How To Grow Your Business Through Bids During Covid-19 Quarantine

After WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic, schools, universities in many states of the country have been closed for our safety. Many businesses and companies have made it compulsory that their employees work from home (WFH) in the ongoing effort to reduce the effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

As a Bid Management Team we know how challenging it can be to work on submitting bids during COVID-19 quarantine as working from home is difficult and how managing bids across all the possible segments of the proposal can get a tad overwhelming. You need to make sure that your bidding strategy is aligned with your bottom line.

For times like these we have a Bid Management Software which allows a bid manager to have the entire bid process on a single repository wherein you can automate all your bid pricing processes which will let you define the approval workflows, offer bid tracking, and provide detailed pricing analysis at your finger-tips. You can now approve or reject, with confidence! Know more about the features of this Bid Management tool:

1. Stay Connected with your Team members: A bid manager is responsible for maintaining a communication flow between all the members involved in submitting a bid. In case of a large organization where there are various teams involved imagine having a conversation with so many people over an email, not having an apt communication flow and tool to support that discussion will surely lead to a disaster and might increase the chances of losing the bids. This Bid Management software will ensure all the members participating in submitting the bids have a smooth communication flow through a chatbox and instead of updating each team member the progress made by others they can just view the work done by their members on this platform. This not only saves time but also ensures submission of quality bids.

2. Helps you Communicate Expectations: Bidding can be a complex process. The role of a bid manager is to take ownership of the end to end bid process. One of the tasks of the bid manager is to monitor the status of the current bid, which can be quite time-consuming to gather updates from all the team members working on a bid from various departments over emails. The bid evaluation software helps a Bid Manager save time and get clear visibility of the bid status and the process, constant warning alerts are sent to members working on a bid through notifications about the timeline to be achieved, which enables the bid manager to have prompt communication with the team members through the chatbox system and get updates.

3. Evaluate & Analyze Frequently: To ensure that tasks are being completed on time, communication guidelines need to be clarified and set with managers. Bid Analysis software lets a bid manager analyze the data and support multiple business units and territories. The data is easily traceable and auditable. Get all the relevant data you need on a single platform, maintain a record for pricing bids and approvals, analyse the data in any dimension be it a business unit, territory, value, time, OEM/PARTNER, and competition. Take that pricing decision with confidence. As Two-way communication is absolutely key.

4. Save your time through Bid Approval process: A valuable bid review and approval is a process that provides a reasonable opinion from a customer-based viewpoint. Bid Approver can either Approve or Reject bids. The proposal management software will help a bid manager to capture competitors’ information, glance through the earlier proposals, have insights on the deal history and analyze the current bids, team is working on.

Working from home is an opportunity to do your best work. But you can only achieve this if you plan your day to be optimized for work and if you set up some rules to follow you will find that your productivity will not suffer and in fact you may be even more productive because of the lack of distractions.

A powerful bid management platform can initiate positive performance for your business that brings down the time it takes to develop the commercial bids from months to weeks to days.

Still wondering how you can submit quality bids during self-quarantine? Join our exclusive webinar ‘Learn how to win more bids by staying connected with bid teams in the times of lock down’ on 15th April and learn more about how you can target and win more by submitting quality bids. You can register on this link and join us for our exclusive free webinar with your Bid Management Team.

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