India – Israel Relations

The Republic of India and the State of Israel have shared an extensive economic, military partnership. India is the largest buyer of Israel’s military equipments.  Ever since India recognized Israel diplomatically in 1950 relationship between the two have broadened remarkably. With Israel current Prime Minister “Benjamin Netanyahu” visit to India, speculations are the relationship will go upswing. India has not left any stone unturned in honoring the state prime minister.  From breaking the protocol of visiting the airport to greet the prime minister to posting a welcoming gesture on twitter by Prime Minister Modi, are signs of new possibilities of development between the two countries.  The visit marked the celebration of 25 years relation in trade and investment has laid the foundation of co-operation for years to come.


India _Isarel Relations

India _Isarel Relations

Amidst of this, the two world leaders held an extensive talk to strengthen ties in strategic areas of defense, Space, agriculture, trade & investments, medicines, energy, cyber security, Movies promotion etc.

The leaders focused on developing more business models on joint ventures and partnership activities especially into defense and also reaffirmed co-operation on research and development in agriculture. Strengthening ties with India will also help Israel to strengthen ties with the neighboring countries like Bangladesh. High level political and strategic engagement is essential to further consolidate Indo-Israel relations to make it more vibrant.


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