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Sector :Human Resource(HR)

Human Resources Consulting Qualified Pool
Ref No : 444935852 Deadline :28 Feb 2023

Sector :Software Services

Itp For Reporting And Transcription Services
Ref No : 444935851 Deadline :30 Jun 2019

Sector :Services

Tool Sharpening Services
Ref No : 444935180 Deadline :05 Jul 2019

Sector :Retail

Retail Dining Base Management Services
Ref No : 444935179 Deadline :16 Jul 2019

Sector :Software Services

Online Digital Ticket Provider Program
Ref No : 444935178 Deadline :09 Jul 2019

Global Tenders

Sector : Energy, Power and Electrical,Engineering, Infrastructure and construction

450 Mw Combined Cycle Power Plant At Port Qasim Karachi
Estimated Cost: [Estimated Cost]
Ref No : 443843475 Deadline :03 Jun 2019

Sector :Water and Sanitation,Services,Infrastructure and construction

Management, Operation, Maintenance And Repair Of Sewage Pumping Stations And Sewage Network
Estimated Cost: IRR 459000.00 Million
Ref No : 444937243 Deadline :03 Jul 2019

Sector :Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction

Providing Develop And Modernize The Bushehr City Water Network
Estimated Cost: IRR 13400.55 Million
Ref No : 444937190 Deadline :02 Jul 2019

Sector :Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction,Roads and Highways

Operations For Implementing Asphalt Repair Drilling Places Main And Subsurface Network
Estimated Cost: IRR 20565.00 Million
Ref No : 444937187 Deadline :04 Jul 2019

Sector :Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction

Construction And Completion Of 3000 M Roodbar Tank And Transfer Line Around The Reservoir
Estimated Cost: IRR 14203.23 Million
Ref No : 444937186 Deadline :04 Jul 2019

Sector :Oil and Gas Services,Infrastructure and construction

Providing Restoration Of The Trenches Of The Main Lines, Sub, And Scattered At The Level Of Gas Distribution Areas Of Shahr Esfahan And Shahr S
Estimated Cost: IRR 13220.78 Million
Ref No : 444937100 Deadline :26 Jun 2019


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