

& India is about to give rise to prodigious data ‘new oil’ — in large quantities. India is constantly noticing undivided growth in mobile data fueled by low-cost connectivity enjoyed by 800 million users. Even Facebook and Google, the US tech giants, are earning worthwhile profits using Indian data. In the coming years, to generate jobs and wealth in their country in activities such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics large number of US firms will be desiring to have these Indian statistics, facts, figures to generate jobs and wealth in their country in activities such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics.

India Market Entry Services The place to help you start or grow your business in India, offers you a personalized bundled view of India market entry recommendation services to overcome complications and facilitate strategies for your smooth entry in the Indian market.
On the 2nd day of his trip Tuesday US President Donald Trump will be meeting a group of about a dozen Indian CEOs and amongst them will be those who have made funding in the manufacturing sector to create jobs in America.
As India represents a positive scope for market research for overseas investment and is taking necessary steps to attract more foreign investors.

An Overview of Indian Market :
There are multiple fruitful reasons for investors to trade in Indian market :

IM blog image
→ World’s largest Youth country by 2020 : According to market research every third person in an Indian city today is a youth. The population in India is usually between the age-group of 15-34. By 2020, India is set to become the world’s youngest country with 64% of its population in the working age group.

→ World’s fastest-growing economies : India offers a diverse and dynamic market, and therefore the challenges and opportunities vary, depending on the sector and business model of global firms. With a constantly rising growth rate, several of the strongest industry and agriculture markets worldwide and important exports and imports, the nation is now considered as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and could become the world’s first power by 2050.

→ Robust Demand : India has a robust and well regulated financial system. India’s banking sector is strong and with top quality balance sheets, high levels of competition and strong corporate governance which becomes fascinating for the investors to trade in India.

→ Attractive Opportunities : Rising affluence is the biggest driver of increasing consumption in India. India’s consumer story will be led by its 129 mn urban mass consumers. Segments like affordable houses, hospitality and warehousing are growing at a fast pace in India, presenting wider opportunities for Investors.

→ Increasing Investment : Centre of global maritime trade to move from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean Region. India and China will be the largest manufacturing hubs of the world by 2030. In the next five years, India will have greater economic influence across the Asia-Pacific Region. Private consumption to be four times by 2025. Increasing impetus to develop infrastructure in the country is attracting major global investors. The sector is one of the largest receivers of FDI inflows in India.

→ Growth in Technology : India has become the digital capabilities hub of the world with around 75% of global digital talent present in the country. With the advent of new technologies, leading Indian IT firms are continuously expanding their product offerings and adding artificial intelligence and block-chain-based developments and creating research and development centres in India. India is also gaining prominence in terms of intellectual capital with several global IT firms setting up their innovation centres in India. Many large global companies target India as a prospective destination to expand their business because of its large consumer demand, bringing with them new technology.

→ Rising consumerism : Modern lifestyle has led to an increase in the demand for safe and hygienically packaged consumer goods. Indian consumer market is expected to become the world’s third largest consumer market by 2025.

Growth in the purchasing power of individuals and the organized retail segment. Government is taking steps to promote this segment in the Indian market. It recently sanctioned 42 mega food parks, 228 cold chain facilities, and 10 food labs for testing in India. Introduction of online grocery portals and hyper-local delivery services have led to an increase in the demand for processed food. The market for food machinery is expected to reach ~USD 51 billion by 2024-25. Total consumption of the food and beverage segment is expected to reach ~USD 1.2 trillion by 2025. The sector is expected to receive investments of up to USD 33 billion and generate employment of up to 9 million within the next 10 years.

How can we help?

→ Recommend an entry plan into the Indian market based on current industry trends and competitive dynamics.
→ Determine likely strategic partners i.e. agent/distributor agreements, licensing, value added resellers, technology transfer, buy back arrangements and joint ventures.
→Facilitate introductions and meetings between the client and individual.

We offer a sophisticated combination of consulting, financial, business and industry experience – a result-oriented advisory solution, instrumental in constructing your best market entry plan. This involves helping foreign companies prepare for market, identify suitable target markets and consumers, funding and market entry support via direct export, trade shows, distribution, acquisition or direct investment.

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