Indian Solar Auction Capacity doubles its hold to boom Tenders and Bids.

India is progressing towards a sustainable development phase and moulds itself towards catering the needs of future generation. Solar Energy being the prime effective source to support sustainable development has given a boom in this regard.

Keeping in assent its affirmative aspects there has been wide scope of development in field of strengthening solar energy projects and its usage in our country. Aiding to this aspect there has been a tremendous enhancement in government tenders information. India has auctioned 2GW of solar projects in August 2018. This was probably the highest auction activity in relation to solar tender opportunity and it embarked to create a history in itself.

The auction activity in regard to renewable energy tenders in the month of August recently has boosted to almost a double capacity as compared to the month July, which saw the highest rate in the year with 6GW of solar projects been auctioned in relation to Indian government projects. Approximately 1.7GW of solar projects were tendered in August 2018 which supports to a notable mark of 34GW of Solar Project tenders. According to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) total target of 2018-19 was of about 30GW out of which 21GW has already been tendered in the month of August. The Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Limited (KREDL) tendered 200MW of grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) projects to be developed across 10 talukas of the state

Technical Bidding has also flared up the most in field of Solar tender opportunity being 1200GW solely of the total 2190 bids all together. This was done keeping in mind the persistent scarcity of transmission connectivity, plaguing renewable energy projects. The nation’s increasing renewable energy capacity has recently prompted a number of states to propose deviation charges anticipating challenges in integrating intermittent renewable onto the grid. The tremendous growth in government tenders activity has created a glint image of India globally to set up a mark of target and achievement unbeatable.

But, the high interest shown by bidders this time around is the silver lining for implementing agencies, and something valuable to boost the spirits of the industry.

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