European Union- Definition, Public Procurement & Tender Opportunities


The European Union is a political and economic integration of 27 countries to promote growth and establish a unified monetary system. EU advances a transparent market by eliminating hindrances in the movement of goods, services, capital, and labor. The EU seeks to promote the values, objectives, and principles that are in the interest of the citizens of the member states.

As public procurement has a direct impact on the member states of the union they must stick to a common principle of sustainable development and balanced growth.

Trade policies of the EU include a common market for goods and services with no customs duties within the EU member states. Good trade relations with Mediterranean countries, Russia, and the United States paves the way for various development projects to open bidding opportunities for Bid Manager, Subcontractors, and suppliers.

Alongside providing subsidies to the member states a common currency helps to create economic prosperity and balance across sectors. The EU member countries offer a host of opportunities spread across sectors. Tenderinfo provides tender information about the various countries listed below all in one platform.

Austria– Leading in sectors like chemical, mechanical, and automotive it is one of the exceptionally evolved industrialized nations.

Belgium– Being the largest processor of Zinc, Cobalt, and Lead Belgium’s economy ranks among the top enterprises in Steel, Textiles, Metallurgy, etc.

Bulgaria– The strongest sectors of the country include Energy mining and Machine building with an increment in foreign investment post joining the EU.

Croatia– The significant ventures in the nation incorporate Tourism, Manufacturing, and Chemical industry to direct various business opportunities in this region.

Cyprus– With a diversified economy, the economy of Cyprus has encountered a developing revenue of investors in International business.

Czech Republic– Being one of the most steady, affluent, and developed economy its industries include High-Tech Engineering, Electronics, and Machine Building.

Estonia– The nation is a high-income economy with industrial sectors that mainly comprise Chemicals, Textiles, Machinery, and Electronics.

France– The country is the fourth largest industrial power with its economy driven by sectors like Power, Public Transport, and Defense.

Denmark– It is one of the most remarkable nations of the EU with a diverse economy of Services, Agriculture, and Industries.

Finland– One of the most prominent players in the global market, the economy of Finland is multi-sectorial with the most noticeable areas like Manufacturing, Refining, and Services.

Germany– Known as world’s famous business and manufacturing location the economy of Germany is dominated by Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical, and Electric Industries.

Greece– A vigorous shift in the sector from agriculture to manufacturing has caused the economy to rebound by opening several opportunities for development and growth in sectors like Textiles, Chemicals, Mining, and Petroleum.

Hungary– Hungarian sectors have undergone rapid transformation including major industries like Pharmaceuticals, Motor vehicles, Information technology, and many more.

Ireland– Being the most extravagant country in the world the nation has a mixed economy focused on Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Computer Hardware, and Medical Devices.

Italy– The country is the biggest worldwide exporter of luxury goods with industries in Textiles, Engineering Products, Pharmaceutical products that drive economic growth.

Latvia– The pillars of the Latvian economy are Agriculture, Chemicals, Logistics with more prominent sectors in Textiles, Machinery, and Green Technology.

Lithuania– It has a prime-suited business environment for investment across sectors like Petroleum Refining, Energy Supplies, Chemicals, and Textiles.

Luxembourg– Pointing towards a differentiated sectorial economy the government of Luxembourg has been encouraging the development in Information Technology, e-commerce, and Biotechnologies.

Malta– Recognized as a high level and exceptionally industrialized country the economy of Malta is very much evolved in Shipbuilding, development of gadgets, etc.

Netherlands– With encouragement from the government for innovation in various areas like Chemical, Logistics, High tech, and energy the business environment of the Netherlands is thriving and growing rapidly.

Poland– A growing manufacturing location in the European Union the economy of Poland is overwhelmed by areas such as Mining, Manufacturing, and Agriculture.

Portugal– Being the 40th largest exporter of goods the economy of Portugal is moving forward in areas like Manufacturing, Industries, and the Service sector.

Romania– Referred to as the Tiger economy the country of Romania is leading in fields like Automotive, Petrochemical, Metallurgical industry, and others.

Slovakia– The economy of Slovakia has transformed from a centrally controlled economy to a market-oriented one with development in sectors like Chemical Industry, Mechanical engineering, and Automotive.

Slovenia– The nation has made its transition to a modernized, diversified, and open market economy with main industries like Mechanical, Electronics, and Chemicals.

Spain– Being the largest exporter of Textiles Machinery the prominent industries of the economy of Spain are Textiles, Chemicals, and Shipbuilding and Automotive.

Sweden– Evolved from the traditional sector to a shift into high tech industries the Swedish economy has undergone a stable restructuring with development in sectors like Telecommunication, Pharmaceuticals, and Industrial Machines.

Easy access to tender information and various opportunities across these 27 countries can add to the expansion of your business. With Tendersinfo’s CPV driven tender searches you have all the information and insights across countries and sectors of the European Union right at your inbox.

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