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Belgium Tenders - Find latest government Tenders, projects, contracts, and tenders notices in Belgium. Get RFPs, bids and tenders, RFQ, GPN and Online Auction in Belgium.

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Tendersinfo is your one stop portal to search local tenders, state tenders & international Tenders in Belgium. Tendersinfo makes it really easy for you to find best tender for your business needs by comparing ROI, project type, bids closed time etc. Get complete info on Belgium tenders & Contracts released by:

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Tendersinfo is a powerful, searchable database that provides users with the best opportunities from Tenders and Contracts published in Belgium. You can Find the perfect opportunity for your next business venture by Using Advance search in our database by various search option like Location wise tender, NCBs, ICBs, CPV, Funded Tenders , Live/Active Tender, open tender, archive tender, latest tender and Belgium Free Tenders, etc. Contact us today and you'll be on your way to finding the perfect opportunity.

Top Sectors and industries in Belgium

Tendersinfo is the best and most reliable online tenders website in Belgium, providing latest government and private tenders, public procurement notices and contracts from all over Belgium. Tendersinfo cover every industries & sectors in Belgium to help people find their next business opportunity. However, you can find some of the top industries and sectors In Belgium which brings enormous business opportunities

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  • Belgium Non-Renewable Energy Tenders
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  • Belgium Marine Tenders
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Belgium Projects

Tendersinfo provide advance & accurate projects information. Users can use the projects information to plan & Pitch to buyers with their capability statement well in advance. Tendersinfo provide latest information on upcoming projects in Belgium.

  • Belgium public private partnership project
  • Belgium government contract
  • Belgium turnkey project
  • Belgium build operate transfer project
  • Belgium Infrastructure Project
  • Belgium BOT/BOOT Projects
  • Belgium Software Projects Etc.

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Belgium Contracts:

Tendersinfo provide latest Contract information about Belgium Procurement and Contracts. User can get information about who won the contract and at what price? You can subscribe Contract information of tendersinfo on awarded tenders from Belgium Federal Contracts, Belgium contracts, tender result and latest government contract awards.

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Tender Location Tender Sector Tender Summary Tender Date Tender Deadline
Belgium Software Services European Commission Dps 1 For Cloud Services (cloud Ii Digit A3 Pr 2018 035).
12-Aug-2019 13-Jul-2023
Belgium Software Services Compile A List Of Scientific/academic Experts To Assist The European Parliament's Artificial Intelligence Observatory.
20-Aug-2019 30-Mar-2024
Belgium Services Provision of draft articles and other science communication outputs..
07-Feb-2020 09-Jun-2024
Belgium Software Services Cloud Services (cloud Ii Digit A3 Pr 2018 035).
18-Aug-2020 30-Apr-2024
Belgium Software Services Procurement Of Electronic Dictionaries And Specialised Databases On Linguistic And Terminological Issues.
06-Oct-2020 29-Jun-2024
Belgium Railways, Engineering, Human Resource(HR) Senior External Experts To Assist The Shift2rail Joint Undertaking With High Level Support And Advice In Relation To The R&l Activities.
05-Jan-2021 22-Sep-2024
Belgium Telecommunications Provision Of Bll Leased Lines.
15-Jun-2021 30-May-2023
Belgium Telecommunications Dynamic Purchasing System For Communication Services.
30-Jul-2021 31-Jul-2025
Belgium Management, Business And Administration Providing Support and Advice on Communication Activities of the European Commission..
16-Oct-2021 04-Jul-2025
Belgium Education And Training, Software Services , Management, Business And Administration Experts To Implement The Edpb's Pool Of Experts'.
21-Feb-2022 10-Nov-2023
Belgium Software Services It Security Audit.
06-Jun-2022 05-Jun-2023
Belgium Fire Safety And Security Supply Of Personal Protective Equipment.
07-Jun-2022 31-May-2026
Belgium Management, Business And Administration Complex Communication Actions.
22-Jul-2022 19-Aug-2026
Belgium Roads And Highways Invitation For A Market Consultation ~on The Road With Argus~ On September 29, 2022 From 1 Pm To 5.30 Pm.
10-Sep-2022 16-Apr-2023
Belgium Roadways Invitation To A Market Consultation With Information Session On Thursday 15 December 2022: ~passenger Transport For The Dab Pilotage – Antwerp – Ghent – Coastal Ports – Vlissingen The Netherlands~.
25-Oct-2022 17-May-2023
Belgium Automobiles And Auto Parts, Defence A Framework Service Agreement For The Maintenance Of The Two Patrol Boats Spn 19 And 21 As Well As The Re-engining Of Spn 21 For The Benefit Of The Navigation Police.
20-Jan-2023 31-Mar-2023
Belgium Roads And Highways, Bridges And Tunnels Removal Of The Leignon Level Crossing With The Construction Of An Overpass And Stairs And Access Ramps To The Corridor-underpasses..
30-Jan-2023 31-Mar-2023
Belgium Law And Legal Fighting Against Impunity.
29-Nov-2022 27-Mar-2023
Belgium Building Construction Of A Radiotherapy Building, Energy Building And Building Upgrade.
11-Mar-2023 17-May-2023
Belgium Smart Cards And Other Access Control System Consolidated, Managed And Outsourced Services (cosmos).
22-Feb-2023 03-Apr-2023
Belgium Building Provision For Design And Construction Of Social Housing On Land.
21-Dec-2022 16-Sep-2023
Belgium Services Concession For The Operation Of Childcare In The Building Located At Schoenstraat 79-81, 2140 Borgerhout.
26-Dec-2022 30-Mar-2023
Belgium Retail Concessions For The Operation Of Childcare In Urban Premises Tweegezusterslaan 96, 2100 Deurne..
26-Dec-2022 11-Aug-2023
Belgium Furniture Supply Contract For The Purchase Of School And Office Furniture For The Needs Of The Marie Curie And Jules Verne Schools On The Ceria Campus.
Estimated Cost: 1066581
24-Mar-2023 28-Mar-2023
Belgium Renewable Energy, Building Invitation For A Prior Open Market Consultation On The ~installation And Commissioning Of A Medium-sized Wind Turbine In A Loop Of The Traffic Interchange In Zenzate~ On Tuesday, January 24, 2023 From 09:30 To 11:00.
27-Dec-2022 17-Jul-2023
Belgium Software Services Services De Support Microsoft.
Estimated Cost: 87800000
21-Mar-2023 20-Apr-2023
Belgium Furniture Framework Agreement For The Purchase And/or Lease Of Interactive Boards & The Purchase And/or Hire Purchase Of School Furniture.
17-Mar-2023 06-Apr-2023
Belgium Roads And Highways Medical Technical Block Phase 2: Lot 2 - Completion And Technical Installations.
28-Dec-2022 03-Apr-2023
Belgium Roads And Highways Call For Participation - Filling In Capacity, Exploitation And Sales Of Materials Of Vlarema 8 Sorting Installation (commercial Waste And Bulky Waste) At Imog In Harelbeke.
28-Dec-2022 27-Mar-2023
Belgium Engineering, Consultancy, Fire Safety And Security, Law And Legal, Services, Water And Sanitation Exercises On Civil Protection Modules, Other Response Capacities, Technical Assistance And Support Teams, And European Union Civil Protection Teams – Cycle 12.
Estimated Cost: 13800000
21-Mar-2023 24-Apr-2023
Belgium Roadways Notification Concerning The Public Service Contract 2024-2028 Of The Walloon Transport Operator In Accordance With Article 7, Paragraph 2, Of European Regulation 1370/2007.
13-Jan-2023 11-Apr-2023
Belgium Renewable Energy Invitation For A Prior Open Market Consultation On The ~installation And Commissioning Of A Medium-sized Wind Turbine In A Loop Of The Traffic Interchange In Zenzate~ On Tuesday, January 24, 2023 From 09:30 To 11:00.
14-Jan-2023 17-Jul-2023
Belgium Services Concession Agreement For The Operation Of A Restaurant Including Catering In The New Casino In Middelkerke.
18-Jan-2023 31-Mar-2023
Belgium Plastic And Rubber A Framework Agreement For Supplies Concerning The Purchase Of Motorcycle Tires For The Benefit Of The Integrated Police Structured At Two Levels Drafted On The Basis Of The Law Of June 17, 2016.
18-Jan-2023 27-Mar-2023
Belgium Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Unprecedented Drive To Support The Creation Of Cutting-edge Hydrogen Technologies..
19-Jan-2023 18-Apr-2023
Belgium Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Water And Sanitation, Infrastructure And Construction Provision For The Construction Of The Nevraumont Treatment Plant Is Part Of The Spge 2022-2027 Investment Program (under The Reference 84009/09/e001). The Station Will Deal With The Wastewater In The.
21-Jan-2023 28-Mar-2023
Belgium Infrastructure And Construction, Energy, Power And Electrical This Design And Build Market Consists In Designing And Carrying Out Rehabilitation And Energy Renovation Of The Old Town Hall Of Ougrée. This Notice Aims To Select A Multidisciplinary Team..
02-Mar-2023 30-Mar-2023
Belgium Building Construction Of A 1-storey 300 Pe Water Treatment Plant By Filter Planted With Reeds In Nevraumont.
21-Jan-2023 28-Mar-2023
Belgium Retail, Services Service Concession Relating To The Horeca Area Of ??the Novia Site.
21-Jan-2023 17-Apr-2023
Belgium Consultancy, Services Austria – Support Services For The Organisation Of Events And Other Communication And Information Activities Of The Liaison Office.
27-Jan-2023 13-Apr-2023
Belgium Security Services Creation Of A Public Youth Protection Institution In The Brussels-capital Region.
28-Jan-2023 04-Apr-2023
Belgium Building Horst Castle Restoration - Phase 2, Phase 3 And Addendum.
28-Jan-2023 21-Apr-2023
Belgium Automobiles And Auto Parts Sale Subject To Conditions Site Hof Van Egmont In Mechelen.
28-Jan-2023 30-May-2023
Belgium Agriculture, Food And Beverages Special Specifications N° Justice/dgepi/a&l/2023-2026 – Frozen Food For Detainees Open Procedure For The Supply Of Frozen Food For Detainees To Penitentiary Establishments On Behalf Of The General Directorate Epi – Penitentiary Establishments.
28-Jan-2023 29-Mar-2023
Belgium Building, Architecture And Urban Development Rwt-2022/32: Design And Execution Of Renovation Works For Local Public Authority Buildings In Ottignies-louvain-la-neuve And Malmedy With A View To Socio-professional Integration, Support For Smes And Promotion Of Cfe.
28-Jan-2023 27-Mar-2023
Belgium Building Energy Renovation Of 133 Housing Units - Cité Houpette Iii - Houdeng-goegnies.
28-Jan-2023 16-May-2023
Belgium Textile, Apparel And Footwear Multi-year Supply Framework Agreement For The Acquisition Of Webbing Belts For The Benefit Of The Two-level Structured Integrated Police.
28-Jan-2023 29-Mar-2023
Belgium Building Energy Renovation Of 62 Housing Units - Cité Roland In Thieu.
28-Jan-2023 27-Apr-2023
Belgium Telecommunications Installation Of A Nurse Call System, A Telephone Exchange And Wifi Communication For The "benjamin Grugeon" And "a L%ombre Du Temps" Rest And Care Homes.
30-Jan-2023 31-Mar-2023
Belgium Renewable Energy Works Contract For The Study, Supply, Installation And Maintenance Of Photovoltaic Solar Installations (and Related Equipment) For Self-consumption For Pre-selected Municipal Buildings..
01-Feb-2023 03-Apr-2023
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