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Sector :Machinery and Equipments(M&E)

Cascade Breathing Air Compressor
Ref No : 433963978 Deadline :09 May 2018

Sector :Metals and Non-Metals

4000 Tons 3/4 Inch Minus Crushed Weed Free Gravel
Ref No : 433963977 Deadline :30 Apr 2018

Sector :Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction

Water And Wastewater Systems Clear Afs Alaska
Ref No : 433963976 Deadline :04 May 2018

Sector :Roadways

Notice Of Intent To Award High Risk Contract
Ref No : 433963975 Deadline :27 Apr 2018

Global Tenders

Sector :Bridges and Tunnels

Construction Steel Pedestrian Bridge At Zarand Station
Estimated Cost: IRR 4599.97 Million
Ref No : 433961129 Deadline :15 May 2018

Sector :Agriculture, Food and Beverages

Purchase Herbal Items For Area 9 And 11 Of City
Estimated Cost: IRR 5306.50 Million
Ref No : 433961126 Deadline :01 May 2018

Sector :Software Services

Provision Of Services For Issuing An Electronic Digital Signature Certificate" For Llc "rn-supply-nefteyugansk"
Estimated Cost: RUB 40.71 Million
Ref No : 433961084 Deadline :30 Apr 2018

Sector :Healthcare Equipment and Services

Consumables For The Procurement Of Blood And Its Components
Estimated Cost: BYR 225228
Ref No : 433961083 Deadline :04 May 2018


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