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Sector :Infrastructure and construction

Internal Painting Work (Ground Floor and First Floor) at New Terminal Building, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, Nagpur.
Estimated Cost: INR 251960
Ref No : 31923901 Deadline :10 Feb 2016

Sector :Services

All machines (112 Nos.) of MA-1, 2 and 3 should be cleaned of oil and dust of its painted surfaces in workshop for one year
Estimated Cost: INR 1.29 Million
Ref No : 31923896 Deadline :04 Mar 2016

Sector :Roads and Highways

Development to four-lanes with paved side Shoulders of Jalandhar Hoshiarpur Section of NH-70 New NH No 3
Estimated Cost: INR 4020.10 Million
Ref No : 31923888 Deadline :21 Mar 2016

Sector :Energy, Power and Electrical,Roadways,Infrastructure and construction

Provision of Street Lights System from Aswini Hospital Chhak to Manteswari School Gada,CDA, Sector-10 via Krushka Bazar and Petanala
Estimated Cost: INR 7.69 Million
Ref No : 31923770 Deadline :24 Feb 2016

Sector :Infrastructure and construction

Construction of Lari Cardiology Building & Parking at K.G.M.U. Lucknow.
Estimated Cost: INR 421.89 Million
Ref No : 31923397 Deadline :02 Mar 2016

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Sector :Water and Sanitation,GIS/ GPS

Provision of Tianjin Key River institute of Hydraulic Research.
Estimated Cost: CNY 1.10 Million
Ref No : 31924800 Deadline :26 Feb 2016

Sector :Software Services

Procurement of E-Government Center Guangzhou
Estimated Cost: CNY 2.64 Million
Ref No : 31924798 Deadline :29 Feb 2016

Sector :Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction

Construction of Path / Drain from Existing Main Path Faqeerabad towards Railway Crossing in Village Faqeerabad.
Estimated Cost: PKR 4.55 Million
Ref No : 31919834 Deadline :24 Feb 2016

Sector :Building

Completion the Building of Art and Cultural Complex
Estimated Cost: IRR 185000.00 Million
Ref No : 31919213 Deadline :21 Feb 2016

Sector :Machinery and Equipments(M&E)

Supply of Valve Position Plates (6/2016).
Estimated Cost: CYP 10000
Ref No : 31918853 Deadline :26 Feb 2016


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