Germany Business & Investment Opportunity

Germany is Europe’s most industrialized and comprehensive market. After being hard hit by the global financial crisis of 2008 Germany rebound to become continent’s economic giant and a growth engine of European co-operation. Germany has potential conditions to become global leader in innovation and internet of things based production technology and service provision. It is rightly claimed that nowhere else in the world do the required conditions for technology leadership exists other than Germany. Germany’s deliberate initiative to take the position as pioneers of IT industry has opened up doors for innovation and optimized technology based production.

Germany Government Tenders

Germany Government Tenders

Germany continues to play a role of most competitive economy in its other significant sectors like, innovation based manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace engineering, Automobiles, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, construction, mechanical and electrical engineering etc. German’s have a very welcoming attitude for foreign investments, therefore, large number of public procurement opportunities exist among its potential sectors for foreign expansion.

German healthcare and medical technology generates one third of the total revenues. German’s rank second after US in terms of highest number of medical technology patents. Large number of companies engaged in healthcare sector are ope-rationalized in either medical equipment manufacturing or Research and development. Secure and sustainable healthcare market of Germany offers opportunities for medical equipment manufacturers and service providers.
Public authorities are the largest buyers of healthcare products and services including medical devices, equipment’s and products. Shift in the approach towards technology driven health care has revamped the approach towards public procurement by making health care providers a part of it. Large number of healthcare companies are looking partnerships in the form of joint ventures of PPA to enter the German market. Government by means of floating healthcare tenders is encouraging global giants to enter the market to explore their potential. Furthermore, by healthcare contract awards are being awarded to encourage growth.

Germany is among the renowned car manufacturers in world. Home to world’s most luxurious cars Germany Automobile sector is significant economic sector. Germany offers large growth opportunities for ancillary industries. Auto ancillary industries are bound to grow at the rate of 5-7%. Other than this German auto companies are constantly looking for innovation. Therefore, companies offering innovative services in automobiles have high potential for growth in Germany. Procurement opportunities are also recognized in auto-parts manufacturing and assembling of vehicles. Automotive is most innovative industry of Germany, therefore tendering opportunities from the sector are increasingly in demand. Large automobile tenders are in pipeline reflecting opportunities for investment. Several Automobile contracts are being awarded to international prospects looking for expansion. Furthermore international companies are looking out for partnerships in the form of joint ventures to enter into market.

Germany’s aerospace industry has enjoyed unprecedented growth in recent years, the revenues from the industry has increased by four fold. Germany is at the leading position for civil and defense aviation markets. The county has a strong and powerful manufacturing base, with opportunities for Procurement existing across segments like equipment manufacturers, material and component suppliers, engine producers etc. Being the most integrated aerospace industry, there has been increasing demand for aerospace tenders from Germany. Large number of Contract Awards are being awarded international firms to provide R&D services. Global tenders for equipment manufacture and engine producers are being floated across various media platforms reflecting the growing needs of the industries. Aviation projects across civil and defense segments are under pipeline empowering investors to venture the market. With industry projecting growth, more business opportunities are likely to be developed in near future.

Famed for its technological achievements Germany is the most industrialized country of Europe. Widely acknowledged as a global leader Germany’s innovation capacity, its ease of doing business environment makes it among the most largest and most competitive economy in the world and would continue to hold bright future prospects for its potential sectors.

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