Read these 10 tips before bidding for Government Contracts


Expansion of customer base is a priority to every business but more often than none small businesses do not consider the far-spread opportunities that come with Government Procurement. With more transparent laws the opportunities in Government Procurement is not just limited to a handful of large enterprises but it has requirements that even small businesses, SME, or Joint Partner businesses can fulfill.
Here we have listed out 10 tips that are suited for businesses of any scale and how they can put them into use to win Government contracts.

Competitive Approach
Public Procurement provides a huge pool of opportunities and it is important to stand apart from the competition by presenting your competitive skills and capabilities in the proposal to increase the chances of getting shortlisted. As innovation is the key to get ahead of the competition it is important to highlight the innovative solutions and products that you can offer to the government.

Qualitative v/s Quantitative
Procurement Professionals are on the lookout for Suppliers that is economical as well as ensures good quality. Hence it is important to put forth a proposal that can crack the MEAT criteria and offer the best value for your products and solutions. To know more about what Public Procurement Professionals look for during the procurement process read this blog ‘Ultimate Guide to the Insight of Public Procurement Professionals’

Analyze Tender Documents
Specifications in the Tender Document talks about the requirements of the government organization and what they are expecting from the suppliers. Make sure you have a detailed understanding of the eligibility criteria for the evaluation and scoring techniques and all the other aspects before placing your bid.

Draft Proposal
As much as a detailed understanding of the government organization is important businesses should make sure they invest a good amount of time to outline their company’s eligibility to meet the requirements and showcase their capabilities. An effectively written bid proposal is the first step towards the beginning of a good vendor-client relationship that adds to your chances of winning.

Effective Communication
Keep these few things in mind before drafting the bid proposal.
– Research about the government organization to explore the challenges faced by them.
– Evaluate the competitors’ strength and weaknesses to draft a proposal that can have an edge over others
– Consider including value-added services and good
– Proofread the Bid Proposal to create a professional impact on the buyer.

Study Award Criteria
Government procurement lays down several criteria relating to meet the financial and economical requirements of the government organization along with technical and professional expertise to fulfill the contract. Businesses need to pay close attention to the various contract award criteria of government organizations to be able to go ahead in the bidding process.

The high-end eligibility criteria of public procurement often make it difficult for SMEs to tap into opportunities of government contracts. It is strongly recommended to partner up with other businesses to meet the eligibility requirements and make significant expansion on their business. To know more about how SMEs can increase participation in public procurement click on this blog ‘An SME Guide to Increasing Participation in Government Contracts /Tenders’

Subscribe to a Tender Infomediary
Many Government organizations release several Tendering opportunities on various portals. It is nearly impossible for Bid Managers, Suppliers, and Contractors to keep track of the various opportunities that are open in the market. Tender infomediaries like Tendersinfo┬áprovide customized services to it’s subscribers by providing updates about available Tender opportunities that suit their niche along with value added services like Procurement Analytics, Market reports, Bid Advisory, and Assistance.

Smart Bid
Government Tendering requires a streamlined effort and teamwork that is directed towards the contract that has the greatest prospect of winning. Government organizations release many tender opportunities for Bid Managers, Contractors, and Suppliers and it is important to make sure you place your bid for contracts that match your capabilities and strength.

Request for Feedback
Every contract brings along an experience and learning that can help you plan the future approach. Whether you win or lose the bid make sure to request feedback and circulate it internally within the team to understand your strengths and the places where you might have gone wrong.

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