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Did you know many Procurement Team in govt use MEAT as part of evaluation?

Government Procurement Professionals aim to achieve the best value for money in the process of procurement of goods and services for the public. A weightage-based criterion helps the procurement team to select the best out of the lot that gives … Continue reading

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Read these 10 tips before bidding for Government Contracts

Expansion of customer base is a priority to every business but more often than none small businesses do not consider the far-spread opportunities that come with Government Procurement. With more transparent laws the opportunities in Government Procurement is not just … Continue reading

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Ultimate Guide to the Insight of Public Procurement Professionals

Public Procurement is a multi-staged activity and requires a thorough understanding of each process to be more successful with the bids. The Procurement Team involves divisions like Procurement Manager, Budget Holder, Management of the contract, and representatives of different sectors. … Continue reading

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What is the difference between Procurement, Purchasing and Sourcing

The most challenging task for a Procurement professional is getting his procurement terminology right in order to define his scope of work. The pain area is, these terms are often used interchangeably. Though it’s a fact that these terms mean … Continue reading

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