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Sector :Energy, Power and Electrical

Energy Savings Performance
Ref No : 432464166 Deadline :02 Apr 2018

Sector :Healthcare Equipment and Services

Fibroscan 530 Compact Package - M/xl Probe
Ref No : 432464112 Deadline :28 Feb 2018

Sector :Healthcare Equipment and Services

Hill Air-flex Chiropractic Tables Or Equal
Ref No : 432464107 Deadline :27 Feb 2018

Sector :Machinery and Equipments(M&E)

Capstone Data Lab Cooling, Fryklund Hall
Estimated Cost: USD 101000
Ref No : 432464058 Deadline :22 Mar 2018

Sector :Building

Lecture Halls Air Handling Unit Replacements
Estimated Cost: USD 330000
Ref No : 432464057 Deadline :21 Mar 2018

Global Tenders

Sector :Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction

Yellow River Water Resources Commission Weihe Hydrology, Siltation Observation Operation And Maintenance Of Open Tender Notice
Estimated Cost: CNY 195.00 Million
Ref No : 432462948 Deadline :16 Mar 2018

Sector :Telecommunications

Dalian City State Revenue Service Kim Samun Service Procurement Project Public Bidding Announcement
Estimated Cost: CNY 285.00 Million
Ref No : 432462946 Deadline :16 Mar 2018

Sector :Industry

Hebei Entry-exit Inspection And Quarantine Bureau Caofeidian Office Laboratory Equipment Procurement Public Tender Notice
Estimated Cost: CNY 920000
Ref No : 432462944 Deadline :16 Mar 2018

Sector :Software Services

Taiyuan Environmental Protection Agency Taiyuan Soil Environmental Management Information System Open Bidding Public Tender Notice
Estimated Cost: CNY 900000
Ref No : 432462943 Deadline :28 Mar 2018


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