Benefits of Supplier Engagement Events

Buyers or tender implementing agency conduct extensive research prior to publishing contracts. They need to consider all the recent changes that have been made into the industry to drive increased value for money. Therefore, they often organize Pre-engagement meetings for suppliers or supplier engagement events to discuss their procurement requirements.

Supplier engagement events offer a great chance to get a deep knowledge of what is the procuring authority looking for? And how your company can provide them with that?  These events might take place in several different forms like workshops, consultations on changing procurement; discussion on upcoming contracts etc are the topics that are likely to be discussed in such meetings.

Benefits of Supplier Engagement Events

Benefits of Supplier Engagement Events

For buyers, such meetings are an outlook on what is the market size of the product they are procuring and also the size of the providers for the same. For suppliers, it is an information-gaining session wherein they get insights on what’s new in terms of services, current best practice, and getting your company under the radar of the buyer. However, it is a great way to build a long-lasting relationship with the buyer you wanted to work with.

Attending such events gives you the opportunity to make your network strong along with promoting your expertise to the buyer. These events not only help you learn what services they are looking for but also help you with knowing how they want it to be delivered? Such events also offer you chances to give advice and valuable knowledge sharing that strengthen your companies’ position before the buyer

Here are some of the helpful tips to make most out of such events:

  1. To start with get yourself registered with these agencies that organize buyers’ events or supplier events. Make sure you receive a formal invitation to attend the engagement event.

2. Supplier events are restricted to a certain number of organizations that can attend the make sure you get your team member registered with for such events.

3. Supplier engagement events are very interactive. There may be Workshops, Q&A sessions, debates and other brainstorming activities. So always go prepared with the list of question you want to ask, some insight giving pointers on the topic of discussion etc. This helps you to attract the attention not only of the implementing agency but also of the audience present at the event.

4. Utilize the information that you gather from such events, make a note of it for your reference. As topics and agendas discussed at such events can help you make you’re bid/no bid decision.

5. Try to gather as much information about the implementing agency. Reaching out to top-level personnel will help you get a deeper insight over the upcoming tender. So that when the tender is finally announced make sure you include the key information in your responses.

6. Your Approach towards them also plays a key role; asking too many questions about the upcoming contract can prove to be a big no for your organization. Instead start your conversation by sharing the future changes in the technology, ways to address the challenges stated and similar kind of information. This will not only help them you to impress them but also give them primary level information about what to include in the contract.

By understanding what evaluators are looking for, and by gathering as much information as you can about their requirements, will enhance your understanding of the evaluation criteria and, ultimately, your chances of success.

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