Covid – 19

The new coronavirus (Covid-19) is spreading fast. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared it a pandemic.

WHO is working 24/7 to analyse data, provide advice, coordinate with partners, help countries prepare, increase supplies and manage expert networks. Due to limited access to supplies such as gloves, medical masks, respirators, goggles, face shields, gowns, and aprons. WHO calls on industry and governments to increase manufacturing by 40 per cent to meet rising global demand. WHO also launched the #SafeHands Challenge to promote the power of clean hands to fight the coronavirus.

As the coronavirus reaches more than 100 countries the top 10 worst-affected countries by #COVID19 are China, Italy, Iran, Spain, Germany, USA, France, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom (UK).

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, prices have surged. Surgical masks have seen a six fold increase, N95 respirators have trebled and gowns have doubled. WHO is working with governments, industry and the Pandemic Supply Chain Network to boost production and secure allocations for critically affected and at-risk countries. WHO has so far shipped nearly half a million sets of personal protective equipment to 47 countries.

Due to the reach of global health challenges, no single country or agency can work alone to tackle these situations. Multiple international agencies such as Multilateral Agencies, Bilateral Agencies, Non-governmental Organizations and institutions help shape global health policies and fund, implement, and evaluate programs.

Multilateral Agencies like the World Health Organization, World Bank, United Nations Children’s Fund are the organizations that were created with the aim to unite countries in the common goals of tackling disease and achieving better health globally.

Similarly bilateral organizations such as Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and United States Agency for International Development were established as a government agency or not-for-profit organization that is based in a single country and provides funding to developing countries.

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Be SMART & inform yourself about #coronavirus by following the necessary steps laid down by The World Health Organization:
Follow accurate public health advice from WHO & your local health authority
Follow the news on latest coronavirus updates
To avoid spreading rumours, always check the source you are getting information from
Don’t spread rumours

Learn more to Be READY for #COVID19.

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