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Sector :Software Services ,Human Resource(HR) ,Security Services

computer oerator, security gaurd and Nurse, Doctor, part time conselleret.
Estimated Cost: INR 500000
Ref No : 34247349 Deadline :08 Jul 2016

Sector :Railways,Services

Annual contract for maintenance of railways track
Estimated Cost: INR 10.74 Million
Ref No : 34247348 Deadline :22 Jul 2016

Sector :Energy, Power and Electrical,Services,Infrastructure and construction

Shifting at HT/LT line with the reach of Naldhepa-Barkhola-Induria-kirtania bazar-Melagarh Road
Estimated Cost: INR 124678
Ref No : 34247343 Deadline :06 Jul 2016

Sector :Infrastructure and construction

Renovation and upgradation of 8 Nos Type-IV Residential Quarters in Income tax Colony mdutlng Eledncal Installation atLeela Bhawan, Palia
Estimated Cost: INR 3.97 Million
Ref No : 34247341 Deadline :07 Jul 2016

Sector :Energy, Power and Electrical,Water and Sanitation,Services,Infrastructure and construction

Comprehensive Maint Of Water Supply Pump Set Electric Panel, Sluice, Nrv/ Air Release Valve & Repair Of Gi/Ci Pipe Line At Defence Labjodhpur
Estimated Cost: INR 980000
Ref No : 34247326 Deadline :06 Jul 2016

Global Tenders

Sector :Industry

Acquisition and adaptation of barriers diffuser
Estimated Cost: EUR 55.00 Million
Ref No : 34247475 Deadline :20 Jul 2016

Sector :Energy, Power and Electrical,Infrastructure and construction

Construction and installation work, commissioning works including supply of material
Estimated Cost: RUB 196611.94 Million
Ref No : 34247441 Deadline :22 Aug 2016

Sector :Security Services

Provision of Technical Safety inspection Services.
Estimated Cost: IRR 437.00 Million
Ref No : 34246540 Deadline :02 Jul 2016

Sector :Roadways

supply, transportation, installation and implementation of pavement, curbs and road sandwich
Estimated Cost: IRR 24350.00 Million
Ref No : 34245310 Deadline :25 Jul 2016

Sector :Software Services ,Management, business and administration

Provision of 2017 Pre-Economic Analysis Services for Ict R & D Project Planning New Projects.
Estimated Cost: KRW 225.00 Million
Ref No : 34244251 Deadline :05 Jul 2016

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