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Government Bfis Insurance Tenders

For those who are interested in Government Tenders, Tendersinfo provides Government Bfis Insurance tenders from different Ministries, Public Sector Units(PSUs), State Government Tendering Sites, Central Public Procurement Portal(CPPP), Government Authorities and Tnder boards.

Bfis Insurance Tender opportunities for all types of Businesses

With the increasing demand for the eProcurement of Bfis Insurance Tenders Globally, the number of commercially available tenders in the Bfis Insurance sector are increasing, Hence the Bfis Insurance Sector is growing rapidly and it brings valuable Tender Opprtunities for thousands of businesses associated with Bfis Insurance Sector.

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Tender Location Tender Sector Tender Summary Tender Date Tender Deadline
Kazakhstan BFIS - Insurance Compulsory Insurance Of An Employee Against Accidents.
28-Sep-2023 04-Oct-2023
Japan BFIS - Insurance Comprehensive Personal Property Insurance For Home And Business Use Pcs.
28-Sep-2023 29-Sep-2023
Kazakhstan BFIS - Insurance Insurance Gu Tentek.
28-Sep-2023 04-Oct-2023
Kazakhstan BFIS - Insurance Purchasing Services For Compulsory Insurance Of Employees Against Accidents During The Performance Of Their Labor (official) Duties.
28-Sep-2023 04-Oct-2023
Kazakhstan BFIS - Insurance Motor Transport Insurance Services.
28-Sep-2023 04-Oct-2023
Kazakhstan BFIS - Insurance Services For (compulsory) Civil Liability Insurance Of Vehicle Owners.
28-Sep-2023 04-Oct-2023
Kazakhstan BFIS - Insurance Insurance Of Medical Employees Performing High-risk Procedures And Operations (ug).
28-Sep-2023 04-Oct-2023
Ukraine BFIS - Insurance Compulsory Civil And Legal Liability Insurance Of Owners Of Land Vehicles (wheel Excavator-loader And Wheel Excavator) (dk 021:2015:66510000-8: Insurance Services) .
28-Sep-2023 05-Oct-2023
Ukraine BFIS - Insurance "dc 021:2015:66510000-8 Insurance Services" (mandatory Civil Liability Insurance For Owners Of Land Vehicles) .
28-Sep-2023 05-Oct-2023
Ukraine BFIS - Insurance Insurance Services Under The Code Dk 021:2015-66510000-8, Namely: Lot No. 1 – Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance Services For Owners Of Land Vehicles; Lot No. 2 – Services Of Voluntary Land Transport Insurance; Lot No. 3 – Services Of Voluntary Insuranc.
28-Sep-2023 05-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Provision Of Property Damage Insurance Services For The Municipality Of Fos-sur-mer.
28-Sep-2023 06-Nov-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Insurance Service Provision.
28-Sep-2023 30-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Subscription Of Insurance Contracts For The Cias Du Marsan.
28-Sep-2023 25-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Service Contract Relating To The Provision Of Insurance For The Needs Of The Morbihan Chamber Of Commerce And Industry.
28-Sep-2023 26-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Service Contract Relating To The Provision Of Insurance For The Needs Of The City Of Bayonne.
28-Sep-2023 25-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Supplementary Health Insurance.
28-Sep-2023 30-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Provision Of Insurance Services.
28-Sep-2023 25-Oct-2023
Czech Republic BFIS - Insurance Helicopter Accident Insurance (prague Base) For 2024 - Repeated Announcement.
Estimated Cost: 5266047
28-Sep-2023 24-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Insurance Service Market.
Estimated Cost: 231000
28-Sep-2023 31-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Insurance Market For The Municipality Of Marans From January 1, 2024 Property Damage Insurance For The Town Of Maranscivil Liability-defense Recourse.
28-Sep-2023 13-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Supplementary Health Insurance Market For All Staff Of Est Métropole Habitat Under Private And Public Status And That Of The City Eig Otherwise.
28-Sep-2023 23-Oct-2023
Spain BFIS - Insurance 23-057 Insurance Contract On People And Property Of The Cornella De Llobregat City Council, Which Includes Civil Liability Insurance And Property Damage Insurance For Real Estate.
Estimated Cost: 1298400
28-Sep-2023 09-Oct-2023
Spain BFIS - Insurance Insurance Policies For Enaire Fleet Vehicles.
28-Sep-2023 16-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance For 2023 Assurances.
28-Sep-2023 23-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Property Damage And Related Risks Insurance.
28-Sep-2023 30-Oct-2023
Netherlands BFIS - Insurance Fire Insurance In The Province Of Overijssel.
28-Sep-2023 23-Nov-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Insurance Services.
28-Sep-2023 30-Oct-2023
Spain BFIS - Insurance Life And Accident Insurance For Staff At The Service Of The Madrid City Council And Its Autonomous Organizations.
28-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Provision Of Insurance Services For The Needs Of The Municipality Of Neuville-aux-bois.
28-Sep-2023 07-Nov-2023
France BFIS - Insurance liability And Related Risks Insurance And liability Of Corporate Officers And Directors Insurance Services.
28-Sep-2023 02-Nov-2023
Germany BFIS - Insurance Fire Insurance For The City Of Hanover.
28-Sep-2023 27-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance motor Fleet And Related Risks Insurance.
28-Sep-2023 20-Oct-2023
Poland BFIS - Insurance Comprehensive Property And Liability Insurance For The City Of Elk, Municipal Organizational Units And Selected Companies.
28-Sep-2023 30-Oct-2023
China BFIS - Insurance Fangchenggang First People’s Hospital Medical Liability Insurance Service Procurement.
28-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
Saudi Arabia BFIS - Insurance Hospital Insurance Cji Cebahi.
28-Sep-2023 04-Oct-2023
Kazakhstan BFIS - Insurance Services Required For An Institutions Vehicle.
28-Sep-2023 02-Oct-2023
Romania BFIS - Insurance Package -rca And Dacia Duster Car Tourism Casco.
28-Sep-2023 28-Sep-2023
Romania BFIS - Insurance Rca - B21xcm+b31xcm.
28-Sep-2023 02-Oct-2023
Russian Federation BFIS - Insurance Provision Of Accident And Disease Insurance Services.
28-Sep-2023 29-Sep-2023
Saudi Arabia BFIS - Insurance Vehicle Insurance .
28-Sep-2023 13-Oct-2023
Saudi Arabia BFIS - Insurance Insurance And Supply Of Equipment .
28-Sep-2023 15-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Service Contract Relating To The Provision Of Insurance For The Needs Of The Réunion Road Park Joint Association.
Estimated Cost: 647500
28-Sep-2023 02-Nov-2023
Colombia BFIS - Insurance Hire The Insurance That Covers High-cost Diseases Of The Contributory Regime Necessary For The Social Liability Fund Of Colombia&39;s National Railways. Total Estimated Price: 31.353.192 Cop Bid Submission Date: 10/2/2023 10:00 Am (utc -5 Hours).
28-Sep-2023 02-Oct-2023
Saudi Arabia BFIS - Insurance Insurance (against Third Parties) For Northern Ardiya Municipality Vehicles .
28-Sep-2023 03-Oct-2023
France BFIS - Insurance Subscription Of Insurance Contracts For The Municipality Of Nort-sur-erdre.
28-Sep-2023 08-Nov-2023
Spain BFIS - Insurance Private Policy Contract For Damage To Buildings (container And Contents) And Furniture That Make Up The Assets Of The Santurtzi City Council And Its Autonomous Body..
Estimated Cost: 264000
28-Sep-2023 23-Oct-2023
Slovakia BFIS - Insurance Comprehensive Insurance Services.
Estimated Cost: 1181108
28-Sep-2023 24-Oct-2023
Sweden BFIS - Insurance Insurance Procurement Motor Vehicles Lunds Municipalitys Property Ab.
Estimated Cost: 1825000
28-Sep-2023 23-Oct-2023
Saudi Arabia BFIS - Insurance Increasing The Readiness Of Marine Vessels Operating.
28-Sep-2023 04-Oct-2023
Saudi Arabia BFIS - Insurance Auto Parts And Civil Defense Mechanisms.
28-Sep-2023 29-Sep-2023
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