Calling all suppliers – Help Governments combat Coronavirus disease

Appeal to all suppliers-help governments fight new coronavirus outbreaks

A sudden new coronavirus COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic swept the world. Not only China, but the global epidemic situation is very serious, especially in Europe and the United States, which has reached the peak of the epidemic situation. Several countries have more than 100,000 confirmed diagnoses. In such a global emergency public health event, countries are in urgent need of medical supplies and anti-epidemic materials. As a factory in the world, China is also a producer of various anti-epidemic and medical materials. It has the ability and the obligation to help governments of various countries fight the new coronavirus epidemic. is a global tendering platform, and it calls on all Chinese suppliers to participate in government bidding for anti-epidemic and medical supplies in various countries. At present, the main bidding items are: mask bidding, gloves bidding, testing kit bidding, medical equipment bidding, ventilator bidding, personal protective equipment bidding, surgical mask bidding, mask bidding, protective clothing bidding, goggles bidding, protective apron bidding, Bidding for protective hoods, bidding for protective shoe covers, etc. These medical materials have played a key role in the current anti-epidemic, and are currently urgently needed and in short supply in various countries. The current market gap is huge. hopes that the majority of Chinese manufacturers will respond broadly, actively bid, and join the battle against the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.

呼吁所有供应商 – 帮助各国政府对抗新型冠状病毒疫情

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