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Spain 07-Jun-2022 Consulting Services And Technical Assistance For The Drafting Of The Construction Project For The Underpass Of The Brick Arch Promenade. Municipal District Of Valladolid..
Estimated Cost: 370640
Spain 16-Jun-2022 Contract For The School Transport Service To Pallars Juss For The 2022-2023 To 2025-2026 Academic Years, With Vehicles With More Than 9 Seats.
Estimated Cost: 1710711
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Maintenance And Repair Service For Automatic Glass Doors At Stations And Facilities On The Barcelona-valls, Llobregat-anoia And Montserrat Exploitation Lines Of The Fgc.
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Concession Of Operating Services For The Municipal Swimming Pool Bar In Almonacid De Zorita..
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Cafeteria-bar Services For Pensioner~~~~s Home.
Estimated Cost: 111000
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Cleaning Of The Mare De Du Del Lled School.
Estimated Cost: 720697
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Services For Technical Interoperability Office For The Environmental Area Of ??the Ministry Of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries And Sustainable Development.
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Supply, Implementation, Comprehensive Maintenance And Support Of A Computer Systems Integration Platform For The Health Field Of The Principality Of Asturias.
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Support For The Drafting Of The Annual Report On The Degree Of Execution Of The Budget Credits Related To The Climate Change Indicators Established In Article 32 Of Law 8/2018,.
Spain 07-Jun-2022 The Object Of The Contract Is The Provision Of Cadastral Update And Maintenance Services, Integration With The Municipal Platform Vci+ And Update Of Municipal Databases..
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Provincial Cybersecurity Technical Office Services Of The Provincial Council Of A Corua And Local Entities Of The Province.
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Street Cleaning Of The Municipality Of Lazkao.
Estimated Cost: 2627543
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Liability And Property Insurance Service; Civil Liability Of Authorities And Staff; Y De Responsabilidad Civil Profesional, Del Consorci De L~habitatge Del Amb.
Estimated Cost: 248000
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Framework Agreement For The Provision Of Graphic Design Services For Ihobe.
Estimated Cost: 765000
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Distribution Service Of The "getafe" Municipal Newsletter, Informative Publications, Informative Supports, Posters And The Like And Letter Manipulation, Through Companies That Use V.
Estimated Cost: 222000
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Comprehensive Management Service For The Sterilization Center And Operating Room Sterilizers At The Alcorcn Foundation University Hospital.
Estimated Cost: 2961600
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Track Maintenance Service And Civil Works Of Ets Tram Lines.
Estimated Cost: 2852256
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Management Of Records Of Domestic And Gender Violence In The Basque Country-phase 2.
Estimated Cost: 387200
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Social Concert For The Provision Of The Socio-health Care Service For People With Addiction Problems In A Meeting And Reception Center.
Estimated Cost: 7447345
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Technical Assistance Service To Airef For The Development Of Studies On The Review Of Public Spending In Different Areas, Commissioned By The Autonomous Community Of Extremadura And By The Foral Community Of Navarre.
Estimated Cost: 448650
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Service Contract For Printing, Assembly And Disassembly Of Posters, For The Foundation Of The Royal Theater Fsp (ftr).
Estimated Cost: 298457
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Services For The Delivery Of Training Actions.
Estimated Cost: 240042
Spain 07-Jun-2022 Collection Of Urban Waste In The Municipality Of Campo Real..
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Rehabilitation Works Of The Marqus De Rozalejo Palace.
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Contract For The Supply Of A Monitoring System For The Obstetric Block Of The Gynecology And Obstetrics Service Of The Csa.
Estimated Cost: 278300
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Supply Of Spacer Chambers For Inhalation And Masks For The Primary Care Health Centers Of The Madrid Health Service.
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Supply Of Electrical Energy In Municipal Facilities And Buildings.
Estimated Cost: 927958
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Supply Of Circular External Fixators For The Septic Unit Of The Orthopedic Surgery And Traumatology Service.
Estimated Cost: 294222
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Supply Of Clothing, Footwear And Institutional Accessories For The Personnel Of The Urban Guard.
Estimated Cost: 527698
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Aggregate Supply Of Protective Material Consumables: Positioners, Protectors For The Centers Of The Institut Catal De La Salut And Aggregated Centers.
Estimated Cost: 362883
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Contracting Of The Cleaning Service Of The Facilities For The Integrated Professional Training Center Of Avils.
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Lining Of Ditches And Improvement Of Margins In Several Provincial Roads. Year 2022 (5 Lots).
Estimated Cost: 7272669
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Scs-2022-433: Support Office Services For The Definition, Direction And Execution Of The And Projects Of The Catalan Health Service (catsalut).
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Supply Of 2,000 Removable Litter Bins (lot A) And 500 Groups Of Selective Collection Litter Bins (lot B), For The Beaches Of The Valencian Community..
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Supply Of A Catenary Monitoring System For The Metropolitan Railway Lines Of The Generality Of Catalonia.
Spain 08-Jun-2022 32-v-7410; 54.354 / 22 Surface Rehabilitation Of The Firm Of The V-31 Motorway And The Ap-7 Motorway. Section: Valencia-almussafes. Province Of Valencia.
Estimated Cost: 6383725
Spain 08-Jun-2022 32-l-4220; 54.394/22 Surface And Structural Rehabilitation Of The Pavement On The A-2 Motorway. Various Municipal Districts. Lleida Province..
Estimated Cost: 9826896
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Cleaning Service For The Centers Affiliated With The Education, Culture And Youth Delegation Of The Roquetas De Mar City Council (almera)..
Estimated Cost: 628476
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Voluntary And Executive Collection Support Services For The Municipality Of Navalcarnero (madrid)..
Estimated Cost: 2093587
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Service Of Design And Supply, Assembly, Maintenance And Disassembly Of Ornamental Lighting For Christmas Parties, Under A Lease.
Estimated Cost: 790664
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Supply Of Hemostatics And Surgical Sealants For The Department Of Health Valencia La Fe, Belonging To The Department Of Universal Health And Public Health.
Estimated Cost: 6345940
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Supplies And Services In Networking, Communications And Security For Barcelona De Serveis Municipals, S.a..
Estimated Cost: 7925358
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Supply Of Plastic Material And Others And Reagents For Various Laboratories Of The Territorial Trade Network.
Estimated Cost: 221341
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Supply Of Exclusive Kaftrio Medicine For The Pharmacy Service Of The Nio Jess University Children~s Hospital.
Estimated Cost: 2450867
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Insurance For The Fleet Of Vehicles Of The City Council Of Alcal De Henares.
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Comprehensive Muxikebarri Cleaning Service.
Estimated Cost: 528926
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Maintenance Service For Radiodiagnosis And Magnetic Resonance Equipment Of The Philips Brand, Including The Air Conditioning Of The Resonance Area Of ??the Segovia Healthcare Complex.
Estimated Cost: 385311
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Control Service For Sports, Cultural And Administrative Facilities And Support For Facilities And Events By Avils Auxiliary Services (september 2022 To September 2025).
Estimated Cost: 875760
Spain 22-Jun-2022 Surveillance Service And Auxiliary Services In Public Acts, Events, Access Control In Buildings; Canine Guide Service; And Surveillance Service Of Municipal Buildings.
Estimated Cost: 1013962
Spain 08-Jun-2022 Provision Of Extraordinary Pruning.
Estimated Cost: 452066
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