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Baltic Tenders - Find latest government Tenders, and tenders notices in Baltic. Get RFPs, bids, RFQ, GPN, BOQ and more. Discover Government & Private Tenders in all countries and 153+ industries in Baltic. Tendersinfo provides best Business opportunitiess in Baltic right at your fingertips.

Search all Baltic Tenders from 300k+ Live tenders on Our Website. Browse through thousands of fresh Baltic Tenders along with latest tender results to Select the right tender for Your business and craft the perfect tender bidding strategy. Our Database is updated on daily basis So that you can be assured to find the Baltic tender you are looking for.

Tendersinfo has the largest database of Baltic Tenders Where users can Search all types of etenders, E-procurement notices, Public Tenders, International Bidding Opportunities, Request for Proposal(RFP), Expression of Interest(EOI), General Procurement Notice(GPN) in Baltic with ease.

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Whether You are looking for local tenders, state tenders or international Tenders Our Baltic Tenders page has the most comprehensive coverage throughout all cities, villages and govt authorities in Baltic so that you do not have to refer 100+ websites or newspapers. We provide one stop tender information portal for latest etendering in Baltic, Baltic gov tenders, e tender Baltic gov and eproc Baltic gov where users can find:

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Tendersinfo makes Baltic Public Tenders easily accessible, and provides 100% accurate up to date up information. Get latest Tender Notices from 1000s of Government Public Procurement portals, govt tender wesites and newpapers in Baltic. Tendersinfo makes it really easy for you to find the best tender for your business needs by comparing ROI, project type, bids closed time etc. Get complete info on tenders & Contracts released by:

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Find perfect Baltic Tenders for your company by Using our advanced search feature which allows you to easily filter tenders by CPV, Funded Tenders, Live/Active Tender, archive tender, latest tender and Free Tenders, etc. Register today and you'll be on your way to finding the perfect opportunity.

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Tendersinfo is the best and most reliable online tenders website in Baltic, providing latest government and private tenders, public procurement notices and contracts from all over Baltic. Tendersinfo covers every industries & sectors in Baltic to help people find their next business opportunity. However, you can find some of the top industries and sectors In Baltic which brings enormous business opportunities.

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Tendersinfo strives to be the best & most reliable tender information provider in Baltic, Where tenders, public procurement news, eTenders in Baltic, Baltic eprocure notifications & eprocurement tenders in Baltic can't be missed. It's a must-have for all procurement professionals, SMEs and start-ups who're looking for growth in their business. Keep track of important business opportunities with 24x7 worldwide access.

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Tendersinfo is one-stop solution for tenders, project information, project management and more. With Tendersinfo, you'll be able to find the best solutions to all your queries for Baltic Tenders right here, Tendersinfo offer the best information from 1000s of sources, so that there is no need to visit each individual portal. Tendersinfo has covered with answers that are accurate and up-to-date.

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Tender Location Tender Sector Tender Summary Tender Date Tender Deadline
Estonia Energy, Power And Electrical, Infrastructure And Construction Belgium - Installation Work In Construction - Az Delta Roeselare - Campus Brugssteenweg Roeselare, Brugsesteenweg 90 Te 8800 Roeselare - Plot Hvac And Sanitation.
28-Sep-2023 27-Oct-2023
Estonia Furniture Estonia - Kindergarten Furniture - Purchase Of Furniture In Sømerpalu Kindergarten Rooms With Installation.
28-Sep-2023 01-Nov-2023
Estonia Healthcare Equipment And Services Estonia - Surgical Technique - Instruments For The Back And Front Fixation Of The Cervical, Chest And Lumbar Spine And The Correction Of Chest Deformations.
28-Sep-2023 31-Oct-2023
Estonia Infrastructure And Construction, Railways Estonia - Railway Construction Works - Rail Baltica Harjumaa Main Line Railway Infrastructure Stage I Construction Works.
28-Sep-2023 20-Nov-2023
Latvia Energy, Power And Electrical Purchase Of Electricity For The Needs Of The Municipality Of Salaspils Region.
28-Sep-2023 26-Oct-2023
Lithuania Healthcare Equipment And Services Procurement Of Operating Table.
28-Sep-2023 30-Oct-2023
Lithuania Railways, Services Installation Of Windows Of Rolling Stock Wagons.
28-Sep-2023 27-Oct-2023
Lithuania Healthcare Equipment And Services Vision Table, Slit Lamp And Autorefractometer (no. 7479).
Estimated Cost: 11517
28-Sep-2023 30-Oct-2023
Lithuania Infrastructure And Construction Panemune, Commander Gelgaudai, The Southern And Eastern Buildings Of Vytenai Castle, Located At Vytenai St. 53, Pilies I Kaimas, Skirsnemunes Sen., Jurbarka District. Weekly Capital Repair And Maintenance Works.
Estimated Cost: 2426930
28-Sep-2023 30-Oct-2023
Estonia Infrastructure And Construction, Energy, Power And Electrical Tartumaa, Tartu Municipality, Tila Village, Kuusiso Tee 28 (metsääre) Increase Of Head Protection (lr9218).
28-Sep-2023 05-Oct-2023
Estonia Infrastructure And Construction, Energy, Power And Electrical Electricity Connection Of Property Harjumaa, Town Municipality, Pietri Township, Reti Tee 3 (lr8495).
28-Sep-2023 04-Oct-2023
Estonia Infrastructure And Construction, Energy, Power And Electrical Hiiu County, Hiiumaa Municipality, Lauka 35/10 Sq. - Reconstruction Of Feeder 10 Sq. M. (ip6279).
28-Sep-2023 05-Oct-2023
Estonia Infrastructure And Construction, Energy, Power And Electrical Ensuring Compliance Of The Substation Of Aavere Village 0.4kv F3 (ip4941).
28-Sep-2023 04-Oct-2023
Lithuania Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare Equipment And Services A Set Of Medical Tools And Accessories For Selective Serological Testing Of Blood Donors For Infection Markers With The Purchase Of Equipment By Use.
28-Sep-2023 30-Oct-2023
Latvia Healthcare Equipment And Services Delivery Of The Near-focus X-ray Therapy Equipment For Distance Radiotherapy.
28-Sep-2023 27-Oct-2023
Latvia Furniture Delivery Of Shelves For The Storage Rooms Of The Ventspils Seaside Open-air Museum.
28-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
Latvia Oil And Gas Product And Equipment Purchase Of Fuel For The Needs Of The Municipality And Its Institutions.
28-Sep-2023 31-Oct-2023
Estonia Renewable Energy, Management, Business And Administration, Consultancy Market Research Prior To The Procurement Of The Wind Energy Promotion Consultant Service.
28-Sep-2023 10-Oct-2023
Latvia Services Purchase Of A Gym Membership For The Units Of The Riga Brigade Of The National Guard.
28-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Estonia Roads And Highways National Road No. 11390 Tallinn-rannamõisa-kloogaranna Road Km 6.4 - 7.2 Construction Of Footpath And Bicycle Path And Construction Of Public Transportation Routes.
28-Sep-2023 23-Oct-2023
Latvia Industry, Laboratory Equipment And Services Purchase Of A Set Of Small Equipment For An In Vitro Laboratory.
Estimated Cost: 7677
28-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
Latvia Fire Safety And Security Purchase And Installation Of Hand Luggage Explosive Detection System (eds) With C3 Standard.
28-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Latvia Software Services Purchase And Implementation Of Vsia Ltvs Content Information Management System (media Asset Managemet - Mam)..
28-Sep-2023 16-Oct-2023
Lithuania Healthcare Equipment And Services Laparoscopic Equipment And Accessories.
28-Sep-2023 31-Oct-2023
Lithuania Industry, Laboratory Equipment And Services Procurement Of High Throughput Nucleic Acid Sequencing System.
28-Sep-2023 27-Oct-2023
Latvia Services Provision Of Indoor And Outdoor Cleaning Services For The Needs Of The 10th Secondary School In The City Of J.chakste, Liepaja.
28-Sep-2023 27-Oct-2023
Latvia Metals And Non-Metals Purchase Of 10-foot Mtl Containers.
28-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Latvia Energy, Power And Electrical Christmas Tree Delivery And Installation In Olaine County.
28-Sep-2023 09-Oct-2023
Latvia Energy, Power And Electrical Purchase Of Electricity At Postal Service Locations And In The Sorting Complex Of Vas "latvijas Pasts" At Ziemelu Street 10, Airport "riga", Marupe Parish, Marupe District.
28-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Latvia Education And Training Safe Driving Training Service.
28-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
Latvia Energy, Power And Electrical Purchase Of Stage Lighting Equipment And Equipment.
Estimated Cost: 41999
28-Sep-2023 09-Oct-2023
Latvia Energy, Power And Electrical Providing Printing Equipment Repair Services.
Estimated Cost: 41999
28-Sep-2023 19-Oct-2023
Latvia Software Services Abs+ Project Management Support Services.
Estimated Cost: 41999
28-Sep-2023 09-Oct-2023
Latvia Pharmaceuticals Purchase Of Soft Inventory For The Needs Of Vsac Latgale Customers.
Estimated Cost: 72200
28-Sep-2023 23-Oct-2023
Latvia Services Technical And Content Provision Of Event Organization.
28-Sep-2023 10-Oct-2023
Latvia Security Services Providing Security In The Structural Units Of The National Archives Of Latvia.
28-Sep-2023 30-Oct-2023
Latvia Services Cleaning Of Premises And Territory Of Jelgava And Rezekne Customer Service Centers.
28-Sep-2023 02-Nov-2023
Latvia Infrastructure And Construction Interior Cosmetic Repair Of The Wagon Maintenance Point Building At Dzelzcela Street 8, Gulbene.
28-Sep-2023 24-Oct-2023
Latvia Software Services Personnel Management And Financial Accounting System Hrb Maintenance Services.
28-Sep-2023 09-Oct-2023
Latvia Sports And Leisure Manufacture And Delivery Of Exercise Equipment In The Administrative Territory Of The City Of Daugavpils.
28-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Latvia Software Services Improvement, Maintenance, Guarantee Provision Of The Computerized Tax Payer Risk Assessment System (eskort)..
28-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Latvia Infrastructure And Construction, Energy, Power And Electrical Reconstruction Of 110 Kv Substation No. 62 "zala Birzs" Asi And Branches Of Lines Ln. 161, Ln. 162 To Substation "zala Birzs".
28-Sep-2023 31-Oct-2023
Latvia Healthcare Equipment And Services Provision Of Certified Veterinary Services To The Daugavpils City Animal Shelter.
28-Sep-2023 09-Oct-2023
Latvia Metals And Non-Metals Delivery And Installation Of Door Units, Provision Of Pvc And Wooden Windows, Door Repair Services.
Estimated Cost: 161999
28-Sep-2023 06-Nov-2023
Latvia Telecommunications Purchase Of Equipment For The Development Of Bilateral Hand Range Of Motion.
28-Sep-2023 03-Nov-2023
Latvia Healthcare Equipment And Services Purchase Of Traumatology Screws And Plates.
28-Sep-2023 26-Oct-2023
Lithuania Healthcare Equipment And Services Supply Of C Arc System.
28-Sep-2023 27-Oct-2023
Lithuania Software Services (2023-u4-18) Software License Rental.
28-Sep-2023 30-Oct-2023
Latvia Railways Negotiation Procedure With The Publication Supply Of Spare Parts Of 2te116 Series Diesel Locomotives.
28-Sep-2023 10-Oct-2023
Latvia Industry Negotiation Procedure With The Publication Delivery Of Wood Chip Pellets.
28-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
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