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Tender Location Tender Sector Tender Summary Tender Date Tender Deadline
Tunisia Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation The Study And Construction Of The Wastewater Treatment Plant For The Towns Of Nasrallah And Menzel M39;hiri In The Governorate Of Kairouan.
02-Jun-2023 27-Jul-2023
Tunisia Building, Sports And Leisure Completion Of The Works Of The Multipurpose Hall - Leisure Center "el Kbeb"-hammam Echatt.
02-Jun-2023 07-Jul-2023
Tunisia Building Development Work Of The Kitchen Of The Preparatory School Of Mezzouna For The 3rd Time..
02-Jun-2023 05-Jul-2023
Tunisia Water And Sanitation, Infrastructure And Construction Creation Of An Operating Borehole Ellouafi Delegation Hichria Depth 250 M.
02-Jun-2023 04-Jul-2023
Tunisia Water And Sanitation, Infrastructure And Construction Creation Of A Drinking Water Supply Borehole Rahal 3 Delegation Bir Elhfay Depth 200m.
02-Jun-2023 04-Jul-2023
Tunisia Automobiles And Auto Parts Purchase Of 2 Light Cars And A Pick Up 4 Portes 4*2 Truck In Two Separate Installments.
02-Jun-2023 04-Jul-2023
Tunisia Agriculture, Food And Beverages Pastoral Planting Work On An Area Of 1000 Ha (03lots).
02-Jun-2023 04-Jul-2023
Tunisia Building Reamenagement And Extension Of The Bureau De Poste D39;oued Mliz– Jendouba (en Unique Lot).
02-Jun-2023 04-Jul-2023
Tunisia Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation Creation Of A Water Borehole In Jradou Zriba Delegation.
02-Jun-2023 03-Jul-2023
Tunisia Roads And Highways Construction Work For The Premiere Space Of A Central Administration At The Aouina Barracks.
02-Jun-2023 03-Jul-2023
Tunisia Smart Cards And Other Access Control System Call For Tender N° 04/2022 Relating To The Acquisition Of Personalized Cryptographic Supports (token).
02-Jun-2023 03-Jul-2023
Tunisia Agriculture, Food And Beverages Periodic Maintenance Of The Natural Grass In The Sports Complex In Qarbanalia.
02-Jun-2023 30-Jun-2023
Tunisia Healthcare Equipment And Services Acquisition And Installation Of A Generator & Oxygen Generator Power Supply & Connection Works With The Medical Fluids Network.
02-Jun-2023 30-Jun-2023
Tunisia Infrastructure And Construction Rehabilitation And Maintenance Of The Foyer And The College Kitchen Imem Sahnoun Bouhajla.
02-Jun-2023 30-Jun-2023
Tunisia Roads And Highways Realization Of Vrd Works Of The "olympic City In Sousse" Subdivision.
02-Jun-2023 27-Jun-2023
Tunisia Roads And Highways Construction Works Of An Economic Space For The Anarchists In Ain Draham "jendouba Governorate" Integrated Development Program - Lot No. 01.
02-Jun-2023 26-Jun-2023
Tunisia Water And Sanitation, Infrastructure And Construction Execution Of Wastewater Pumping Station Works In The "maktaris" Subdivision In Makthar Siliana.
02-Jun-2023 26-Jun-2023
Tunisia Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation Construction Of A Sounded Water Treatment Station At Bechir Hamza Children39;s Hospital.
02-Jun-2023 22-Jun-2023
Tunisia Building Building An Ordinary Classroom And Building And Preparing Health Groups At The Ibn Manzoor Qibli Institute For The Sixth Time.
02-Jun-2023 21-Jun-2023
Tunisia Energy, Power And Electrical Acquisition Of A Lot Of Eight (08) Sets Of Nickel-cadmium Stationary Batteries With Double Perforation Pouch Technology In Individual Elements 300 Ah, With Mounting Frame.
02-Jun-2023 21-Jun-2023
Tunisia Technology Hardware And Equipment , Software Services Acquisition Of 02 Firewalls For The Tt Data Center.
02-Jun-2023 20-Jun-2023
Tunisia Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation Study For The Rehabilitation Of Hill Dams In The North East Coastal Area Of The Governorate Of Bizerte And Development Of Integrated And Participatory Anti-erosion Development Plans For Their Watersheds.
02-Jun-2023 20-Jun-2023
Tunisia Industry, Laboratory Equipment And Services , Pharmaceuticals "provision Of An Integrated Multiparametric Analytical System For Biochemistry/immunoanalysis With Acquisition Of Reagents And Consumables" (for The 2nd Time).
02-Jun-2023 19-Jun-2023
Tunisia Fire Safety And Security Acquisition Of Personal Protective Equipment In 3 Lot.
02-Jun-2023 16-Jun-2023
Tunisia Services The Execution Of The Works, Renovation Of The Air Treatment System Of The Cardiovascular Operating Room (room 10) At The Eps Habib Bourguiba – Sfax.
02-Jun-2023 16-Jun-2023
Tunisia Agriculture, Food And Beverages Reforestation Work On 20 Ha Dj Lokbar Jelma Delegation.
02-Jun-2023 15-Jun-2023
Tunisia Engineering, Water And Sanitation Studies For The Maintenance Of Water Systems For Potable Water In El Greg Of The Delegation Of North Beja And Oued Lahmar-jebbas From The Delegation Of Testour Of The State Of Beja.
02-Jun-2023 12-Jun-2023
Morocco Metals And Non-Metals Purchase Of Wadi Sand For Ballast Of Fertilizer Products At Jln/e.
02-Jun-2023 06-May-2023
Tunisia Software Services , Banking, Finance, Insurance And Securities (BFIS) Technical Assistance To The Ministry Of Social Affairs Of Tunisia For Their G2p Payment Digitization.
02-Jun-2023 08-Jun-2023
Tunisia Automobiles And Auto Parts Acquisition Of Transportation For The University Of Sousse.
02-Jun-2023 10-Jul-2023
Tunisia Metals And Non-Metals The Acquisition Of Bronze Tools.
02-Jun-2023 29-Jun-2023
Tunisia Industry, Laboratory Equipment And Services , Pharmaceuticals Providing The Hospital Laboratory With Medical Reagents, And Placing A Mini Automate Hormone Immunoassay At The Disposal Of The Hospital.
02-Jun-2023 22-Jun-2023
Tunisia Furniture To Purchase Furniture For Accommodations, Restaurants, And Barracks For The Year 2023.
02-Jun-2023 19-Jun-2023
Tunisia Roads And Highways Partial Employment Works On Rr N°96 (from Pk 2 To Pk 41); Rl No. 861 Du (from Pk 8 To Pk 35); Rl N° 868 (from Pk 0 To Pk 38) And Rl N° 835 From (from Pk 0 To Pk 35) In The Governorate Of Mahdia - (maintenance Program For The Year 2023.
02-Jun-2023 16-Jun-2023
Tunisia Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Supply Of Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Hydromechanical And Electrical Equipment For The Pumping Stations Of The Douar Laarab Dws Project.
02-Jun-2023 15-Jun-2023
Tunisia Environment And Pollution Recruitment Of A Consulting Firm To Carry Out A Mission To Assess The Socio-economic Vulnerability Of The National Territory To Climate Change And Analyze Its Impact On The Tunisian Economy.
02-Jun-2023 21-Jun-2023
Egypt Sports And Leisure Gym Services Membership To Undp Staff.
02-Jun-2023 15-Jun-2023
Egypt Software Services , Management, Business And Administration, Human Resource(HR) , Services - Entertainment & Media Digital Branding And Marketing Firm To Support The working Women Service Center.
02-Jun-2023 15-Jun-2023
Tunisia Healthcare Equipment And Services Hire A Company To Conduct An Assessment Of The Covid-19 Response.
02-Jun-2023 18-Jun-2023
Tunisia Management, Business And Administration Mission To Assess The Socio-economic Vulnerability Of The National Territory.
02-Jun-2023 21-Jun-2023
Tunisia Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Water And Sanitation, Infrastructure And Construction Equipment/construction, Rehabilitation Of Wastewater Treatment Plants (kairouan Ii And Monastir Frinar).
02-Jun-2023 18-Jul-2023
Tunisia Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Water And Sanitation, Infrastructure And Construction Equipment/construction, Rehabilitation Of The Wastewater Treatment Plant M%saken.
02-Jun-2023 20-Jul-2023
Tunisia Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation Rehabilitation And Extension Works Of The Tataouine Wastewater Treatment Plant.
02-Jun-2023 20-Jul-2023
Libya Software Services Setting Up Coding Academy In Libya: Tripoli, Benghazi And Sebha.
02-Jun-2023 09-Jun-2023
Morocco Building, Infrastructure And Construction Purchase Of Extension Works Of The Casablanca-settat Regional Center For Education And Training Careers.
02-Jun-2023 26-Jun-2023
Morocco Energy, Power And Electrical Purchase Of Power Supply For The Dvor At Laayoune/hassan 1er Airport.
02-Jun-2023 27-Jun-2023
Tunisia Education And Training Organizing Training Courses Within The Institution.
02-Jun-2023 13-Jul-2023
Tunisia Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation Execution Of Civil Engineering Works At The South East Production Sites.
02-Jun-2023 05-Jul-2023
Tunisia Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation Repair Of Breakages And Leaks And Maintenance Of The Distribution Network In The Delegations Of The District Of Moknine.
02-Jun-2023 05-Jul-2023
Tunisia Printing And Publishing Articles And Print Work.
02-Jun-2023 05-Jul-2023
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