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Sector :Machinery and Equipments(M&E)

Providing and supplying various types of boring spare parts for MMC borewells at Malegaon
Estimated Cost: INR 1.20 Million
Ref No : 30656073 Deadline :07 Dec 2015

Sector :Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction

Providing lowering laying and jointing pipelines in Ward Office No2 Hazar Kholi Areas (App. No.89 to 100) at Malegaon-DPR WORK
Estimated Cost: INR 5.31 Million
Ref No : 30655658 Deadline :07 Dec 2015

Sector :Metals and Non-Metals,Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction

Providing Lowering Laying & Jointing 100 mm dia. C.I. Pipe Line Parallel to MMC%s Razapura ESR%s Southern Side Exisitng Leading Main Pipe Line at Malegaon
Estimated Cost: INR 1.72 Million
Ref No : 30655657 Deadline :07 Dec 2015

Sector :Services

Maintenance of computer/ Peripheral /Servers.
Estimated Cost: INR 175000
Ref No : 30655652 Deadline :03 Dec 2015

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Sector :Technology Hardware and Equipment

Procurement of Beijing Huilongguan Hospital of Integrated Computer Room Floor Supporting Hardware Migration And Government.
Estimated Cost: CNY 4.48 Million
Ref No : 30656085 Deadline :14 Dec 2015

Sector :Water and Sanitation,Services,Environment and Pollution

Urban Cleaning and Removal of Dam Area, A Regional Approach 7
Estimated Cost: IRR 282626.35 Million
Ref No : 30655404 Deadline :13 Dec 2015

Sector :Software Services

Provision of [Domestic-Funded] N-Sys Ssiepeu X Software Package (Ansys Cfx Software Package) Extension Period (1 Year).
Estimated Cost: KRW 32.89 Million
Ref No : 30655079 Deadline :07 Dec 2015

Sector :Energy, Power and Electrical

Provision of Qualified Experts for Certificate issuance Energy Efficiency.
Estimated Cost: CYP 42000
Ref No : 30654757 Deadline :11 Dec 2015

Sector :Services

Provision of the Municipality of St. athanasius intends to Provide Licensed Pavilion.
Estimated Cost: CYP 3600
Ref No : 30654756 Deadline :28 Dec 2015


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