How Beneficial is Collaborations in Government Contracts

Going by the word, the term collaborative indicates outcome produced by two parties that closely work together, working together in an intellectual endeavor to achieve the same success. The term collaborative tendering or procurement may have different meanings for different organisations based on their knowledge and experience. Collaborations are similar to but closely structured than co-operation. Collaborative tendering takes place when two or more parties agree to work together having identified the benefits that can be achieved by aligning their resources to deliver efficiency and effectiveness without any disturbance to the project.

As more and more public services are procured through the tendering processes, in larger packages and projects working together has increased the chances of success in the face of competition from the private sector. Many organisations have identified this as one of the best methods to utilize their expertise and resources that eliminate duplicate efforts. Collaborations not only brings additional benefits but also opens an opportunity for the supply side to join to reduce cost and offer improved value for money to clients. It is an opportunity to work differently. Collaborative tendering helps deliver efficiencies, improved working practices and real savings. It is an opportunity to procure public services under a single umbrella.

Collaborative Tendering

Collaborative Tendering

These are some of the benefits of Collaborative procurement
• Increased Chances of winning through shared expertise, knowledge and experience
• Opportunity to bid for larger and lucrative tenders and contracts
• Increased opportunity for smaller businesses to bid on their own
• Collaborating helps in best utilization of one’s expertise and strengths
• Makes the Tender Process easier and less expensive
• Creation of sustainable relationship
• Less likely to miss future tender opportunities instead will be able to bid for more tenders
You may get to see collaborative arrangements across
• Contractors and contractors
• Contractor and specialist contractor
• Contractor and suppliers
• Contractor and consultants
• Consultants and consultants
• Specialist contractor and specialist contractor
• Specialist contractor and supplier
• Supplier and supplier

Taking a note of this, we can surely state that the market has evolved over the past years, the procurement organisations have awakened to the reality that by working together the better quality of services can be offered to the clients with the improved value of money.



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