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Sector :Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction,Building

Construction Of Shamsan Chulli, Rest Shed And Water Arrangement At Chakvrigu Shamsan Within Chakvrigu G.p. Under Mplad Fund.
Estimated Cost: INR 929318
Ref No : 39122411 Deadline :02 May 2017

Sector :Industry,Infrastructure and construction

Repairing Of W.c. In Qtr No. C5 To C8 And Replacing Of Wooden Shutter In Qtr. No. B10 C3 B8 And C4 At Radio Colony Air Hpt Goraya.
Estimated Cost: INR 198017
Ref No : 39122408 Deadline :08 May 2017

Sector :Industry,Roads and Highways

Repair Of Parapets And Providing And Fixing Paver Blocks At Hpt Tv Bhatinda.
Estimated Cost: INR 197285
Ref No : 39122407 Deadline :08 May 2017

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Sector :Metals and Non-Metals

Purchase Of Fasteners For The Construction Of The Power Unit 1 Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant In Accordance With The Requirements Of The Project.
Estimated Cost: BYR 7.53 Million
Ref No : 39122087 Deadline :04 May 2017

Sector :Non-Renewable Energy

10491 / 955 Blr1-17 "supply Mfp, Due To Construction Of The Power Unit 1 Of The Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant"
Estimated Cost: BYR 38.48 Million
Ref No : 39122086 Deadline :16 May 2017

Sector :Machinery and Equipments(M&E)

For Ploskoshovnaya Machine
Estimated Cost: BYR 1680
Ref No : 39122084 Deadline :02 May 2017

Sector :Industry

Stationary Band Knife Machine
Estimated Cost: BYR 10560
Ref No : 39122083 Deadline :02 May 2017

Sector :Industry,laboratory equipment and services

Consumables Biochemical Analyzer Bs 300.
Estimated Cost: BYR 2000
Ref No : 39122082 Deadline :10 May 2017


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