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Sector :Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction,Bridges and Tunnels

Construction of BG standard formation, Minor bridges
Estimated Cost: INR 702.27 Million
Ref No : 33771609 Deadline :21 Jun 2016

Sector :Services,Infrastructure and construction

Annual Maintenance to Adivipolam Channel
Estimated Cost: INR 212136
Ref No : 33771607 Deadline :01 Jun 2016

Sector :Metals and Non-Metals

Fabrication, Supply, Transportation & errection of cross regulator, Head regulator & Escape gates
Estimated Cost: INR 15.79 Million
Ref No : 33771472 Deadline :13 Jun 2016

Sector :Machinery and Equipments(M&E)

Supply of Elevator control sytem with new Thyssenkrupp Intelligent Controller
Estimated Cost: INR 435000
Ref No : 33771470 Deadline :01 Jun 2016

Sector :Metals and Non-Metals

Siwani - Supplementary estimate for providing DI Pipes
Estimated Cost: INR 865000
Ref No : 33771311 Deadline :15 Jun 2016

Global Tenders

Sector :Engineering,Oil and Gas Services

3D seismic survey on Kozhevskom license area of "Inzerneft"
Estimated Cost: RUB 104.18 Million
Ref No : 33771001 Deadline :08 Jun 2016

Sector :Security Services

Security Arrangements for Key Points.
Estimated Cost: PKR 40.80 Million
Ref No : 33767354 Deadline :06 Jun 2016

Sector :Services

Maintenance and Operation of Wastewater Collection System Etc..
Estimated Cost: IRR 13851.48 Million
Ref No : 33767249 Deadline :30 May 2016

Sector :Oil and Gas Services,Infrastructure and construction,Bridges and Tunnels

Construction of Samari River Pre-Stressed Bridge.
Estimated Cost: NPR 82.50 Million
Ref No : 33767216 Deadline :23 Jun 2016

Sector :Fire Safety and Security,Consultancy

Engineering survey and design of the project "Reconstruction of fire fighting system of training and the collection Point Russian oil fields"
Estimated Cost: RUB 15.79 Million
Ref No : 33765504 Deadline :08 Jun 2016


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