Writing an Invitation to Tender

After you qualify the Pre-qualification stage you are invited by the buyer to the next step of tender  called as Invitation to Tender. An Invitation to tender is a formal document issued by the buyer which demonstrates the scope of work of the project and a formal invite to those organizations or individuals to submit proposals in regards supply of those goods and services over a specified time frame.

The Invitation to Tender usually focuses on How, How will you meet the requirements of the buyer. Unlike PQQ the Invitation to tender gives you much room for operations for instance, to attract the buyers attention here you can write

The format of the Invitation to Tender may vary from industry to industry and services.  Some will define the perspective more clearly whereas in some cases it may not be defined as clearly as required

Writing a response to Invitation to Tender

Writing a response to Invitation to Tender

Therefore, to help you with penning down your response to Invitation to Tender we are putting together some useful tips as a guidelines to draft an effective response to Invitation to Tender.

Broadly speaking these are some of the essential thumb rules that as a supplier you need to keep in mind before writing an Invitation to Tender.

  1. Reading the document: ITT consist of certain set format and questions therefore, it is advisable to read the documents carefully understanding the scope of the projects.
  2. Make a your project team assigning each with some work this is help avoid the problem of missing out
  3. Seek clarifications from the tendering authority regarding any ambiguous points contained in the tender document
  4. Once you have started drafting the questionnaire hold regular and progress meetings
  5. Before submission get the proposal read and approved

Getting an invitation to tender does not necessarily means getting a contract award but you have to work as if you are one who will be the awardees’. Follow this basic thumb rules while writing an invitation to tender to make sure to make yourself stand out

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