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The web giant is celebrating its 18th birthday today. By marking the occasion by its very own way of using Google Doodle. The company has been officially celebrating its birthday on 27th September. Although there is no clear indication on What significance this date holds? , as company lists its incorporation date as September 4, 1998.

Google Birthday

Google Birthday

The journey of Google kicked off in Jan 1996, as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, when they were both PhD students at Stanford University. Originally Google was named as Backrub and ran under the domain and “Google”- the domain name was officially registered Sep 15 1997 and the company was incorporated on Sep 4 1998. Since then Google has grown in size and complexities. Google has 4.28 billion web pages on its database, 800 million pictures, 845 million use messages,6 billion things and 200 million users. In 2015 Google earned a revenue of about 74.54 billion USD.

The most notable aspect of Google’s growth is the way it has taken algorithm- based approach to search engines and applied it to dozens of aspects of its user lives. Today we have Ads served by Google, Productivity tools like; Gmail, Docs, Suites, Translate, Google+ and online storage offered by Google. Moreover, many of its services also serve applications on our phone.

Most recently, Google has announced the release of its two new software that crunches user location data, email and other information to organise trips automatically. The company is also expected to announce the launch of its two new smartphones,-as first to be ever designed wholly by Google at an event Next month.

Google is the largest run search Engine and the only name widely known to all. Its is a powerhouse and rich enough to take over the continent of poor countries. We just hope with more birthdays to come, Google keeps on updating services that make its users happy.


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