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The Balkans is a geopolitical and cultural region of southeastern Europe. Balkan region  countries  comprising Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Romania, Serbia, and the part of Turkey in Europe. The Balkans today is a very diverse ethno-linguistic region. Balkan region possess few mineral resources. Resources of energy are scarce, accept in Kosovo, where considerable coal, lead, zinc, chromium, silver deposits are located. Petroleum is most notably present in Romania, although scarce reserves exist in Greece, Serbia, Albania and Croatia. Natural gas deposits are scarce.  Some metals are found in few countries and are exported. Hydropower stations are largely used in energetics. Albanian economy is considered as Trade Economy in transition. Regions most economy in transition phase. Albania's economy has improved substantially over recent years and has outperformed many other countries in the Balkan region. While service dominates Greece economy.  Turkey is a free market economy depends upon Western markets.

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