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Sector :Industry

Supply of Oxide briquetting in oxide feed section, ZSP
Estimated Cost: INR 2.01 Million
Ref No : 32045432 Deadline :02 Mar 2016

Sector :Railways,Services

Works Contract for Carrying Out Complete Interior Furnishing Work (Mechanical) in LWLRRM Coaches
Estimated Cost: INR 9.80 Million
Ref No : 32045232 Deadline :16 Mar 2016

Sector :Energy, Power and Electrical,Infrastructure and construction

Laying of 1100 Volts Grade power cable for newly constructed Security building extension and newly installed air compressor motor near Nitrogen plant in FBTR.
Estimated Cost: INR 170000
Ref No : 32045206 Deadline :25 Feb 2016

Global Tenders

Sector :Security Services

Provision of Services of Aquariums.
Estimated Cost: KZT 164.40 Million
Ref No : 32045508 Deadline :15 Feb 2016

Sector :Services

Provision of Maintenance Services Access Control Systems, Security, Cctv Cctv.
Estimated Cost: CYP 10000
Ref No : 32041757 Deadline :04 Mar 2016

Sector :Services

Supply of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for the Center for Environmental Education Cape.
Estimated Cost: CYP 15120
Ref No : 32041756 Deadline :26 Feb 2016

Sector :Infrastructure and construction,Roads and Highways

Supply Proanameiktou Asphalt Concrete (Premix) - Dr (Base Course) and Fine (Wearing Course) EeTC.
Estimated Cost: CYP 100000
Ref No : 32041393 Deadline :11 Mar 2016

Sector :Roadways

Provision of Transport Services for Students and Teachers Participating in the Program for Environmental Education Cape.
Estimated Cost: CYP 4000
Ref No : 32037053 Deadline :26 Feb 2016


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