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Project Location Project Sector Project Summary Project Date Project Deadline
India Aviation, Infrastructure And Construction, Airports , Defence Nyoma Airfield At Strategic Ladakh Landing Strip.
08-Sep-2023 N.A.
India Industry, Automobiles And Auto Parts, Defence To Supply Command Post Vehicles (cpvs) In India.
24-Aug-2023 N.A.
India Aviation, Building, Defence Unmanned Aerial Systems (drone) Common Testing Centre In Sipcot Industrial Park, Vallam Vadagal..
18-Aug-2023 N.A.
Ukraine Aviation, Building, Defence Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (uav) Repair And Maintenance Service Centre In Ukraine..
05-Aug-2023 N.A.
India Laboratory Equipment And Services , Aviation, Engineering, Management, Business And Administration, Education And Training, Building, Defence Three Common Engineering Facilities Centres (cefcs) In Karnataka.
14-Jul-2023 N.A.
Morocco Marine, Consultancy, Infrastructure And Construction, Defence Moroccan Navy Boat.
12-Jul-2023 N.A.
Germany Industry, Aviation, Infrastructure And Construction, Defence F-35 Fuselage Factory In Weeze.
05-Jul-2023 N.A.
Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy Information Technology (IT), Education And Training, Defence Alliance For Strategic Skills Addressing Emerging Technologies In Defence.
04-Jul-2023 N.A.
India Aviation, Infrastructure And Construction, Building, Defence Aerospace Industrial Park In Trichy.
24-Jun-2023 N.A.
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Ireland, Poland Law And Legal, Defence Improving Judicial Assessment Of Flight Risk.
15-Jun-2023 N.A.
France, Italy Defence Level 1 Accelerator For Defence Sector.
10-Jun-2023 N.A.
France, Poland Aviation, Defence Metacluster Support Towards A More Resilient Aerospace And Defence Ecosystem.
08-Jun-2023 N.A.
United Arab Emirates Laboratory Equipment And Services , Building, Defence Establish Joint Research And Development Centre.
06-Jun-2023 N.A.
India Building, Defence New Integrated Defence Staff Headquarters In Delhi.
02-May-2023 N.A.
Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Spain Services, Defence Robust And Light Am Components For Military Systems.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania Defence Frugal And Robust Ai For Defence Advanced Intelligence.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Belgium, Greece, Lithuania Aviation, Defence Additive Manufacturing Of Lightweight Laser Target Designator.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Greece Telecommunications, Defence Using Fiber Optical Cables For Maritime Situational Awareness.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden Defence Knowledge Extraction, Machine Learning And Other Ai Approaches For Secure, Robust, Frugal And Explainable Solutions In Defence Applications.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden Defence European Innovative Gan Advanced Microwave Integration.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
France Defence High Altitude Platform Systems Demonstration.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Sweden Information Technology (IT), Defence Convoy Operations With Manned-unmanned Systems.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Austria, Italy, Slovenia Smart Cards And Other Access Control System, Defence Abits - Advanced Biometrics In Training And Simulation.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden Defence Multifunctional Nanofiber Membranes As Cbrn Shield For Next Generation Defense And Civil Application.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Spain Defence Quantum-based Simultaneous High-accuracy Resilient Navigator And Vector Strapdown Kinematic Gravimeter.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Belgium, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Spain Telecommunications, Defence Platform To Platform Free Space Optical Link.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Italy, Portugal, Spain Aviation, Defence Sea/air Interphasic Wing-in-ground Effect Autonomous Drones.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Romania Telecommunications, Information Technology (IT), Defence Secure Digital Military Mobility System.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Spain Defence Edf-2021-epw.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain Aviation, Defence Small Satellite For Geostationary Earth Orbit Space Situation Awareness.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway Defence European Agile Network For Medical Countermeasures Against Cbrn Threats.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain Defence Novel Energy Storage Technologies Usable At Military Deployments In Forward Operating Bases.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Netherlands Fire Safety And Security, Defence Surveillance And Reconnaissance Techniques For Chemical And Biological Threats.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
France, Lithuania, Netherlands, Spain Defence Live Operational Data Enhancement For Situational Awareness Through Augmented Reality.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
France, Italy Defence Secure Microcontroller With Embedded Quantum Random Number Generator.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Italy, Slovenia, Spain Defence Shoulder Launched Family For European Armies.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Romania, Sweden Telecommunications, Defence Smart, Heterogeneous Technological Platform Extending The Power And Frequency Limits Of Flexible Nanoelectronics.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Czech Republic, France, Germany Aviation, Defence Fluidic Actuators For Control Of Stealth Aircraft.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Belgium, Norway, Spain Services, Defence Hybrid Energy Grid And Propulsion System.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Norway, Poland, Spain Fire Safety And Security, Defence High Efficient Read Out Circuits.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Croatia, France, Greece Airports , Defence Hydrogen Battlefield Reconnaissance And Intelligence Drone.
05-Mar-2023 N.A.
Italy, Slovenia, Spain Defence Shoulder Launched Family For European Armies.
04-Mar-2023 N.A.
France, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland Information Technology (IT), Defence Space Response To Risk & Integration With Ground Segment.
04-Mar-2023 N.A.
Belgium, France, Hungary, Norway Defence Highly Automated Swarm Of Affordable Isr Long Endurance Uavs For Force Protection.
03-Mar-2023 N.A.
Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Romania, Spain Aviation, Defence Novel 3d Heterogeneous Integration For Future Miniaturized Power Rf Transceiver Front Ends.
22-Feb-2023 N.A.
Saudi Arabia Industry, Infrastructure And Construction, Defence An Industrial Complex In Saudi Arabia.
22-Feb-2023 N.A.
Austria, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain Aviation, Information Technology (IT), Defence Proactive Automatic Imagery Intelligence Powered By Artificial Intelligence Exploiting European Space Assets..
22-Feb-2023 N.A.
France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Spain Defence European Non-line-of-sight Optical Imaging.
22-Feb-2023 N.A.
Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain Aviation, Defence European Initiative For Collaborative Air Combat Standardization.
22-Feb-2023 N.A.
Germany Defence New European Warhead Technologies.
21-Feb-2023 N.A.
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