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Sector :Infrastructure and construction

Tear Off and Reroof of Transition Center/Garage, located at 450 Spring Court, Roselle
Ref No : 26594369 Closing Date :13 Apr 2015

Sector :Engineering,Architecture and Urban Development

Analytical engineering studies and services
Ref No : 26593780 Closing Date :14 Apr 2015

Sector :Engineering,GIS/ GPS

Survey/mapping consultants on continuing contract
Ref No : 26593761 Closing Date :14 May 2015

Sector :Banking, Finance, Insurance and Securities (BFIS)

Provide investment consultant services to virginia beach deferred compensation board
Ref No : 26593518 Closing Date :30 Apr 2015

Sector :Engineering,Services

Building Condition Survey
Ref No : 26592829 Closing Date :16 Apr 2015

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Sector :Industry,laboratory equipment and services

Supplying & installing equipments/instruments.
Ref No : 26594915 Closing Date :28 Apr 2015

Sector :Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction,Environment and Pollution

Provision of Certain B/R Works Services And Cleaning Of Sewage Line.
Ref No : 26594916 Closing Date :10 Apr 2015

Sector :Metals and Non-Metals

Supply of Mono Zinc.
Ref No : 26594918 Closing Date :17 Apr 2015

Sector :Services

Provision of Certain E/M Works Services.
Ref No : 26594917 Closing Date :10 Apr 2015

Sector :Machinery and Equipments(M&E),Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction

Development of site, i.e. Cutting on earth work tor civil structure, Construction of Raw water tank,
Ref No : 26594920 Closing Date :21 Apr 2015


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