An Insider’s Guide to Subcontractors

Are you new to the tendering business? Are you in two minds about how to tap the opportunities of government bid? Are you caught up in the pre-qualification criteria?
Well! The answer to your questions is ‘Subcontracting’. With minimum risk it lets new contractors gain experience in the on-going projects without the need to meet qualification requirements.

Government tenders offer many opportunities but it comes with a set of eligibility criteria that is often difficult for new contractors to meet. Even with zero experience and limited capacity you can get your hands into top-notch government projects by going sub. Construction projects offer many openings for subcontracting. When you join hands with a big project player you get to learn while you are making money. Here we have listed out few tips that you should keep in mind before searching for the next job as a subcontractor.

How to find prime contractors?

Contractors who have just started out make sure you choose a prime that works in the same line of work about which you have the knowledge or any experience. Hands-on involvement with seasoned contractors let you gain valuable insights about the market place and set the path for future growth. Many online portals can help you find the right opportunities to enter the market. With customized feedback and guidance from industry experts, these online portals can make your journey in the tendering business smooth and successful.

Spread the word

Networking is key in tendering business. It is very important to seek the right person at the right time. Let people know that you have the capacity and are available to take on new projects. Online portals with good track records offer you more than 1000 opportunities per day. Also, it helps you forge relations with prime contractors by making cold calls or setting up meetings to showcase your products and services and conduct site visits. Such gestures make the impression that you have acquired knowledge about the project and are willing to be a part of it.

Pipeline Projects

Not only is it important to look for current opportunities it is equally important to keep track of upcoming opportunities to make sure that the flow of projects is up and running. Tender information portals can streamline details about the scope of work, requirements, and tender drafts that specifically suits your interest. Make sure you have access to all information before investing in the tender.

Plan your act

It is well expected that a bid response can address every requirement of the buyer. Hence, subcontractors should have a thorough analysis of capacity, timelines, and work schedules before putting forward the offer to do the job to contract award company. Also, asking questions can help you get a better hold of the project and eventually give quality results from your side.

All in all, finding a subcontracting job can be a daunting task especially in the initial stages. There are certain things that you have to keep in mind before going sub. With more than 3000 customers ranging from fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized businesses TendersInfo is delivering tendering information to its stakeholders for the last 20 years. It keeps the clutter out and provides the right job that compliments your skill set and experience. Subscription to Tendersinfo gets you to access daily insights specifically categorized to your industry and lets you know about the various subcontracting opportunities that are live and potential. Also, its facilitation service gets you in touch with prime contractors to build new relations and enhance your growth in the tendering business.

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