Ultimate Guide to the Insight of Public Procurement Professionals

Ultimate Guide to the Insight of Public Procurement Professionals

Ultimate Guide to the Insight of Public Procurement Professionals

Public Procurement is a multi-staged activity and requires a thorough understanding of each process to be more successful with the bids. The Procurement Team involves divisions like Procurement Manager, Budget Holder, Management of the contract, and representatives of different sectors. The higher the value of the contract higher is the team size hence it important to understand the metrics based on which a bid is successful.

To put things straight the Government Procurement process comprises of four phases which are listed below-

Procurement planning- This stage involves the identification of activities and their direction of requirements.

Procurement Formalization- It determines the sources, budget, and approach to formalize the requirements.

Procurement Implementation- It includes activities related to the acquisition, selection of suppliers, contract award, and other activities of contract administration.

Procurement Evaluation- The final phase includes activities like Audit, Evaluation, Contract Award, and Feedback.

Even though there is no such general rule to win a contract but when you take each contract individually there is a commonality that prevails in tenders across various regions and sectors. Procurement professionals are highly skilled and tactical personalities who are consistently looking for an economical solution to the public requirements while making sure the quality is not undermined.

Procurement Professionals evaluate Tenders based on Price v/s Quality. Hence Bid Managers need to be able to crack the MEAT- Most Economically Advantageous Tender while performing well in the Tender Evaluation methodology that procurement professionals follow to access the technical qualification of the proposal.

Key Takeaway – One of the major tasks of a Bid Managers is to comprehend the eligibility criteria and evaluate the metrics that hold weightage to qualify you for the contract.

Procurement professionals are great relationship managers who are looking out for Suppliers and businesses to operate seamlessly and manage to meet the requirements of government tenders within the terms and conditions.

Key Takeaway – Pre-qualification questionnaires and Interviews are the entryways to win a contract. Hence it is important to put your best foot forward and put across your best potential to the procurement team.

Time management plays a key role in deciding the faith of your bid. While Procurement professionals have very clear time frames to ensure that there are very low downtime and reductions in turnarounds.

Key Takeaway- It is most important for Bid Managers to stick to the timelines.

As Strategic Thinkers Procurement Professionals think ahead of time and look for solutions that can lead to sustainable development and create a business environment that is transparent, competitive, and futuristic in its approach.

Procurement Professionals take into consideration the risk evaluation and allocation before the award of the contract to a specific contractor. With a proven record of great negotiation skills, Procurement Professionals make sure they obtain the ‘Best Value’ from the contract keeping in mind the Quality, Maintenance, Ongoing costs, and Incentives.

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