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Sector :Plastic and Rubber

Providing 500 Micron Plastic Film For Farm Pond Of Cotton Improvement Project In a Block At C.c. Rahuri.
Estimated Cost: INR 1.42 Million
Ref No : 40529317 Deadline :20 Jul 2017

Sector :Services,Furniture

Special Repairs To Furniture And Replacement Of Worn Out Furnishing To Bsnl Inspection Quarters At Cto And Fountain -ii At Fort, Mumbai.
Estimated Cost: INR 505720
Ref No : 40527263 Deadline :10 Jul 2017

Sector :Infrastructure and construction

Excavation Of Trenchless Digging
Estimated Cost: INR 2.77 Million
Ref No : 40527262 Deadline :20 Jul 2017

Sector :Telecommunications,Infrastructure and construction

Ofc Laying & Associated Work Under Nofn Project For Left Out Gps In Jalilpur Block Of Bijnor Ssa.
Estimated Cost: INR 3.54 Million
Ref No : 40527260 Deadline :11 Jul 2017

Sector :Sports and leisure

Providing & Fixing Of Open Gym Equipments
Estimated Cost: INR 173300
Ref No : 40527258 Deadline :04 Jul 2017

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Sector : Transportation - Airports & Aviation

Acmi Lease Of One/two Wide-bodied Aircraft For Hajj Operation In 2017
Estimated Cost: [Estimated Cost]
Ref No : 39340435 Deadline :13 May 2017

Sector :Oil and Gas Services

Implement Gas Transferring To Village Sof Garkhoshab-dehmantali-dehkaramali-chelehban-ahmadkhan-olad Darband At Kohdasht Town In Pc Way
Estimated Cost: IRR 22000.00 Million
Ref No : 40527235 Deadline :23 Jul 2017

Sector :Bridges and Tunnels

Construction Pedestrian Bridge Over Karon River Between Western Area And Vaise City
Estimated Cost: IRR 78237.10 Million
Ref No : 40527234 Deadline :01 Jul 2017

Sector :Industry,Infrastructure and construction,Sports and leisure

"construction Of" Children%s Playground And "in Plot I" For Museum Attraction, Playground And Landscaping ", Sq. 32 Sq Zrp." Galata "district" Asparuhovo ", Municipality Of Varna"
Estimated Cost: BGL 25.00 Million
Ref No : 40524870 Deadline :13 Jul 2017


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