How to find opportunities to Bid For

Federal contracting offers tremendous opportunities for sales and long- term revenues. However, finding that right opportunity matching your organization’s core competencies and experience can be a daunting process for the supplier.

Today for businesses that are interested in pursuing the federal opportunities have many options available for them to showcase their businesses to the potential buyer. They may get themselves registered with the contracting agencies or affiliated agencies that help them find the right opportunities to bid for. There are also other procurement information providing portals like Tenders info, that ease your work providing you daily opportunity alerts delivered right into your mail box.  These agencies functions as a facilitator for the supplier that effectively communicates to them procurement opportunities and vendors requirement along with the contract value.

This is an opportunity identification stage for the supplier, to move on, he should consider working with a consultant who can drive the bidding process untill he gets familiar with the government procurement function.

In this short video we explain how you can find the relevant tender opportunities from different sources that will help you kick start your bidding journey

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