Managing Tenders with Shorter Deadlines

Are you struggling to bid for tenders with shorter deadline? Tender submission is most important task for any organization that participates in bidding. In an ideal situation, the tenders are published much in advance allowing the bidders to plan their tender smoothly and effectively. However, not too often there are times where there is a tight deadline between a PQQ and Proposal submission owing to the nature of the tender and scope of work.   Such phenomenon is likely to create a stressful situation in the organization.

However, it is advisable not to undertake tender with shorter deadlines as in such cases, quality of the work gets hampered resulting into poor submissions.

Managing Tender with Shorter Deadline

Managing Tender with Shorter Deadline

Here are some useful tips on how you can manage the tender with shorter deadlines effectively. We have studied the behavior of some successful bidders who have managed their bids effectively with shorter deadlines.  They are as follows;

  1. Bid or No bid decision: In cases of tenders with shorter deadline, bid/no bid decision has to very quick. Before making such decision you need to be sure that your bidding team will be able to allocate the time and resources to produce a high quality document.  If they can’t make it by the submission date it is advisable not to rush hence jeopardising the quality of the document.
  1. Reading the Document: Once you have decided to go for the bid, reading the document carefully is the next important step.  Read the bidding document carefully to understand the scope of work and other submission requirements. Reading the document carefully may help you in finding the areas you really need to work on given the dates of submission. Therefore, it is better to know the requirements to prevent last minute hustle.
  1. Organizing your Bid Team: It doesn’t matter whether you have much time for tender submission or only a matter of weeks organizing your tender is important step. Assemble your bid team and communicate key information involving what needs to be done and what documents are required to make sure nothing goes overlooked and everybody is informed of their responsibility. Crucial roles are played by project managers, bid writers, reviewer and proof reader.
  1. Planning the Project: As against the smooth timescales while managing tenders with short deadlines it is important fix the targets that are achievable associated with quality submission. It is important to review every step to check the quality assurance monitoring the overall quality of the proposal.
  1. Keep your Bid team in Loop: Due to less time it is important that you provide the bid team with much needed support. In cases of delays and in work deliverance make arrangements for delivery at the agreed schedule. If there is dependency of information amongst departments in the organization make sure everybody is aware of their responsibilities not wasting time in unnecessary delays during shorter deadlines.
  1. Regularly check the Portals: Regularly check the portals to keep you updated with any changes. Be it changes in submission dates, update in the tender requirement or answers for the clarification questions. The person responsible for project lead should monitor the website regularly for updates. And should regularly update the team regarding the updates. There may be a chance that the authority might declare an extension in the submission date. Therefore, don’t leave any stone unturned when bidding for tenders with shorter deadlines
  1. Learn from the mistake: After you have submitted your proposal on the submission date sit for the revision of the process. Make notes of the points what went right? What went wrong? And further improvise on the tender submission. Learning from mistakes is one of the crucial steps that you should implement ensuring your team produces a high quality bid every time.

These are some few tips that you should follow once you have decided to bid for tenders with shorter deadlines.

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