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Sector : Transportation - Roads and highways

Handling And Transport Contract For Implementation Of Door Step Delivery Of Food Grains To Lamps, Wccs And F.p. Shop Dealers
Estimated Cost:
Ref No : 435561769 Deadline :08 Jul 2018

Sector :Defence

Beam Assembly Equal
Ref No : 436286100 Deadline :30 Jul 2018

Sector :Industry

Metal Briquetting System
Ref No : 436286099 Deadline :17 Aug 2018

Sector :Energy, Power and Electrical,Infrastructure and construction

Mill Creek Division Works Needle Gate Replacement
Ref No : 436286098 Deadline :24 Aug 2018

Sector :Energy, Power and Electrical

36c26218q9757_service To Perform Transformer Systems Maintenance Va Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System.
Ref No : 436286097 Deadline :24 Jul 2018

Sector :Marine

Fsc: 2040 Ship And Marine Equipmnet (watertight Hatches).
Ref No : 436286096 Deadline :03 Aug 2018

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Sector : Environment and Pollution

Disposal Of 19 Lots Of Gas Turbines (hitachi Make)...
Estimated Cost:
Ref No : 435740026 Deadline :31 Jul 2018

Sector : Environment and Pollution

Disposal Of 3,888 Lots Of Usable Plant Spares Lying At Korangi Power Complex
Estimated Cost:
Ref No : 435740028 Deadline :31 Jul 2018

Sector :Energy, Power and Electrical,Infrastructure and construction,Airports

Pohang Airport Electric Power Facility Improvement Electrical Engineering Supervision Service
Estimated Cost: KRW 148.86 Million
Ref No : 436283849 Deadline :30 Jul 2018

Sector :Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction

Improvement Channel Of Eastern Side Of City
Estimated Cost: IRR 4000.00 Million
Ref No : 436283843 Deadline :05 Aug 2018

Sector :Infrastructure and construction

Implement Longitudinal And Transverse Lining
Estimated Cost: IRR 500.00 Million
Ref No : 436283842 Deadline :05 Aug 2018

Sector :Roads and Highways

Implement Finisher Asphalt At City
Estimated Cost: IRR 50000.00 Million
Ref No : 436283841 Deadline :04 Aug 2018

Sector :Pharmaceuticals,Healthcare Equipment and Services

The Buying Of Materials For Medical Disease For The Requirements Of The Patients Of The Nuclear Cardiology Laboratory Of The Nicosia Of Greece G28 / 18.
Estimated Cost: CYP 130
Ref No : 436283760 Deadline :03 Aug 2018


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