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Eastern Africa Tenders - Find latest government Tenders, and tenders notices in Eastern Africa. Get RFPs, bids, RFQ, GPN, BOQ and more. Discover Government & Private Tenders in all countries and 153+ industries in Eastern Africa. Tendersinfo provides best Business opportunitiess in Eastern Africa right at your fingertips.

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Tendersinfo has the largest database of Eastern Africa Tenders Where users can Search all types of etenders, E-procurement notices, Public Tenders, International Bidding Opportunities, Request for Proposal(RFP), Expression of Interest(EOI), General Procurement Notice(GPN) in Eastern Africa with ease.

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Whether You are looking for local tenders, state tenders or international Tenders Our Eastern Africa Tenders page has the most comprehensive coverage throughout all cities, villages and govt authorities in Eastern Africa so that you do not have to refer 100+ websites or newspapers. We provide one stop tender information portal for latest etendering in Eastern Africa, Eastern Africa gov tenders, e tender Eastern Africa gov and eproc Eastern Africa gov where users can find:

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Tendersinfo makes Eastern Africa Public Tenders easily accessible, and provides 100% accurate up to date up information. Get latest Tender Notices from 1000s of Government Public Procurement portals, govt tender wesites and newpapers in Eastern Africa. Tendersinfo makes it really easy for you to find the best tender for your business needs by comparing ROI, project type, bids closed time etc. Get complete info on tenders & Contracts released by:

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Find perfect Eastern Africa Tenders for your company by Using our advanced search feature which allows you to easily filter tenders by CPV, Funded Tenders, Live/Active Tender, archive tender, latest tender and Free Tenders, etc. Register today and you'll be on your way to finding the perfect opportunity.

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Tendersinfo is the best and most reliable online tenders website in Eastern Africa, providing latest government and private tenders, public procurement notices and contracts from all over Eastern Africa. Tendersinfo covers every industries & sectors in Eastern Africa to help people find their next business opportunity. However, you can find some of the top industries and sectors In Eastern Africa which brings enormous business opportunities.

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Tendersinfo strives to be the best & most reliable tender information provider in Eastern Africa, Where tenders, public procurement news, eTenders in Eastern Africa, Eastern Africa eprocure notifications & eprocurement tenders in Eastern Africa can't be missed. It's a must-have for all procurement professionals, SMEs and start-ups who're looking for growth in their business. Keep track of important business opportunities with 24x7 worldwide access.

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Tendersinfo is one-stop solution for tenders, project information, project management and more. With Tendersinfo, you'll be able to find the best solutions to all your queries for Eastern Africa Tenders right here, Tendersinfo offer the best information from 1000s of sources, so that there is no need to visit each individual portal. Tendersinfo has covered with answers that are accurate and up-to-date.

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Tender Location Tender Sector Tender Summary Tender Date Tender Deadline
Djibouti Education And Training, Software Services Recruitment Of A Consultant For The Design Of A Procedures Manual And The Implementation Of An Online Training Program By The Inap..
27-Sep-2023 15-Oct-2023
, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo Democratic Republic of, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Burkina Faso Consultancy, Agriculture, Food And Beverages , Services Review Of National Policies In 15 African Union Member States And Make Specific Recommendations For Alignment And Domestication Of Global Instruments.
27-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Kenya Infrastructure And Construction, Energy, Power And Electrical The Pilot Digital 400/132 Kv Makindu Substation Procurement Of Plant - Design, Supply, And Installation.
27-Sep-2023 26-Oct-2023
Uganda Healthcare Equipment And Services , Services Procurement Of Services For Documenting Beneficiaries.
27-Sep-2023 06-Oct-2023
Uganda Services, Environment And Pollution National Consultant To Develop Gender Responsive Climate Action Plans.
27-Sep-2023 05-Oct-2023
Somalia GIS/ GPS, Consultancy As Built Data Collection And Topographical Survey.
27-Sep-2023 08-Oct-2023
Kenya Textile, Apparel And Footwear Procurement Of Visibility Materials For Wfd.
27-Sep-2023 02-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Services Consultant To Research The Mechanisms That Will Enable Civil Society Actors (csas) To Partner With And Access Corporate Social Investment In Ethiopia.
27-Sep-2023 06-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Energy, Power And Electrical, Industry, Laboratory Equipment And Services Supply Of Incubator(setter), Hatchery, Mass Egg Candler, Liquid Nitrogen Container, And Diesel Generator 200k Va With Full Accessories.
27-Sep-2023 19-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Education And Training Consolidate A Framework Of Programs Of Action/activities For Cido.
27-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Services Undertake The Youth Hub Remodeling In Addis Ababa In Elwaye & Yabelo Districts Of Borena And Dilo, Miyo & Guchi Districts Of Borena Zone.
27-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Software Services , Services To Establish Knowledge Management (km) Policies And Guidelines.
27-Sep-2023 09-Oct-2023
Kenya Banking, Finance, Insurance And Securities (BFIS), Management, Business And Administration Baseline Market Assessmnet On Financial Sustainability Through Textile Manufacturing & Personalization Business For Krcs By Thread & Ink Printing.
27-Sep-2023 04-Oct-2023
Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Netherlands, Portugal Software Services General Data Protection Regulation (gdpr) Compliance Assessment.
27-Sep-2023 06-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Services Consultancy For Partners Mapping To Support The Implementation Of Ayuda En Accion Ethiopia Country Programme Strategy 2023 - 2025.
27-Sep-2023 31-Oct-2023
Kenya Services, Agriculture, Food And Beverages Provision Of General Clean­ing And Ground Mainte­nance Services For Athi Water Works Development Agency (awwda). (reserved For Youth, Women And Pwd).
27-Sep-2023 19-Oct-2023
Kenya BFIS - Insurance Provision Of General Insurance Cover For Awwda..
27-Sep-2023 18-Oct-2023
Kenya BFIS - Insurance Provision Of Medical Insur­ance Cover For Awwda Staff And Board Of Directors.
27-Sep-2023 17-Oct-2023
Kenya Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation Maintenance And Rehabilitation Of Pipeline Works On A Framework Agreement Of Two (2) Years.
27-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
Kenya Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation Maintenance And Rehabilitation Of Water Treatment Plant And Water Tank Works On A Framework Agreement Of Two (2) Years.
27-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
Kenya Services Maintenance And Rehabilitation Of Electromechanical Works On A Framework Agreement Of Two (2) Years.
27-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
Kenya Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation Maintenance, Rehabilitation/drilling And Equipping Of Boreholes And Shal­low Wells On A Framework Agreement Of Two (2) Years.
27-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Textile, Apparel And Footwear Procurement Of Uniforms And Procurement Of Adding Machines (re-bid) .
27-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Uganda Building Construction Of 01 Twin Staff House At Alango H/cii.
27-Sep-2023 17-Oct-2023
Uganda Energy, Power And Electrical, Fire Safety And Security Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of A Ups Unit For Kabale Branch And Baggage X-ray Machines For Plot 45 Kampala Road And Fort Portal Branch.
27-Sep-2023 26-Oct-2023
Kenya Services Consultancy Services For Entrepreneurship Partner Organization (epo).
27-Sep-2023 06-Oct-2023
Kenya Telecommunications Supply, Installation And Maintenance Of Audio Induction Loop Systems (afils).
27-Sep-2023 03-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Engineering Research Assignment On Hydrogeological, And Geophysical Investigation.
27-Sep-2023 29-Sep-2023
Ethiopia Automobiles And Auto Parts Procurement Of Cash Vans, Station Wagons, And Light Duty Truck Vehicle.
27-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Management, Business And Administration, Law And Legal, Services Conduct Assessment On The Youth Peace And Security In Ethiopia.
27-Sep-2023 04-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Agriculture, Food And Beverages Procurements Of Food Items For The Project Entitled Building Resilience And Rehabilitating Conflict-affected Communities In Tigray Region.
27-Sep-2023 02-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Banking, Finance, Insurance And Securities (BFIS) Provisional Of External Audit Service.
27-Sep-2023 10-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Building Procurement Of Construction Works.
27-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Industry, Fire Safety And Security Supply & Installation Of Safety Deposit Box, Fire Suppersion Work For Safety Deposit Box, Furniture For Safty Deposit Box Room.
27-Sep-2023 26-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Technology Hardware And Equipment , Industry Supply Of Stationary Materials, Tonners, Office Machines And Other Different Equipment.
27-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Ethiopia N/A Consultancy Service For Design And Implementation Of Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Solutions, Camera And Fire Suppression.
27-Sep-2023 24-Oct-2023
Ethiopia Roads And Highways Supply Installation, Test, And Commission Lift And Related Work For (kolfe General Hospital Construction Project).
27-Sep-2023 17-Oct-2023
Ethiopia, Somalia Services Consultancy Service For Third Party Monitoring Services.
27-Sep-2023 06-Oct-2023
Kenya Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation Rehabilitation Of Small Water Pans, Dams And Spring Protection Works On A Framework Agreement Of Two (2) Years.
27-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
Kenya Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation Tender For Supply, Delivery, Installation , Testing And Commissioning Of, A Borehole At Kirinyaga (re-advertisement).
27-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Kenya Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Infrastructure And Construction Tender For Supply, Delivery, Installation , Testing And Commissioning Of, A Passenger Lift With No. Stop (grnd, 1st & 2nd) (re-advertisement).
27-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Kenya Technology Hardware And Equipment Supply,delivery, Installation, Testing, And Commissioning Of Laptops And Desktop Computers .
27-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Kenya Renewable Energy, Infrastructure And Construction, Water And Sanitation Tender For Supply, Delivery, Installation , Testing And Commissioning Of, Proposed Borehole Drilling, Equipment And Solar Installation At Alupe Busia.
27-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Kenya Industry, Laboratory Equipment And Services Tender For Supply, Delivery, Installation Testing And Commissioning Of, Centrifuge, Refrigerated, 5417rw/rotor, 240v Ac- 5407 Biosafety Cabinets Class 2 Freezer Upright 40°c To 86°c With Micropro.
27-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Kenya Healthcare Equipment And Services Tender For Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of.fully Automatic Haematology Analyzer Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer Thermos Incubator 370c 1251 Modelbjpx-h30011 Auto-c.
27-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Kenya Roads And Highways, Engineering, Roadways Request For Proposal For Design Review And Construction Supervision Of Mau Mau Road Project Lot 2b: Murang%a County Section.
27-Sep-2023 25-Oct-2023
Kenya Roads And Highways, Engineering, Roadways Construction Of Mau Mau Road Project Lot 2b: Murang%a County.
27-Sep-2023 26-Oct-2023
Kenya Energy, Power And Electrical, Telecommunications Supply Of Led Security Flood Lights For Ketraco Substations. (reserved For Youth, Women & Plwd).
27-Sep-2023 13-Oct-2023
Kenya Energy, Power And Electrical Procurement Of Power Voltage Transformers For 132kv Ishiara Switching Substation.
27-Sep-2023 17-Oct-2023
Kenya Security Services Tender For Provision Of Security Services At Communications Authority Of Kenya Headquarters Regional Offices And Remote Stations.
27-Sep-2023 18-Oct-2023
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