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Sector :Paper and Packaging ,Printing and publishing

Printing: Envelopes (Taxation Printing And Mailing Solutions)
Ref No : 26142120 Closing Date :08 Apr 2015

Sector :Banking, Finance, Insurance and Securities (BFIS)

Provision of Financial Audit Services.
Ref No : 26142122 Closing Date :20 Mar 2015

Sector :Oil and Gas Product and Equipment

Lubricant, fluid, EHC ICL-IP America Fryquel EHC-N
Ref No : 26142121 Closing Date :16 Mar 2015

Sector :laboratory equipment and services

Provision of Laboratory Services
Ref No : 26142123 Closing Date :26 Mar 2015

Sector :Industry,Telecommunications

Low Voltage, Intercom Systems and Master Clock Parts and Supplies
Ref No : 26142124 Closing Date :13 Mar 2015

Global Tenders

Sector :Construction Materials ,Metals and Non-Metals,Industry

Supply material for contruction under grampanchayat raka
Ref No : 26141929 Closing Date :02 Mar 2015

Sector :Construction Materials ,Roadways

Supply of different material for different work
Ref No : 26141931 Closing Date :04 Mar 2015

Sector :Machinery and Equipments(M&E),Water and Sanitation,Infrastructure and construction

Constructing rcc well at kondsar bk. davadewadi tal. rajapur
Ref No : 26141930 Closing Date :05 Mar 2015

Sector :Environment and Pollution

Door to door collection, secondary storage and transportation of waste (c and t) and design,
Ref No : 26141932 Closing Date :13 Mar 2015

Sector :Water and Sanitation

Annual rate contract for the work of transportation of water through tankers
Ref No : 26141933 Closing Date :19 Mar 2015


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