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Sector :Aviation

Aircraft Components & Accessories
Ref No : 435559098 Deadline :26 Jun 2018

Sector :Metals and Non-Metals

Provision Of Slat Box Sub-assy
Ref No : 435559097 Deadline :07 Aug 2018

Sector :Defence

Cover, Storage And Shipping Assembly
Ref No : 435559096 Deadline :06 Aug 2018

Sector :Aviation

Supply Of Aircraft & Airframe Structural Components.
Ref No : 435559095 Deadline :26 Jun 2018

Sector :Aviation

Stanchion Sub Aassembly
Ref No : 435559094 Deadline :06 Jul 2018

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Sector :Environment and Pollution

Implement Executive Works For Resuscitation Jegar Wetland
Estimated Cost: IRR 9500.00 Million
Ref No : 435559029 Deadline :08 Jul 2018

Sector :Industry,Environment and Pollution

Analysis Of The Appropriate Locations For Realization Of A System Of Sensors For The Measurement Of The Air Quality
Estimated Cost: BGL 3.95 Million
Ref No : 435558670 Deadline :25 Jun 2018

Sector :laboratory equipment and services

The Supply Of Exemplary Measures Of Special Purpose Activities
Estimated Cost: RUB 39.65 Million
Ref No : 435558639 Deadline :06 Jul 2018


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