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TI Ref. No:- 438114994
Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning Of Laptops And Multi-functional Device (mfd).

Organisation Details

Address The Vice President
Corporate Office,
24 Rajendra Place,
7th Floor, NABARD Building,
New Delhi -110125
Attn. : Naresh Gupta, Managing Director,  Fax : +91-011-25753410
Email : headoffice@nabcons.in, it@nabcons.in
Country : India

Tender Details

Document Type Tender Notice
Project Location Jammu & Kashmir, India, Uttar Pradesh, India
Tender Notice No. NABCONS/IT-Projects/2018-19
Description Request for Proposal to Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning of Laptops and Multi-Functional Device (MFD).

Installation, testing & commissioning of Computer Hardware for its Regional Offices at:-
1. Jammu
2. Lucknow

2.Q.1 Supply:
a) Hardware along with requisite software at various units /locations.
b) License for all the Hardware, Software Components (wherever applicable).
c) Manuals of the Hardware and Software (wherever applicable).
d) Installation Media in the form of CD, DVD etc. (wherever applicable).
2.0.2 Delivery ^Installation:
Delivery, Installation, Commissioning & Configuration of the supplied equipment/ software at various units / locations in Andhra Pradesh under Corporate Office, New Delhi.
2.0.3 Warranty support:
The successful bidder has to provide Comprehensive Post-installation warranty support for all the hardware and software, installed & commissioned by him, for a period of 3(three) years, 011 site. In case where the bidder might have to source full or part of the components or sendees from the OEM, the bidder shall stay responsible for the entire solution.

a) Date of Tender :20 September 2018
b) Time and last date for submission of Tender: 1600 hrs on 5 October 2018
c) Bid Security Value/EMD : Rs ,30,000/-
d) Fee for Tender document (non-Refundable) : Rs. 500/-
e) Pre-Bid Meeting : 1030 hrs on 01 October 2018
f) Time and date of opening of Technical Offers : 1630 hrs on 05 October 2018
g) Time and date of opening of Commercial Bids : Will be communicated to
Technically qualified bidders

2.2Eligibility Criterion:
Offers are invited only from those Vendors/Bidders who fulfill the following eligibility criteria:-
2.2.1 The product offered should comply with the certifications indicated in detailed specifications of the hardware/software. The bidder should submit supporting documents along with the Technical Offer.
2.2.2The bidder should be direct channel partner of the OEM, preferably highest-level channel partner and should be the one point contact for the entire project.
2.2.3 The bidder should provide proper authentication from the manufacturer/OEM as per the proforma given in Part 1 schedule 8 of the Tender. Offers without proper authentication from the manufacturer/OEM shall be treated as incomplete and shall be rejected.
2.2.4 The bidder should submit the valid Trade License Certificate along with the Technical Offer (if any).
2.2.5 The OEM of the models offered, should have a dedicated comprehensive support service centre at respective location.

Document cost : 500

EMD value : 130000

Pre-bid meeting date : 01 Oct 2018

Opening date : 05 Oct 2018
Deadline 10 Oct 2018
Updates CORRIGENDUM : The last Date for submission of bids is extended from 05 Oct 2018 to 10 Oct 2018.

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