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Spain : Adif is putting out to tender a new contract to advance the development of the Master Plan for the Zaragoza-Teruel-Sagunto line

Publish Date : 01-Jun-2020

Adif has approved the tender for a new contract to advance the development of the set of actions contemplated in the Master Plan for the Zaragoza-Teruel-Sagunto line, the strategic railway axis of the Cantabrian-Mediterranean Corridor.

Specifically, and with a tender budget of 995,807.91 euros (VAT included), this contract includes the adaptation of interlocks (management systems that regulate traffic in stations and road routes) to the new security and telecommunications facilities. to allow the circulation of 750 m freight trains.

The operations, with an estimated execution time of 4 months, will define the equipment and establishment of the construction processes, both technical and economic, as well as the description of facilities to enable the execution of the work and the operation of new deviations or changes. of needle in the stations of the section Sagunto-Teruel adapted to allow the circulation of freight trains of 750 m.

In this way, new motors will be installed in the necessary detours to guarantee the correct operation of the new needle changes on the main track, in addition to the interlocking components and wiring for the control of said motors.

Other equipment adjacent to the road will also be replaced to adapt detours such as beacons, signals, axle counter detecting heads or diversion point heating resistors.

Finally, the construction processes will be coordinated and synchronized so that the execution of these technical operations is compatible with the maintenance of the railway service.

Master Plan

This action is part of the investment plan committed to ensure the competitiveness of this line as a strategic axis of the Cantabrian-Mediterranean Corridor.

This Master Plan, with a time horizon of execution until 2022/2023, represents an estimated global investment of 386.6 million euros and aims to significantly improve the state of the current infrastructure to allow further strengthening of this section of the Cantabrian Corridor -Mediterranean, especially for freight traffic, facilitating railway connections and with logistics centers on this strategic railway axis, of great importance as it passes through territories that represent 21% of the State's GDP.

Once the entire Plan has been completed, the line will have a greater traffic capacity, travel times will be substantially reduced for both passengers and goods, the competitiveness of cargo services will improve, the maximum speed of circulation will increase , it will increase efficiency in transport, it will be able to incorporate electric trains, thus reducing emissions, it will offer better safety, reliability and comfort parameters, it will reduce the probability of incidents and it will become fully interoperable with the Atlantic and Mediterranean corridors.

European funding

This action may be co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

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