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Netherlands Tenders - Find latest government Tenders, projects, contracts, and tenders notices in Netherlands. Get RFPs, bids and tenders, RFQ, GPN and Online Auction in Netherlands.

Get 100% accurate tender information in Netherlands, etenders, E-procurement notices, Public Tenders, International Bidding opportunities, Request for Proposal, Request for Quotation, Expression of Interest, General Procurement Notice and more. Tendersinfo is the most trusted platform for all your government contract requirements in Netherlands. German public tenders easily accessible and provide the most accurate and up to date information on the web.

Never miss a single tender and tender update in Netherlands, get latest Netherlands Tenders on daily basis through custom email alerts & through website access. Tendersinfo also provides latest international Projects & contract awards.

Tendersinfo is your one stop portal to search local tenders, state tenders & international Tenders in Netherlands. Tendersinfo makes it really easy for you to find best tender for your business needs by comparing ROI, project type, bids closed time etc. Get complete info on Netherlands tenders & Contracts released by:

  • Netherlands Central Govt Tenders sites
  • Netherlands Central Public Procurement Portal
  • Netherlands Council Tenders sites
  • Netherlands Department Tenders sites
  • Netherlands e tender portal
  • Netherlands Government eMarket Place
  • Netherlands Government Tenders sites
  • Netherlands Government Tenders Sources
  • Netherlands Govt Tenders websites
  • Netherlands Ministry Tenders Sites
  • Netherlands Municipal Corporation Tenders
  • Netherlands Public Procurement Board
  • Netherlands Public Procurement System
  • Netherlands State Procurement Board
  • Netherlands tender websites
  • Netherlands Tenders Listing Portal
  • Netherlands commission tenders

Tendersinfo is a powerful, searchable database that provides users with the best opportunities from Tenders and Contracts published in Netherlands. You can Find the perfect opportunity for your next business venture by Using Advance search in our database by various search option like Location wise tender, NCBs, ICBs, CPV, Funded Tenders , Live/Active Tender, open tender, archive tender, latest tender and Netherlands Free Tenders, etc. Contact us today and you'll be on your way to finding the perfect opportunity.

Top Sectors and industries in Netherlands

Tendersinfo is the best and most reliable online tenders website in Netherlands, providing latest government and private tenders, public procurement notices and contracts from all over Netherlands. Tendersinfo cover every industries & sectors in Netherlands to help people find their next business opportunity. However, you can find some of the top industries and sectors In Netherlands which brings enormous business opportunities

  • Netherlands construction Tenders
  • Netherlands security Tenders
  • Netherlands Defence Tenders
  • Netherlands Environment Tenders
  • Netherlands IT Tenders
  • Netherlands Software Tenders
  • Netherlands Oil and Gas Tenders
  • Netherlands Printing Tenders
  • Netherlands Infrastructure Tenders
  • Netherlands Railway Tenders
  • Netherlands Consultancy Tenders
  • Netherlands Aviation Tenders
  • Netherlands Telecom Tenders
  • Netherlands Public Works Procurement Tenders
  • Netherlands Chemical Tenders
  • Netherlands Machinery and Equipments /M&E Tenders
  • Netherlands Mining Tenders
  • Netherlands Textiles Tenders
  • Netherlands Automobiles Tenders
  • Netherlands Furniture Tenders
  • Netherlands Smart Cards Tenders
  • Netherlands GIS/ GPS Tenders
  • Netherlands Power & Energy Tenders
  • Netherlands Renewable Energy Tenders
  • Netherlands Non-Renewable Energy Tenders
  • Netherlands Engineering Tenders
  • Netherlands Marine Tenders
  • Netherlands Bridges and Tunnels Tenders
  • Netherlands Plastic and Rubber Tenders
  • Netherlands Railways Tenders
  • Netherlands Transportation Tenders
  • Netherlands Agriculture Tenders
  • Netherlands journal tenders
  • Netherlands parliament tenders
  • Netherlands public tenders
  • Netherlands procurement tenders

Tendersinfo is best & most reliable one-stop solution for tenders, project information, project management, public procurement news, Business news, Open tenders, Public Tenders, eTenders in Netherlands, Netherlands eprocure notifications & eprocurement tenders in Netherlands can't be missed. With Tendersinfo, you'll be able to find the best solutions to all your queries right here, Tendersinfo offer the best information from 1000s of sources, so that there is no need to visit each individual portal. Tendersinfo provide search answers that are accurate and up-to-date.

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Netherlands Projects

Tendersinfo provide advance & accurate projects information. Users can use the projects information to plan & Pitch to buyers with their capability statement well in advance. Tendersinfo provide latest information on upcoming projects in Netherlands.

  • Netherlands public private partnership project
  • Netherlands government contract
  • Netherlands turnkey project
  • Netherlands build operate transfer project
  • Netherlands Infrastructure Project
  • Netherlands BOT/BOOT Projects
  • Netherlands Software Projects Etc.

Interested Users can know more about various projects in Netherlands by visiting this page: Netherlands Projects

Netherlands Contracts:

Tendersinfo provide latest Contract information about Netherlands Procurement and Contracts. User can get information about who won the contract and at what price? You can subscribe Contract information of tendersinfo on awarded tenders from Netherlands Federal Contracts, Netherlands contracts, tender result and latest government contract awards.

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Tender Location Tender Sector Tender Summary Tender Date Tender Deadline
Netherlands Services Preventive And Corrective Maintenance Of The Pressure Sewerage In The Municipality Of Gemert-bakel.
28-Sep-2023 14-Nov-2023
Netherlands Management, Business And Administration Hiring Communications Specialists.
28-Sep-2023 09-Nov-2023
Netherlands Fire Safety And Security Zee-zevenaar Area - Replacing/enriching Premix Sprinkler Installation On Betuwe Route Railway Tunnels.
Estimated Cost: 5150000
28-Sep-2023 21-Nov-2023
Netherlands Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation Maintenance Of Pumping Stations, Fountains And Water (measuring) Systems.
28-Sep-2023 20-Nov-2023
Netherlands BFIS - Insurance Wga Erd Insurance Foundation Cvo-av And Wvo.
28-Sep-2023 02-Nov-2023
Netherlands Human Resource(HR) Recruitment&selection It Functions.
28-Sep-2023 08-Nov-2023
Netherlands Paper And Packaging , Industry Tender For Multifunctionals And Paper.
28-Sep-2023 04-Dec-2023
Netherlands Banking, Finance, Insurance And Securities (BFIS) Provision Of Accountantsdienstverlening.
28-Sep-2023 13-Nov-2023
Netherlands Healthcare Equipment And Services European Tender For The Supply Of Shoulder Prostheses And Accessories For Performing Anatomical Shoulder Prostheses And Reversed Shoulder Prostheses..
28-Sep-2023 09-Nov-2023
Netherlands BFIS - Insurance Liability Insurance Of The Rijn & Ijssel Water Board.
28-Sep-2023 14-Nov-2023
Netherlands Technology Hardware And Equipment , Software Services European Tender For Server Migration & Cloud Management For Csg Jan Arentzs In Collaboration With Vs.
28-Sep-2023 13-Nov-2023
Netherlands BFIS - Insurance Wga Erd Insurance Simant Foundation.
28-Sep-2023 02-Nov-2023
Netherlands Telecommunications Request For Quotation For The European Public Tender For Audiovisual Equipment For Meeting Rooms, 2024-2027/2029.
28-Sep-2023 13-Nov-2023
Netherlands Water And Sanitation, Environment And Pollution 224986 Sewer Cleaning And Inspection.
28-Sep-2023 01-Nov-2023
Netherlands Software Services Services Regarding Deployment Of It Professionals For The Tno Corporate Services Organization.
28-Sep-2023 01-Dec-2023
Netherlands Building Ea Maintenance Of Municipal Buildings - Municipality Of Hellendoorn.
Estimated Cost: 575000
28-Sep-2023 09-Nov-2023
Netherlands Architecture And Urban Development Tender For Selection Of Architect For New Construction Of Thamen Professional College.
28-Sep-2023 25-Oct-2023
Netherlands Software Services Managed Ict Services Common Arrangement Avres (infrastructure, Workplaces, Etc.).
28-Sep-2023 05-Dec-2023
Netherlands Paper And Packaging European Tender For Sanitary Articles - H3o Foundation.
28-Sep-2023 06-Nov-2023
Netherlands Industry, Metals And Non-Metals Delivery Of Tools For Irado Nv.
28-Sep-2023 15-Nov-2023
Netherlands Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation, Environment And Pollution Framework Agreement For Cleaning And Inspecting The Noordkop Sewerage System 2024-2025.
28-Sep-2023 03-Nov-2023
Netherlands Automobiles And Auto Parts Leasing Electric Fleet.
27-Sep-2023 02-Dec-2023
Netherlands GIS/ GPS Framework Agreement For Surveying Services.
27-Sep-2023 09-Nov-2023
Netherlands Services Ea Nen3140 Inspections Ns.
27-Sep-2023 10-Nov-2023
Netherlands Human Resource(HR) Supply Of Temporary Workers.
27-Sep-2023 23-Oct-2023
Netherlands Environment And Pollution Waste Processing ..
27-Sep-2023 02-Nov-2023
Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Netherlands, Portugal Software Services General Data Protection Regulation (gdpr) Compliance Assessment.
27-Sep-2023 06-Oct-2023
Netherlands BFIS - Insurance Government Property Insurance Of The Municipality Of Westervoort.
Estimated Cost: 67452000
27-Sep-2023 01-Nov-2023
Netherlands Agriculture, Food And Beverages , Services Retendering Of Weed Control And Sweeping Pavements Of The Municipality Of Rucphen.
27-Sep-2023 02-Nov-2023
Netherlands Agriculture, Food And Beverages European Tender Specifications 2024-2028 Pruning And Removing Trees.
27-Sep-2023 09-Nov-2023
Netherlands Services, Education And Training European Tender For Early Childhood Education Advice And Guidance.
27-Sep-2023 06-Nov-2023
Netherlands Education And Training Developing And Sustainably Implementing A Progression Test For Primary Education On Bonaire.
Estimated Cost: 1318000
27-Sep-2023 07-Nov-2023
Netherlands Infrastructure And Construction Emergencies: House Connections, Gullies, Gutters.
27-Sep-2023 06-Nov-2023
Netherlands Services Cleaning, Maintaining And Repairing Playground Equipment And Surfaces.
27-Sep-2023 02-Nov-2023
Netherlands Industry, Services Supply, Maintenance And Calibration And Training Of (multiple) Gas Meters For The Inspection Of The Living Environment And Transport.
27-Sep-2023 09-Nov-2023
Netherlands Banking, Finance, Insurance And Securities (BFIS) Provision Of 1 Accountancy Services And 2 Financial Audit.
27-Sep-2023 09-Oct-2023
Netherlands Services Supply And Maintenance Of Measuring Equipment.
27-Sep-2023 23-Nov-2023
Netherlands Industry, Services Market Consultation, Supply And Rental Of Hot Drinks Machines And Maintenance.
27-Sep-2023 07-Oct-2023
Netherlands Furniture Market Consultation For Acoustic Products.
27-Sep-2023 23-Jan-2024
Netherlands Services Market Consultation - Market Consultation Government-wide Storage & Warehousing (expected End Date: 11-10-2023)..
27-Sep-2023 07-Oct-2023
Netherlands Infrastructure And Construction Specifications 2489 Preparing The Rtg Site For 2 Plots (pre-announcement).
27-Sep-2023 09-Nov-2023
Netherlands Environment And Pollution Processing Residual Waste.
27-Sep-2023 02-Nov-2023
Netherlands Retail A Series Of Landside Food & Beverage And Retail Concessions Covering The Check-in And Arrivals Zones.
27-Sep-2023 19-Oct-2023
Netherlands Services Market Consultation For Recovery Of Curaçao Archives.
27-Sep-2023 16-Dec-2023
Netherlands Software Services Ict Application For The Finances Of The Municipality Of Krimpenerwaard.
27-Sep-2023 03-Nov-2023
Netherlands Telecommunications Conference Room Tent System.
27-Sep-2023 08-Nov-2023
Netherlands Roadways, Infrastructure And Construction Sok Lighting Works And Maintenance 2024-2032 Arnhem.
Estimated Cost: 27564000
27-Sep-2023 13-Nov-2023
Netherlands Oil And Gas Product And Equipment Framework Agreement For Failures =400mm.
Estimated Cost: 10400000
27-Sep-2023 27-Oct-2023
Netherlands BFIS - Insurance Liability Insurance Municipality Of Beuningen.
Estimated Cost: 121500
27-Sep-2023 01-Nov-2023
Netherlands Building 2023.020a Rental Of Residential Units For A Reception Location For Ukrainian Refugees.
27-Sep-2023 02-Nov-2023
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