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Sector :Agriculture, Food and Beverages

Ka Scheme -thariode - Jungle Clearance Of Main Earthen Dam .
Estimated Cost: INR 105211
Ref No : 38585006 Deadline :04 Apr 2017

Sector :Minerals and Mining ,Infrastructure and construction

Miscellaneous Civil Work In Underground Of Jaduguda Mines.
Estimated Cost: INR 2.10 Million
Ref No : 38584933 Deadline :17 Apr 2017

Sector :Agriculture, Food and Beverages

Garden Maintenance Of Guest House And Club House At Turamdih Township,jungle Cleaning Work.
Estimated Cost: INR 1.78 Million
Ref No : 38584931 Deadline :25 Apr 2017

Sector :Human Resource(HR) ,Services

Labour Supply For Spillage Cleaning In Uct-1b Area,mill, Turamdih.
Estimated Cost: INR 2.33 Million
Ref No : 38584930 Deadline :28 Apr 2017

Sector :Building

Annual Rate Contract ( Civil Maevt ) 2017 - 2018 (in Side) Mill Area.
Estimated Cost: INR 2.96 Million
Ref No : 38584929 Deadline :02 May 2017

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Sector :Environment and Pollution

Purchase Of Services For Removal Of Solid Municipal Waste In The Structural Units Of The Ultrasonic "borisov Hospital 2"
Estimated Cost: BYR 15000
Ref No : 38584570 Deadline :07 Apr 2017

Sector :Textile, Apparel and Footwear

Purchase Of Summer Overalls And Shoes
Estimated Cost: BYR 29070
Ref No : 38584114 Deadline :06 Apr 2017

Sector :Software Services

Services For Maintenance And Promotion Of The Website "business Mogilev Region ( Internet
Estimated Cost: BYR 19000
Ref No : 38584103 Deadline :05 Apr 2017

Sector :Machinery and Equipments(M&E)

Purchase Of Crane Bridge With One Beam Supporting The Hook Gp - 5t
Estimated Cost: BYR 4.55 Million
Ref No : 38584102 Deadline :07 Apr 2017


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