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Sector :Infrastructure and construction

Writing Quarter No And Block No Of Staff Quarter
Estimated Cost: INR 101000
Ref No : 35017145 Deadline :30 Aug 2016

Sector :Telecommunications,Infrastructure and construction

Installation , Dismantaling Of Gsm
Estimated Cost: INR 3.14 Million
Ref No : 35017013 Deadline :15 Sep 2016

Sector :Telecommunications,Infrastructure and construction

Optical Fiber Cable Construction Work In Ntsr
Estimated Cost: INR 4.27 Million
Ref No : 35017011 Deadline :09 Sep 2016

Sector :Services

Repair And Maintenance Of Underground Diesel Equipments
Estimated Cost: INR 20.02 Million
Ref No : 35017010 Deadline :20 Sep 2016

Sector :Infrastructure and construction

Proposed Renovation And Repair Of Mormugao Municipal Council Building
Estimated Cost: INR 70.65 Million
Ref No : 35017007 Deadline :31 Aug 2016

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Sector :Machinery and Equipments(M&E),Oil and Gas Product and Equipment

Procurement Of Hfa Tex Changer Tube
Estimated Cost: IRR 30200.00 Million
Ref No : 35014821 Deadline :14 Sep 2016

Sector :Railways

Repair Parts Kits Tamping Unit 07.09 Version Of The Two Items 1. Wage Fixing Holes Carved Tampa.
Estimated Cost: THB 179200
Ref No : 35014788 Deadline :05 Sep 2016

Sector :Oil and Gas Services,Infrastructure and construction

Construction Two Device Of Movable Oil Separator
Estimated Cost: IRR 96000.00 Million
Ref No : 35014575 Deadline :04 Oct 2016

Sector :Roadways,Engineering

Development Schemes Of Union Council Sadar; Development Schemes Of Union Council Vialaduki Etc.
Estimated Cost: PKR 2.00 Million
Ref No : 35014489 Deadline :29 Aug 2016

Sector :Transportation,Engineering,Management, business and administration

Implementation Of A Representative Sociological Survey Of Social Stratification And Mobility In Slovakia
Estimated Cost: SKK 4.73 Million
Ref No : 35014141 Deadline :31 Aug 2016

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