Tips for Bid Managers Working from Home during #Covid 19

As the world sweeps during the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries are being hit hard by this disruption. To maintain social distancing and self-isolation the government appeals to companies around the globe to roll out obligatory remote work that is giving their employees work from home to ensure that the employees are safe.

From the UK to the US, Japan to South Korea are encouraging employees to work from home while keeping their routine tasks on track while minimizing the probability of infection.

In the last few days Global companies like Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Apple, Amazon have made it compulsory for their employees to work-from-home.

Amid the spread of Covid-19 Bid/proposal managers have busy and chaotic working schedules. Efficient use of time management techniques can help improve performance and reduce stress levels.

Here are some tips for Bid Managers on how to find perspective and a sense of balance as you prepare to work within the confines of coronavirus quarantine:

Develop a remote working roadmap for your business:- Firstly analyze the attitude to remote working in your organization, where are you currently at and what needs to be done to qualify fully workable conditions. Do you have the necessary infrastructure in place? As a bid manager, you need to keep a necessary check of whether your employees are equipped with devices that can access the network remotely? Map out the full landscape as it currently is.

Maintain a Detailed Planner: Consider keeping a planner to map out what each day should look like, What tasks do you need to complete for your current assignments? Which coworkers should you virtually check-in with, and when?

Revisit that long-forgotten project: Somewhere in the deep, dark depths of your computer’s file system, do you have an unfinished project? If so, then you might want to use this time to dust off the files.

Video conference with your Bid Team: Technology allows managers and co-workers to talk about any circumstances without coming into contact with each other, through digital sites. These digital products are widely available and will help enhance your Bid team to work effectively.

Bid remotely and win together: Wondering how you can submit quality bids during self-quarantine? We have the answer for your problem on how challenging it can be to work on submitting bids during COVID-19 quarantine. For times like these we have a Bid Management Software which allows a bid manager to have the entire bid process on a single repository. Join our exclusive webinar ‘Learn how to win more bids by staying connected with bid teams in the times of lock down’ on 14th April and learn more about how you can target and win more by submitting quality bids.

As a proactive measure to help the government find suppliers of essential medical emergency related products and equipments TendersInfo as a part of Public Procurement domain has initiated a special dedicated page for Covid-19 Procurement Supplies: We are “Calling all suppliers – Help Governments combat Coronavirus disease” which would serve as a help page for governments procurement officers with needs to make Covid 19 related procurements faster and accessible. As a Bid Manager it’s your opportunity to Bid for the opportunities for #Covid 19 Tenders:

Disposable N95 masks
Nitrile gloves
Disposable surgical masks
Vinyl gloves
Bottles of hand sanitizer
Medical Mask
Mask Respirator
Face Shield
Personal Protective Equipment
Laboratory Testing
ICU Beds
Hospital Beds
Covid 19
Disinfection services

We understand that you must be missing your daily routine of no morning shuttle , no stopping by your co workers’s desk to say hello, no lunch at your favorite restaurant around the corner from your office — the daily routine is feeling much different for many workers as the world works to contain COVID-19.

But remember as a Bid Manager it’s on you to bestow and lay out clear communication and sometimes it might also be difficult to keep up the team spirit and morale as It’s easy to be stressed out or depressed these days, but If as a bid manager don’t forget to acknowledge that there is stress and difficulty but your job is to be a cheerleader for the team during this difficult time.

It’s an incredibly roller coaster situation for us. Take care of yourself and others, and remember to wash your hands!

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