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FRANCE TENDERS – AVIS D’APPEL D’OFFRES FRANCE Tenders Info is a Real Time Global Procurement Facilitator that connects you to the Latest Information Online on Government Tenders, Government Bids, Public Procurement, e-Procurement Tenders, Government Contracts, Tender Bids and Public Tenders from All Around The Globe. We also provide information on Tenders funded by the Funding agencies like World Bank, AFDB, EU, IMF, ADB. Our Information Service caters to All The Sectors, to name a few such as Construction, Healthcare and Medical, Oil & Gas, Information Technology, Industry, Energy, Power & Electrical, Telecommunication and Transportation. European Tenders, African Tenders, Middle East Tenders, America Tenders, etc. Our value-added Services include Bid Facilitation, Pre Bid Meeting, Email Alerts, Key Account Manager Service, Local Agents assistance, Joint Venture, Bid Writing etc. Tenders Info : La Porte d'entrée des Marchés Publics et Appels d'offres Internationaux Portail pour les Opportunités d'Avis d'Appel d'Offres, de Soumissions et Passations de Marché à travers le Monde, émanant des Banques de Développement et des Gouvernements. Avec la Base de Données la plus complète des Appels d'offres Internationaux, des Projets, des Nouvelles Commerciales et de l'Attribution des Contrats des Agences de Financement Multilatérales, Fédérales, d'État, du Gouvernement, du Secteur des Services publics, des Hôpitaux, des Écoles, des Ports, des ONG, des Forces de défense, etc. En outre, Tenders Info propose également des Informations sur l'intelligence d'Entreprise, Externalisation des offres, Conseil en matière d'offres et Assistance en matière d'Approvisionnement électronique en tant que principales Offres de Services pour les PME et Sociétés du Monde entier. Clients dans plus de 100 Pays et Présence via des Associés dans plus de 65 Pays. AVIS D’APPEL D’OFFRES : FRANCE

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France 23-Jun-2021 Supply Of Control Equipment For The Maintenance Of Trend Range Heating Installations Or Equivalent.
France 23-Jun-2021 Rental - Maintenance Of Copiers And Associated Services For The Services Of The Agglomeration Of The Region Of Compigne And The Basse Automne And The Municipalities That Are Members Of The Dcsi.
France 23-Jun-2021 Supply Of Small Equipment, Consumables, Tools, Hardware And Other Materials For Maintenance Work Of The Workshops Of The Real Estate Department And The Police Services Of Sgami West.
France 23-Jun-2021 Audit, Advice, Expertise, Development, And Support For Implementation, Transfer Of Skills, Support For Installation And All Other Types Of Services Deemed Necessary..
France 23-Jun-2021 Intellectual Services Of Assistance And Advice To The Contracting Authority For Work Operations In The Medico-social Sector Within The Framework Of The Sgur De La Sant.
Estimated Cost: 37538000
France 23-Jun-2021 Framework Agreement For Technical Support And Software And Hardware Development Of The Netadmin Monitoring And Configuration Solution For The Li @ In Network.
Estimated Cost: 1322600
France 23-Jun-2021 Provision Of Professional Support Services For Agents Of The Departmental Council Of Loir-et-cher.
Estimated Cost: 101300
France 23-Jun-2021 Provision Of Realization Of Feasibility Studies For The Installation Of Renewable Energy Heating Systems For Built Heritage Located In The Department Of Maine-et-loire.
France 23-Jun-2021 Provision Of Support Mission For The Definition And Implementation Of An External Consultation Methodology For The Development Of Plans And Strategies 2021 - 2026 - Field Of Economic Development.
France 23-Jun-2021 Security Audit And Gdpr Audit On Behalf Of The Family Branch Of Social Security (two Lots).
Estimated Cost: 66666
France 23-Jun-2021 Intellectual Property Services - Patents - Trademarks And Domain Names - Monitoring Of Annuities For The Cnes Patent Portfolio.
France 23-Jun-2021 Provision Of Acquisition, Hosting And Maintenance Of An Electronic Archiving System.
France 23-Jun-2021 H3c Mail Management.
France 23-Jun-2021 Reception, Computer Processing, Allotment, Packaging And Transport Of Raep Files.
France 23-Jun-2021 Provision Of Operation And Management Of The Cea Marcoule Restaurant.
France 23-Jun-2021 Provision Of Third-party Application Maintenance Services And Associated Services For The Secure National Intranet Portal "pliade" (microsoft Sharepoint / Sql Server Technologies) Of The Menjs-mesri.
Estimated Cost: 1229705
France 23-Jun-2021 Supply And Development Of It Solutions For The Overhaul Of The Gis Of The Metropolis Of Lyon.
France 23-Jun-2021 Services Of Digitization Of Sound Archives Kept In The National Archives.
France 23-Jun-2021 Development Of Distance Learning Modules.
France 23-Jun-2021 Ratp Energy Management System - Scalable Maintenance, Cybersecurity And Technical Support.
France 23-Jun-2021 Provision Of Market For The Replacement Of Primary Components Excluding Rgv On The 1300 Mw Tier Of Pwr Nuclear Power Plants.
France 23-Jun-2021 Provision Of Benchmark For The R # Space Phase 2 Project - Ied.
France 22-Jun-2021 Maintenance And Acquisition Of Media Conference Solutions With Associated Services For The Debt Collection Branch.
France 22-Jun-2021 Compulsory Insurance For Employees Of Haute-savoie Habitat, Falling Under The Private Status Of Dpos And Ideis Employees, As Well As The General Manager.
France 22-Jun-2021 Esg Assessment Of Investments.
France 22-Jun-2021 Provision Of Framework Agreement For The Provision Of Financial Leasing Services.
France 22-Jun-2021 Fitting Out Of Building W Of The Corinne Erhel Space - Exhibition Center - Company House - Thirteen Lots.
Estimated Cost: 7007923
France 22-Jun-2021 Rental, Assembly And Dismantling Of Chalets For The Christmas Market In The City Of Lomme.
France 22-Jun-2021 Provision Of Multi-technical Maintenance Of Real Estate Assets Located In Paris.
Estimated Cost: 584000
France 22-Jun-2021 Real Estate Diagnostics Services Before Work And On Relocation.
France 22-Jun-2021 Supply And Installation Of Bicycle-stations Located On The Territory Of The Agglomeration Of The Region Of Compigne And The Lower Autumn.
France 22-Jun-2021 Framework Agreement With Subsequent Contracts For The Supply And Transmission Of Electricity And Associated Services, For The Metering Points Of The Consortium Represented By Vilogia Sa.
France 22-Jun-2021 Supply And Transmission Of Electricity And Associated Services For The Sites Of The Smdegtvo Control Group.
France 22-Jun-2021 Framework Agreement Relating To The Supply And Transmission Of Electricity And Associated Services.
France 22-Jun-2021 Service Contract Relating To A Statutory Risk Insurance Service For Communities And Local Public Establishments Affiliated And Not Affiliated To The Management Center And For Itself.
France 22-Jun-2021 Telecommunications Services 2022-2025 - Grouping Of Orders.
France 22-Jun-2021 Management Of Supplementary Provident And Health Care Plans For Ineris Employees.
France 22-Jun-2021 Establishment And Management Of The Paid Parking Service..
France 22-Jun-2021 Provision Of Various Insurance Services.
France 22-Jun-2021 Procurement Of Collective Insurance.
France 22-Jun-2021 Provision Of Insurance Services Market For International Volunteers Posted Abroad.
France 22-Jun-2021 Framework Agreement With Order Forms And Subsequent Service Contracts Relating To The Creation Of A Internet Portal.
Estimated Cost: 145000
France 22-Jun-2021 Underwriting And Management Of Various Insurance Services On Behalf Of Erigre.
France 22-Jun-2021 Provision Of Service Contract Relating To The Provision Of Insurance For The Needs Of The Community Of Municipalities Of The South Estuary.
Estimated Cost: 1002000
France 22-Jun-2021 Provision Of Framework Agreement For Maintenance Services For Doors, Gates, Roofs, Walls, Stages And Mobile Bleachers.
Estimated Cost: 154938
France 22-Jun-2021 Insurance Contracts For The Benefit Of The Cnmss.
France 22-Jun-2021 Procurement Of Telecommunications Services.
France 22-Jun-2021 Provision Of Insurance Services.
France 22-Jun-2021 Renewal Of The Interconnection Links Of The Colleges Of Indre (gfu).
Estimated Cost: 883280
France 22-Jun-2021 Modeling And Optimization Of An Autonomous And 100% Renewable Electricity System In A Non-interconnected Area..
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