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Sector :

C/O Crate work to protect the head weir
Estimated Cost: INR 335799
Ref No : 29109589 Deadline :04 Sep 2015

Sector :Services

Operation & Comprehensive maintenance of Electromechanical services
Estimated Cost: INR 609320
Ref No : 29109496 Deadline :22 Sep 2015

Sector :Roadways,Consultancy,Engineering

Project Management consultancy (PMC) services for the work Strengthening and Relaying the road
Estimated Cost: INR 16.17 Million
Ref No : 29108569 Deadline :30 Sep 2015

Sector :Telecommunications,Roadways

Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 1164 nos. of Street Lamp post and replacement guarantee
Estimated Cost: INR 39.12 Million
Ref No : 29108568 Deadline :18 Sep 2015

Global Tenders

Sector :Railways

Purchase of Central Spare Parts for Buses Number One Item.
Estimated Cost: THB 455392
Ref No : 29109014 Deadline :17 Sep 2015

Sector :Roads and Highways

Provision of Paving Work at Prapatan Compound
Estimated Cost: USD 50000
Ref No : 29108921 Deadline :05 Sep 2015

Sector :Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction

Provision of Installation of Water Connections in the City of Bandar Abbas and its Suburbs 2,500.
Estimated Cost: IQD 8857
Ref No : 29099440 Deadline :14 Sep 2015

Sector :Agriculture, Food and Beverages

Maintenance of Green Spaces Treaty a Zone 1 Area 4.
Estimated Cost: IRR 13693.15 Million
Ref No : 29099419 Deadline :29 Sep 2015

Sector :Fire Safety and Security,Technology Hardware and Equipment ,Services

Maintenance of Video Surveillance Camera System and Network Traffic Information Mashhad Traffic Control Center.
Estimated Cost: IRR 2235.69 Million
Ref No : 29099415 Deadline :19 Sep 2015


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