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Brunei Darussalam has a small but wealthy economy, which is growing at a slow and steady rate. Brunei Darussalams economy has been dominated by the oil and gas industry. Brunei is the third largest oil producer in South East Asia and the fourth largest producer of liquefied natural gas in the world. Hydrocarbon resources account for over 90% of its export and more than 50% of its Gross Domestic Product. Agriculture plays a minor role in Brunei economy. Bruneis main exports are crude petroleum, natural gas and garments. Principle imports are machinery and transport equipment, manufacturing goods, food and chemicals. Main importing countries are the ASEAN nations, Japan and United States. Plans for the future include upgrading the labour force, reducing unemployment, strengthening the banking and tourist sectors, and further widening the economic base beyond oil and gas.  

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Brunei-darussalam 02-Aug-2021 2009-built Drillship Dhirubhai Deepwater Kg2 In Brunei.
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