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An industry is the manufacturing of a goods or service within a category. Many developed countries like  UK, the U.S., and Canada and many developing/semi-developed countries China, India  depend significantly on industry. Industry Growth Rate in India GDP has been impressive in the last few years. The Growth Rate of the Industry in the India GDP has grown due to sustained manufacturing activity over the years. This has given a major boost to the Indian economy. The growth trend in India's industrial output is sustainable, indias industrial output rose at a faster-than-expected 11.7 percent in November from a year earlier, helped by stimulus measures that boosted domestic demand. Also the reasons for the increase of Industry Growth Rate in India GDP are that the industrial goods are being exported in huge quantities from the country. News from industry, industrial news, Industry news procurement  is in great demand in India.  

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Australia 12-Aug-2020 Australia : Sand replenishment to keep Horseshoe Bay great.
Myanmar 12-Aug-2020 Myanmar : Union Commerce Minister meets glazed pot makers in Kyaukmyaung.
Peru 12-Aug-2020 Peru : They Require the Hiring of Health Professionals in Mining Companies.
Vietnam 12-Aug-2020 Vietnam : Construction industry issues action plan on emissions.
Vietnam 12-Aug-2020 Vietnam : The reporter of Ho Chi Minh City Youth newspaper won the Special Prize of the National Press Competition for writing about the Finance industry in 2020.
Germany, United Kingdom 12-Aug-2020 Germany,United Kingdom : HS2 tunnelling machines set to leave factory with the names Florence and Cecilia topping public vote.
Philippines 12-Aug-2020 Philippines : BFP-Ifugao leads Barangay Fire Brigade Month observance.
Philippines 12-Aug-2020 Philippines : DTI urges LGUS: Curfew to be postponed until midnight.
Philippines 12-Aug-2020 Philippines : DTI CALABARZON distributes P440K worth of starter kits to Cavite MSMEs.
Philippines 12-Aug-2020 Philippines : With QPass in place in Bohol, family dining in restos not possible.
Philippines 12-Aug-2020 Philippines : DTI Quirino bars RiceBIS benefits.
Uzbekistan 12-Aug-2020 Uzbekistan : New production in the textile industry.
Uzbekistan 12-Aug-2020 Uzbekistan : CBRN CoE holds Interregional Webinar.
Uzbekistan 12-Aug-2020 Uzbekistan : Uzbekistan, South Korea develop cooperation in fire safety.
Malaysia, Uzbekistan 12-Aug-2020 Malaysia,Uzbekistan : Uzbekistan, Malaysia implement $250 million worth investment project.
Uzbekistan 12-Aug-2020 Uzbekistan : Made in Uzbekistan Textile: Entering Azerbaijans market.
Italy 12-Aug-2020 Italy : Fincantieri and Saipem: Deep-seabed Mining Agreement.
Russian Federation 12-Aug-2020 Russian Federation : Rosstandart Informs About the Recall of 19 Bentley Cars.
Brazil 11-Aug-2020 Brazil : MME publishes analyzes for the closing of the Public Consultation to review the physical guarantee of energy from centrally dispatched plants on short-term measures.
Brazil 11-Aug-2020 Brazil : MME integrates virtual debate on female participation in mining.
Russian Federation 11-Aug-2020 Russian Federation : Installation of Reactor Pressure Vessel Dry Shielding Completed on Kudankulam NPP Unit 3 (India).
United States 11-Aug-2020 United States : Wildland Firefighters Working The Richards Fire Located South Of Rock Springs.
United States 11-Aug-2020 United States : Richard Mountain Fire Forces Emergency Closure Along The Green River In Daggett County, Utah.
United States 11-Aug-2020 United States : Blm Wyoming Type 3 Incident Management Team Takes Command Of Richard Mountain Fire.
United States 11-Aug-2020 United States : The Bureau Of Land Management Evaluating Aggregate Mine Expansion In Chaffee County.
United States 11-Aug-2020 United States : Active Fire Behavior On Bradley Fire Held In Check By Blm Wyoming Fire Crews.
United States 11-Aug-2020 United States : Bradley Fire Grows To 1,600 Acres And Evacuations In Effect.
United States 11-Aug-2020 United States : Fire Crews Focused On Transitioning Richard Mountain Fire To A Type 4 Team.
United States 11-Aug-2020 United States : Bradley Fire Starts And Burns On Bradley Peak.
United States 11-Aug-2020 United States : Richard Mountain Fire Crews Shift Focus To Containment And Rehabilitation.
United States 11-Aug-2020 United States : Fire Activity Subsides On Richard Mountain Fire But Red Flag Weather Conditions Remain.
United States 11-Aug-2020 United States : Pumpkin Fire Nears Containment.
United States 11-Aug-2020 United States : Nevada Public Land Agencies Elevate Statewide Fire Restrictions To Prohibit All Campfires.
United States 11-Aug-2020 United States : Firefighting Resources Increasing On Richard Mountain Fire.
United States 11-Aug-2020 United States : Majority Of Blm IdahoS Fires Are Human-Caused.
Philippines 11-Aug-2020 Philippines : DTI, UNCTAD, PCA conduct nationwide multi-stakeholder consultations in coco oil organic certification.
Netherlands 11-Aug-2020 Netherlands : The Provincial Executive withdraws the contract awarded to IJssel-Vecht and asks Keolis to drive an emergency concession.
Germany 11-Aug-2020 Germany : Programmable synthetic materials.
Australia 11-Aug-2020 Australia : Promoting safety on Transperth network during Rail Safety Week.
Guyana, Suriname 11-Aug-2020 Guyana,Suriname : Guyana and Suriname recommit to continued development .
Angola 11-Aug-2020 Angola : Portugal prepares businessmen to return to Angola.
Angola 11-Aug-2020 Angola : New Presidential Decree extends Public Disaster Situation.
Russian Federation 11-Aug-2020 Russian Federation : Resident of ASEZ "Zabaikalye" ahead of schedule began development of the Udokan copper deposit.
Canada 11-Aug-2020 Canada : Canada Invests in Clean Mining Technology in Quebec City.
South Africa 11-Aug-2020 South Africa : Minerals Council Welcomes New Tailings Standard.
Philippines 11-Aug-2020 Philippines : DTI continues mentoring Central Luzon MSMEs amid pandemic.
Philippines 11-Aug-2020 Philippines : Businesses need to shift to digital in New Normal - Oro Chamber.
India 11-Aug-2020 India : Clarification: Indigenously manufactured items amongstnegative list for imports.
India 11-Aug-2020 India : Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh launches modernization/ up-gradation of facilities and new infrastructure creation of Defence PSUs and OFB.
India 11-Aug-2020 India : Indian products deserve fair access to other countries on reciprocal basis.
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  • Special-Purpose Motor Vehicles
  • Motorcycles, Bicycles and Sidecars
  • Parts and Accessories for Vehicles and their Engines
Construction Materials (2)
  • Cement
  • Sand and Clay
  • Building Material
  • Stone and Construction Materials
Chemicals (25)
  • Fertilizer
  • Inorganic
  • Organic
  • Insecticides and Pesticides
  • Agro-chemical Products
  • Paints, Varnishes, Printing Ink and Mastics
  • Glycerol, Soaps, Detergents, Cleaning Chemicals
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  • Valves
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  • Construction Machineries
  • Excavating/Earth moving Machines
  • CNC Machines
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  • Non-metal products
  • Ferrous products
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  • Minerals Supply
  • Mining Development
  • Mining Machineries
  • Mining Consultancy Services
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  • Paper for printing and stationary
  • Paper Bags
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  • Plastic bags and related products
  • Tires and Tubes
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  • Leather
  • Textile
  • Uniforms
  • Clothing
  • Footwear
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  • Security/Surveillance Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety and Rescue Equipment
  • Fire Fighting Services
  • Rescue Operations
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  • Publishing Services
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