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Bid Writing Services

Scope of work for Tendersinfo for E-Tenders / Manual Tenders:

  • Identification of opportunity in consultation with your organization.
  • Advising you on the Bid Strategy
  • Bid Preparation (Writing)
  • Answering clarifications to the Tendering Authorities

Responsibilities of your Organization:

  • Providing all relevant documents and information required for the preparation of compliant & responsive bid.
  • Making necessary arrangements for bidding as purchase of tender document (if required to purchase), bid security etc.

Bid Assistance Services

TendersInfo extends step to step Bid Assistance Services for its members in the countries where they do not have local presence.With the help of our vast network of local agents spread across more than 65+ countries and our in-house Bid Consultancy experts, we help our members in Bidding for projects across the globe. Below are the 2 different services which could be availed by clients as per their requirements on project to project basis.

Bid Facilitation (Bid Document Procurement and Bid Submission)

  • Procuring Bid Document from Tendering Authority and making it available to the client on time.
  • Advising you on the Bid Strategy
  • Submission of Proposal/Bid with logistical assistance required to carry out the same.

Bid Consultation & Facilitation (Complete step to step Groundwork for Bidding)

  • Procuring Bid Document from Tendering Authority and making it available to the client on time.
  • Submission of Proposal/Bid on time and its entirety, with logistical assistance required to carry out the same.
  • Represent client at the Pre-bid conference.
  • Ensure that client organization is compliant with local bidding processes, with the respective tendering authority.
  • Attend Bid Opening meetings on clients behalf and report back the summary and key actions required by them.
  • Coordinate receipt of key bid requirements like Bank Guarantee, Earnest Money and other vital documentation.
  • Follow-up & liasioning with the Tendering Authority on clients behalf.
  • Giving Local Taxes and duty information & helping with local registrations if any required for the project.
  • Assistance with complete Local Logistics.


Partnerships / Consortium / JV (Joint Venture)

Tenders, Projects and Major Business Opportunities sometimes call for collaboration. TendersInfo has major tie-ups and an unmatched market reach worldwide in the Public Procurement Domain.

How should a company look at JVs and Consortiums, their preparation, research on what would target companies look at when they look for a partner, map companies based on their qualification criteria for various projects, validate aspirations of companies involved and create a pitch to connect both the companies are some of the key activities of this service.

Who would need this service? If you are a first time bidder If you do not completely qualify for the technical or the commercial bid terms and conditions If you are falling short of manpower / skill / capabilities If you do not have a local partner in a country where you do not have a presence If you would like to distribute the risk in huge projects with an equally matching company also involved in execution of similar projects.

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Contractor Connec

Contractor Connect

TendersInfo has database of Contractors who win projects are potential targets for Suppliers / OEMs / Sub-Contractors / Man Power Consultants etc. The key value of this service is to connect each of these groups to the contractors winning fresh projects. In addition to connecting these groups, consulting is also provided where necessary and we see them through the deal. The key strength of TendersInfo is the linking that we can do right from the time a project is announced until it is won by companies. TendersInfo's huge virtual market place with more than 800,000 companies and the technology backup brings this value to the table.

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Supplier Connect

Supplier Connect

TendersInfo provides option of connecting with OEMs and Third Party Suppliers / Distributors. Analysis of OEMs and Suppliers. Matching with the requirements in terms of previous project supply, cost and quality .Engaging the OEMs and Suppliers. Taking the order on behalf of the customer and coordinating for effective price.

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Finding a Distributor

TendersInfo in its endeavor to transforming business engagement has embarked on a new initiative to connect manufacturers distributors and suppliers to enable the network dynamics of the product leverage and cost the leverage market in different countries and geographies.

Who would need this service?

  • Manufacturers & Global Product Organizations
  • Distributors eyeing at an international reach strategy
  • Business match making based on organizational product distribution requirements
  • Dedicated Research & Connects with global distributors with strong local establishment

Local Agent Services

Scope of work for Tendersinfo for E-Tenders / Manual Tenders:

TendersInfo has a wide network of local agents in different countries around the world. With the aid of these local agents, TendersInfo helps members to bid in different countries wherein they do not have a local presence or a local contact.