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Manufacturing Contracts

The Manufacturing Industry is broad and diverse. You will find within our website, Contracts Awarded for Manufacturers in the Sectors listed below. The Manufacturing Industry is second only to Infrastructure and Construction in terms of the total number of Contracts Awarded listed.

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Poland 04-Jun-2020 Performance Of Street Lighting Sections In Jasionw, Malinwka And Jablonica Polska..
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Delivery Of Furniture With Assembly For The Childrens Department..
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Preparation And Delivery Of Didactic Prints For The Teaching Department Of The Wroclaw University Of Technology.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Supply Of Office Supplies As Well As Office Supplies And Advertising Gadgets With The Logo Of Csrg S. A. Task 1. Successive Supply Of Office Supplies. Task 2. Successive Delivery Of Office Supplies Wi.
Singapore 04-Jun-2020 Mechanical And Electrical Work On The Tuas Water Reclamation Plant.
Papua New Guinea 04-Jun-2020 Provide Minor Capital Project Services, Including Civil, Mechanical, Structural.
Australia 04-Jun-2020 Provide Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Piping And Marine Services At Bhps Mine.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Construction Of The Water Supply Network In Bialokosz And Nojewo - Orle, And Extension Of The Sanitary Sewage System In Polna Street Together With Modernization Of The Water Treatment Station In Bialc.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Supply Of Equipment As Part Of The Ongoing Investment Entitled Adaptation Of Waste Management Plants In The Lubelskie Voivodship To The Requirements For Ripok Under Measure 6. 3 Waste Management Of Th.
Ukraine 04-Jun-2020 Equipment For Polymerase Chain Reaction, Aimed At Preventing The Occurrence And Spread, Localization And Elimination Of Outbreaks, Epidemics And Pandemics Of Coronavirus Disease (covid-19) Caused By C.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 4wog. 1200. 2712. 14. 2020 Purchase And Delivery Of Spare Parts For Vehicles Divided Into 9 Tasks..
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Supply Of Laboratory Equipment, Small Equipment And Laboratory Glass As Well As Measuring Equipment For The District Laboratory Of Mps In Wroclaw.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Implementation Of The Protection And Leader Fence For Herpetofauna And Other Elements Of Road Infrastructure For The Express Road.
Croatia 04-Jun-2020 Maintenance And Repair Service Of Iveco Vehicles For The Needs Of Elektroslavonija Osijek.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Delivery Of Wooden Pallets.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Delivery Of One- And Two-piece Ostomy Bags, Plastic Plates, Devices For Putting On Rubber Garters For Varicose Veins Of The Anus And Stool Collection Sets For The Needs Of The Multidisciplinary City H.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Supply Of Office Supplies.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Supply Of Security Equipment For The 41st School Aviation Base In Deblin,.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Delivery And Assembly Of Furniture Fittings For The Social Services Center In Zabrze..
Belarus 04-Jun-2020 Selection Of A General Contractor For The Construction Of Lot No. 1 Object video Surveillance System At The Road Checkpoint Across The State Border Of The Republic Of Belarus Brest 1 Object (s).
Belarus 04-Jun-2020 Portland Cement M-500 D-0 2 250 Kg.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Delivery Of A Medium Rescue And Firefighting Car With 4x4 Drive For Tso In Maldyty.
Georgia 04-Jun-2020 Mining And Quarrying Of Natural Inert Materials For Quarrying For Hiring Construction And Civil Construction Machinery And Their Operators For Rent. At Least 30 Tons One Unit Road Grader.
Romania 04-Jun-2020 Repair And Maintenance Services Of Motor Vehicles, As Well As Spare Parts And Accessories For Motor Vehicles From The Endowment Of The Territorial Administrative Unit Sector 4.
France 04-Jun-2020 Maintenance Of Brand Meal Tray Distributors.
Bulgaria 04-Jun-2020 Subscription Support Of The Real-time Gross Settlement System.
Australia 04-Jun-2020 Provision Of Maintenance Services And Minor Projects On Its Pilbara Marine Infrastructure.
Australia 04-Jun-2020 Execution Of Work On Bhp Western Australia Iron Ore (waio) Asset Panel Framework Agreement Associated With The Dewatering Of Surplus.
Croatia 04-Jun-2020 The Subject Of Procurement Is A System For Measuring Physical Properties, In Accordance With The Technical Specification. Procurement Includes Testing Of All Components At The Manufacturers Location,.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Repair, To Adapt To Fire Protection Regulations, Office And Service Building At Zgoda 11 Street In Warsaw.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Equipment Of The Forensic And Detective Laboratory.
Croatia 04-Jun-2020 Motor Fuel.
Croatia 04-Jun-2020 The Subject Of Procurement Is Protected Forms..
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Gradual Delivery Of Promotional Materials For Programs Operating Within Frse Broken Down Into Parts.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Retrofitting Of The Playground In Grjec At Ul. Laskowa 6a..
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Purchase And Delivery Of Computer Equipment To The Uav Laboratory. Cooperation Of The Field Experimental And Implementation Training Ground In The Przasnysz Poviat Project To The Institute Of Aeronaut.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Supply Of Teaching Materials.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Fabrication, Delivery And Assembly Of Furniture For The Needs Of The Poviat Eldership In Biala Podlaska And Branch Offices.
Croatia 04-Jun-2020 The Range Consists Of Pipes: Square, Rectangular, Round, P Profiles, Flat Steel, Light Drawn Steel.
Croatia 04-Jun-2020 The Range Consists Of: Galvanized, Cold-rolled, Hot-rolled, Ribbed Sheets.
Belarus 04-Jun-2020 Materials For Protecting The Facade Of The Building As Part Of The Current Repair: Primer For Water-based Paint = 215 Kg . ; Water-based Facade Paint Tinted In Gray, Ready For Use = 715 Kg. 930 Kg.
Ukraine 04-Jun-2020 Hand And Skin Disinfectant Clean Stream Antiseptic Liquid For Hands.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Delivery Of A Planetary Mixer For Mixing Explosive Materials.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Toilet Paper And Single-use Paper Towels In Package I, Paper Towel In Role With Dispenser Lease In Package Ii And Cleaning With The Leader Of Dispensers In Package Iii For Wete Zette.
Belarus 04-Jun-2020 Cordstrap 60cc Tape (packaging Polyethylene Tape, Width 19 Mm) Analogous Materials Are Possible (the Decision On The Possibility Of Use In The Conditions Of Maz Ojsc - The Holding Company Belavtomaz Is Taken By Technical Specialists Based On The Results O.
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Recreation Development Of A Plot In Tluszcz (tluszcz Commune).
Belarus 04-Jun-2020 Llc German Gate. . ..
Poland 04-Jun-2020 Supply Of Technical And Laboratory Gases And Gas Mixtures With And Without Certificates For All Agh Units.
Belarus 04-Jun-2020 Water-borne Primer For Casting Primers, Reddish Brown 140 400 Kg.
Belarus 04-Jun-2020 Silo Film (vacuum), Hay Knitting Net, 8 Lots, According To The Purchase Order 177 Pcs..
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Automobiles and Auto Parts (17818)
  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Goods and Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Special-Purpose Motor Vehicles
  • Motorcycles, Bicycles and Sidecars
  • Parts and Accessories for Vehicles and their Engines
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  • Cement
  • Sand and Clay
  • Building Material
  • Stone and Construction Materials
Chemicals (11481)
  • Fertilizer
  • Inorganic
  • Organic
  • Insecticides and Pesticides
  • Agro-chemical Products
  • Paints, Varnishes, Printing Ink and Mastics
  • Glycerol, Soaps, Detergents, Cleaning Chemicals
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  • Machinery for the production and use of mechanical power
  • Pump
  • Valves
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  • Special purpose Machinery and Parts
  • Construction Machineries
  • Excavating/Earth moving Machines
  • CNC Machines
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  • Metal Products of iron, steel, copper, aluminum etc.
  • Non-metal products
  • Ferrous products
  • Non-ferrous
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  • Minerals Supply
  • Mining Development
  • Mining Machineries
  • Mining Consultancy Services
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  • Paper for printing and stationary
  • Paper Bags
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  • Plastic Products
  • Rubber Products
  • Plastic bags and related products
  • Tires and Tubes
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  • Leather
  • Textile
  • Uniforms
  • Clothing
  • Footwear
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  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Security/Surveillance Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety and Rescue Equipment
  • Fire Fighting Services
  • Rescue Operations
Printing and publishing (7829)
  • Printing Services
  • Services related to printing
  • Publishing Services
  • Subscription Services
Furniture (5917)
  • Office Furniture
  • School Furniture
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Domestic Furniture
  • Metal and Modular Furniture