With the objective to automate and bring efficiencies in the procurement functions for the global organizations, Tender Info is offering the best in-class eProcurement solutions to the Public and private organizations. With our global buyers and suppliers network, we are providing the technology platforms to strategies the procurement with precise tools and techniques. We provide the technology platform to enable all the stakeholders – Buyers, Suppliers, Legal, and, Finance collaborate and align the processes with the procurement policies and regulatory norms.

We are offering below eProcurement software solutions to the global organization with an amalgamation of best practices across the sectors

1.1 eTender/ eRFx

The eTender/ eRFX system automates the public and private strategic procurement through a digital platform. The eRFx creates an ecosystem where the organizations can collaborate and communicate across the stakeholders. Enterprise needs for procurement of Goods, Services or works can be accomplished by automation of Tender Creation, Publishing, supplier’s responses and transparent evaluation through a defined processes and policies. The system supports the global procurement methods and meets the security and regulatory compliances

Key Features :

  • Create multi level organizational structures.
  • Role-based and Workflow driven activities.
  • Strategized techniques with permutation and combinations.
  • Easy to create from reusable templates.
  • Manual and score based technical evaluation.
  • Online payment gateway for fees and Security deposit.
  • Interactive Platform -Suppliers can swiftly communicate with Buyer.
  • Multilevel evaluation with Collaborative scoring.
  • Automated Comparison view in UI and in excel for all tender types including BOQ.
  • Notifications across the procurement cycle – Email/ system alerts.
  • Integrated Dashboards and MIS reports.
  • Integrated with negotiation and Procurement lifecycle tools.
  • Security features incorporated with the compliance to the regulatory norms.

Key Benefits :

  • Reach to Global suppliers network.
  • Lower Procurement cycles.
  • Statuary and legal compliance.
  • Easy to create from reusable templates.
  • Transparency in the procurement.
  • Efficient and effective procurement processes.
  • Collaborative procurement.

1.2 Strategic Sourcing (eNegotiation)

Strategic sourcing is a B2B platform for conducting online negotiations with the qualified suppliers. The eNegotiation system is built with the intelligence to create a competitive environment among the suppliers and deliver the best commercial quotes. The system is developed by leveraging upon the industry knowledge bank and optimize the procurement objectives of the enterprises. The product consists of various negotiation methods bundled with 850+ permutations and combinations to create dynamic competitive bidding with the global auction methods of conducting reverse negotiations post price discovery stage.

Key Features :

  • Multiple sourcing permutations and combination.
  • Multiple Auction types and variants.
  • Templates based auction creation.
  • Sealed and Dynamic bidding.
  • Configure non price factors (Qualitative).
  • Tender/eRFx to Auction conversion.
  • Create competitive environment by displaying combinations of Rank/ Price/weightages/ decrement on leading/ own price etc.
  • Multi-parameters Scoring.
  • Quick and easy bid participation techniques.
  • Auction monitoring with Secured vendor info.
  • Live bid analytics and Graphical display.
  • Comprehensive event reports.

Key Benefits :

  • Increase in Savings from 5 to 30% (excluding outliers).
  • Provide equal opportunity to qualified vendors.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Shorter procurement cycles.
  • Better decision making.

1.3 eDisposal (eAuction)

Disposal of excess/ under valuable assets provide viable means for sustained management. The eDisposalsolution provides an efficient and easy way to implement disposal processes. Multiple types of assets disposal can be carried out using our system, immovable asset types such as land and infrastructure or any tangible assets like machinery and scrap products. The product is well evolved for conducting disposals at national level and consists of inclusive market engagement structures.

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