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Fire Safety and Security News

The Indian fire safety and security market continues to evolve on a fast track. The market has evolved steadily from simple integration of disparate systems such as fire safety, security, HVAC and other utilities,to fully integrated and intelligent systems that incorporate the latest technology, applications and features. India remains a global hot spot fire safety and security due to the thrust given by the economic and business environment and is expected to offer a potential of US $3 billion by 2012. Nowadays,it is very essential to provide a safer and more secure living environment to the people. Fire, Safety & Security comprises of areas of fire & gas detectors, alarm systems, smoke control systems, aviation fire protection,security doors, compressors, heavy rescue equipment, smoke grenades and extraction, access control devices, protective clothing, surveillance system, building management, warfare protection, explosive and narcotics detection.With thriving growth of safety and security industry, it has been also great source of Fire safety news, Fire safety global news, Security news, Fire safety contracts, Security projects, International safety and security news.

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