Why Consider Having a Bid Writing Team

Tender bidding is an incredibly complicated process and can be confusing at times. For any organizations that bid for public tenders and contracts are in need of a bid writing team. Bid team is a team of professional bid writers & consultants that are well versed with the current legislation, recent trends in the industry, significant knowledge of the company policies and certificates and can make your company stand out before the contracting authority.

Often do organizations may not find the need of hiring a bid team as for them it might add up to an additional cost but, with a continuous shift in the market & the legislation governing them keeping oneself updated can be a daunting task Therefore, having a bid team ensures that your organization is updated with the all the recent changes in the markets and legislation and also allows you to focus on your contract pipeline.

Why you must consider having a Bid team

Why you must consider having a Bid team

Here we list down most essential reasons why you should consider having a bid team

  1. Helps in Communicating: Ineffective communication is one of the reasons as to why Bid fail. Often do buyers find it difficult to understand what message the supplier is trying to convey through his proposal, and this can form a reason for the buyer to toss your proposal. In such cases having a bid writing team can prove to be beneficial. Their sharp skills of communication and drafting compelling yet convincing responses ensure that your proposal stands out in the competition.  They make sure that all the important questions reflect how your company is an idle supplier for the buyer requirements.
  1. Helps in scoring more: Bid writing team may come for rescue when you constantly score low in certain sections of the tender document. Their updated skill sets and wide knowledge can help you overcome the shortcoming. For eg, there may be a case where you constantly score low on your Tender Presentation. In such situations, bid team can help you with innovative presentation ideas that will help you score more in your next bid
  1. Improve your Tender Submission: Tender bidding is a complex yet compliance driven process. Often do we overlook small and minute compliance details can cost us the entire project cost. Having a bid writing team can ensure not even a single detail is overlooked while writing a proposal. From writing in the given format within the given word count, they also provide support in gathering and presenting information that is accepted by the contracting authority.
  1. Provides you competitive Advantage: Having a bid writing team can not only help you in improvising your weaknesses but also help you in keeping your organization updated with market highlights, recent trends and how they can be used to improve more contracts, analyzing competitor’s strategy and presenting a more competitive bid. They also help your company win more contracts.
  1. Aligning your Bid Process: Organizations across the supply chain rarely have time to review the process due to short time and length submission process. However, having a bid writing team aligns your entire bid process starting from bid no bid decision to going through the PQQ and ITT thoroughly, to drafting a response to attaching certificates and documents to submitting shreds of evidence to proofreading for errors to submission. Bid team aligns your entire process from start to end ensuring that the entire team adheres to responsibilities given to them.
  1. Saves Money and Time: Having a Bid writing team that is both skilled and experience ensures you have the best chance of tender success. Moreover, with such a team you can confidently bid for lucrative and large contracts without wasting time and money in outsourcing your proposal.
  1. Winning more contracts: Above all, having a bid writing team is a need for an organization to win more contracts. The aim is to ensure the highest quality submissions across the board. Therefore, having a bid writing team not only aligns your bid process but also ensure high-quality bid submission with complete utilization of their skills and knowledge.

It is a great way for your business to win contracts but only if done right. Bid writing is a unique skill that takes years to get perfect on your own, but with professional assistance, you can focus more on winning contracts than master the art of writing winning proposals.

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