Getting your Holiday Covered

Summers are considered to be the best month for annual leaves. Your bid team would like to binge on them and leave for the holidays. On the contrary summers tend to be quiet busy month for planning procurement. With the start of the new financial year large contracts and tenders are out for the suppliers to profit their business with.  Many authorities look to mobilize contracts by requesting for the responses so that they can enter the new financial year with full swing

Therefore, with fast approaching summers, it is necessary for the teams to ensure they have got their holidays cover before hand to avoid inconvenience.

So this a special post for all those who are planning to binge over holidays this summer guiding them to how they can plan their contract pipeline and enjoy stress free holidays.

Getting Your Holidays Covered

Getting Your Holidays Covered

  1. Procurement Cycles: As we discussed above, Authorities tend to float tenders earlier at the start of the month as new strategies are into planning. So it is necessary to track the procurement cycles of your industry. Ensure you are having well managed your contract pipeline ahead of time in order to avoid staff shortage when a amazing contract opportunity lands on your desk.
  1. Avoid the Strain of under staff: Becoming Under staff can happen too quickly, it takes only few members from you bid team to leave for the annual vacation. In order to reduce this stress, we would suggest having a bid library. Bid library is a collection of previous tender documents, company information, and relevant policies. Bid library can come handy while drafting your response that have scored most marks in your previous submission. So you have strong material to refer back.  This comes handy when you have limited staff at your dispense.
  1. External Bid Writing Support: You can render the support of an external bid writing firm while your team is off to their annual leave. These firms always work on off projects and are flexible in their approach. Therefore, undertaking help of external bid writing firm is also of great help.
  1. Monitoring your Contract Pipelines: As among the busy periods or holiday month ensure that you are on the top of your contract pipelines. You should be aware of your in-house capabilities to deal with the forth-coming bids and any potential opportunity those lands on your desk at the last moment. Therefore, make sure you are updated with all the procurement schedules and cycles, Contracts coming towards their end dates and Having a bid library at the hand to refer back when in need.

With only few weeks remaining for the companies to shut their doors and employees to leave for their annual break. It is high time to ensure that you have your holidays covered for any tender or bid submission.

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