What is Post-Tender Negotiation

Post- tender negotiations should not be confused with tender clarification. As the later one takes place at the pre-bid meeting where the procurement officer meets the potential bidders to clarify certain aspects of the tender document. Post Tender Negotiations take place after the tender document has been submitted to the procurement authority.

“The public buyer intends to initiate Post-tender negotiations after the tender evaluation process has been concluded and before awarding the contract award. The buyer may intend negotiations for a number of reasons ranging from addition, alterations to the bid proposals or re-pricing.”

However, Pricing has been cited as the most common reason for renegotiation. Tender negotiation could seem to be an unfair practice by the buyer for a supplier. As it writes down back  to the process which has already been concluded. However, if we look at the brighter side,  it offers an opportunity to win again. There could be a possibility that the buyer would have liked your proposal but just feels the need to alter certain aspects to meets its purchasing requirement.

By initiating Post tender negotiating he is trying to keep the process open for better offers. Making it certain that, there is more room for navigation in your bid proposal. Ensure that you always have more to offer especially in terms of price at this stage.

As buyers are always more eager to get added value through money rather than gaining it through product or services. However, there are certain principles that the client must adhere to when initiating Post tender negotiations which make the process fairer for the supplier.

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