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Sector :Energy, Power and Electrical,Infrastructure and construction

Special Repairs To Internal Wiring Including Sub-Main Wiring At Akash, Badal, Chandra And Diwakar Building
Estimated Cost: INR 14.40 Million
Ref No : 33337130 Deadline :09 May 2016

Sector :Metals and Non-Metals

Supply Of F.R.C. Manhole, Chamber, Strom Water Grating (Catch pit Jali), and Gully Trap Covers & Frames
Estimated Cost: INR 36.70 Million
Ref No : 33337127 Deadline :13 May 2016

Sector :Railways,Infrastructure and construction

Replacement of old existing multi line Train Indication Board at Kharagpur, Balasore and Midnapore station
Estimated Cost: INR 2.81 Million
Ref No : 33337123 Deadline :08 Jun 2016

Sector :Machinery and Equipments(M&E),Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction

Drilling DTH ODEX/percussion/Calyx/RC Portable rigs 03 Nos ODEX 2 Nos DTH
Estimated Cost: INR 672301
Ref No : 33337122 Deadline :07 May 2016

Sector :Services

Civil & Electrical Work connection with Conservation of Heritage Structure "E" Barrack Schedule "A" President%s Estate
Estimated Cost: INR 15.52 Million
Ref No : 33337111 Deadline :10 May 2016

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Sector :Fire Safety and Security

Supply of fire and technical equipment (bag of equipment) for the needs of "Angara" LLC "RN-Fire Safety"
Estimated Cost: RUB 249750
Ref No : 33337048 Deadline :03 Jun 2016

Sector :Infrastructure and construction

B.D.1.1-1 ISO: 2013: "Overhaul of the receiving department of the Kyiv City Clinical Emergency Hospital
Estimated Cost: UAH 11.78 Million
Ref No : 33337036 Deadline :01 Jun 2016

Sector :Roadways,Infrastructure and construction,Roads and Highways

Construction of Road Barrier and Generator Shed in Judicial etc.
Estimated Cost: PKR 137.46 Million
Ref No : 33337029 Deadline :13 May 2016


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