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Sector :Roads and Highways

Police Communication Tower Access Driveway
Ref No : 27114100 Closing Date :28 May 2015

Sector :Banking, Finance, Insurance and Securities (BFIS),Management, business and administration,Services

Professional Economic Development, Planning and Financial Services for Economic Development projects and programs
Ref No : 27114099 Closing Date :13 May 2015

Sector :Oil and Gas Product and Equipment

Natural Gas At Port Columbus International Airport (CMH)
Ref No : 27114097 Closing Date :08 May 2015

Sector :Roadways,Engineering,Services

Provision of Statewide Bridge Load Rating
Ref No : 27114094 Closing Date :19 May 2015

Sector :Software Services

BMC FootPrints Consulting Services for Platform Upgrade
Ref No : 27114093 Closing Date :13 May 2015

Global Tenders

Sector :Metals and Non-Metals,Industry,Services

Supply of Drilling & Development Material i.e. Spare Parts, Tools Including Repair of Various Rigs, Cranes, Well Servicing Machine
Ref No : 27114103 Closing Date :15 May 2015

Sector :Services

Complete Preparation of the Guidelines for Examination of the Advanced Aircraft Lift
Ref No : 27114102 Closing Date :01 Jun 2015

Sector :Software Services

Develop the City System
Ref No : 27114101 Closing Date :24 May 2015

Sector :Energy, Power and Electrical,Infrastructure and construction

Construction of 132 KV S/C Line on D/C Tower for giving supply to Shree Cement (132 KV feeder) under ETD Bulandshahr
Ref No : 27114098 Closing Date :07 May 2015


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