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Greece 17-Aug-2022 Maintenance Of Mh Machinery (supply Of Tires For Machinery And Special mx Vehicles).
Greece 17-Aug-2022 Supply Of Security Houses Of Various Types.
Greece 17-Aug-2022 Software Application Support Jobs For The Municipality Of Drama For The Years 2023-2024.
Greece 17-Aug-2022 550 Mw Of Solar At Former Coal Mine.
Greece 13-Aug-2022 Supply Of Set Autologous Growth Factors With Accompanying Equipment To Cover Needs Of 251 Gna (esidis System Number: 168586)..
Greece 13-Aug-2022 Supply And Issuance Of Regulations As A School Aid Primary, Secondary And Tertiary Grades For Children Of The Employees Of The Stasy".
Greece 13-Aug-2022 Technical Supply Support For Mr. Mechanics, Room 209.
Greece 13-Aug-2022 Supply And Installation Of A System To Control Consumption And Reduce Leaks In The Internal Water Distribution Networks Of The Municipality Of Palamas.
Estimated Cost: 2290509
Greece 13-Aug-2022 Procurement And Issuance Of Regulations As Primary, Secondary And Tertiary School Aids For The Children Of Stasi Employees.
Estimated Cost: 757800
Greece 13-Aug-2022 "external Branchings Of The Sewerage Network Of The Settlements Of Pachna-kastella-politica".
Estimated Cost: 1534400
Greece 13-Aug-2022 Online, Above-limits, Open Tender To Cover The Needs, In The Context Of Co-organization With Segas, Of The Authentic Athens Marathon For The Years 2022-2023.
Estimated Cost: 716129
Greece 13-Aug-2022 Coping With Rockfalls And Landslides In Sections Of Provincial Roads 14, 22 And 29.
Greece 13-Aug-2022 Dealing With Rockfalls And Landslides In Sections Of Provincial Roads 3, 13 And 9.
Greece 13-Aug-2022 Cleaning Of Streams Of Pepieria Ditches For The Years 2021-2022.
Estimated Cost: 806452
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Digitization Services Of The Physical Archive Of The Municipality Of Varis Vouliagmeni.
Estimated Cost: 809000
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Administrative, Scientific And Technical Support Of The Central Macedonian Region, Regarding The Organization And Implementation Of The Actions Of The Six Social Partnerships.
Estimated Cost: 317200
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Overnight Accommodation And Member Transport Services Etc. For Visits To Theaters And Archaeological Sites".
Estimated Cost: 299864
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Proclamation 19/22 Amd For Two (2) Annual Maintenance Of Repressurization Chambers Of Divers Nna, Nnk, Pgy Prometheus, Nthi Europe, Through The Conclusion Of A Framework Agreement, With An Estimated Value Of €731,367.00.
Estimated Cost: 731367
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Creation Of A National Registry For The Recording And Monitoring Of Geothermal Points (encaps).
Estimated Cost: 472100
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Supply Of Petroleum Products For The Territorial Authority Services P.e. Larisa.
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Maintenance - Improvement - Reconstruction Of The Road Surface, Horizontal And Vertical Markings, Of The Road Axes Syngrou Street, Piraios Street, Vas. Of Wisdom, Pheidipidus And Mediterranean, Competence D.d.m.y. Circled.
Estimated Cost: 10585806
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Supply And Installation Of Energy Upgrade Infrastructure Of The Sparta Headquarters.
Estimated Cost: 235000
Greece 12-Aug-2022 (a.d. 31/22) Supply Of Various Types Of Security Shelters.
Estimated Cost: 266000
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Supply And Installation Of Floating Projectors To Repair Damage Caused By Rough Seas In The Port Of Aegina".
Estimated Cost: 684315
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Supply Of Fuels And Lubricants Of Public Distom Of Arachova Antikyras.
Estimated Cost: 212669
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Supply Of Physical Therapy Equipment, Medical Equipment And It Equipment For The Project: Comprehensive Population Prevention And Recovery Services.
Estimated Cost: 196697
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Supply Of Ten (10) Electric Vehicles For The Project "electric Mobility Infrastructure - Electric Vehicles - Public Morning Charging Stations" In Accordance With The A.p. 10128/2021 Decision - Counter Program.
Estimated Cost: 2405456
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Supply Of Food For Children~s & Nurseries, Social Grocery Stores, Guest Houses.
Estimated Cost: 133260
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Supply Of Laboratory And Field Scientific Instruments/equipment.
Estimated Cost: 220161
Greece 12-Aug-2022 D.66/2022 Of 115 Pm For The Supply Of Tools And Other Technical Equipment To Support Aircraft (a/f).
Estimated Cost: 195560
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Provision Of Personal Protective Equipment For Public Sector Workers.
Estimated Cost: 443819
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Conducting A Tender To Enter Into A Contract For The Supply Of Ten (10) Civilian Passenger Cars Through Leasing With The Right To Purchase, To Meet The Needs Of.
Estimated Cost: 220720
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Open Tender Procedure For The Conclusion Of An Agreement - One (1) Year Framework For The Supply Of Photocopier Paper..
Estimated Cost: 2149845
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Supply And Installation Of A Hybrid Carpet Of Stylidas Field" Section 1 Of The Act "repair And Maintenance Of Stylidas Municipality Sports Facilities.
Estimated Cost: 305240
Greece 12-Aug-2022 (ad. 30/22) Maintenance Of Machinery Incl. (supply Of Tires For Machinery And Special Vehicles Incl.).
Estimated Cost: 230885
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Supply Of Food And Items Of Basic Material Support In The Context Of The E.p. "food And Basic Material Support" Of The Aid Fund For The Needy (teva/fead) Of The P.c..
Estimated Cost: 3173420
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Proclamation 38 For Supply Of Heating Oil.
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Ophthalmic Equipment.
Estimated Cost: 342935
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Open Electronic Tender Process For The Selection Of Suppliers Of Types Of Bread Supply.
Estimated Cost: 25664
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Open Electronic Tender Process For Concluding A Framework Agreement Lasting One (1) Year For The Supply Of 10,300 Pcs. Of Desktop Computers And 9,370 Pcs. Screens.
Estimated Cost: 9890830
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Upgrading And Configuration Of Common Areas Of The Municipality Of Western Achaia With The Use Of Urban Equipment And The Creation Of Playgrounds.
Estimated Cost: 227575
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Open International Electronic Tender For The Supply Of Equipment For The Sub-project No. 10 "supply Of Support Vehicles For The Management Of Natural Risks" Of The "laertis" Project.
Estimated Cost: 1224516
Greece 12-Aug-2022 Provision For Announcement Of An International Open Low-cost Electronic Tender For Selection Of Suppliers - Sponsored Supply Of Liquid Fuels & Lubricants (motor Oil - Heating Oil - Petrol & Lubricants.
Estimated Cost: 1430879
Greece 12-Aug-2022 "installation Of A Fire Detection System In The Loggitsi Forest" Within The Framework Of The Act "interventions To Prevent Forest Fires In The Municipality Of Stylida".
Estimated Cost: 234668
Greece 11-Aug-2022 Provision Of Upgrade Services of The Hospital Information System (his) And Provision Of Information System Support Services Laboratory Information System (lis).
Greece 11-Aug-2022 Supply Of Digital Mammograph – Radiological Laboratory 251 Gna..
Greece 10-Aug-2022 Study, Financing, Construction, Maintenance, Management And Operation Of The Integrated Solid Waste Treatment System Of Thira Island.
Estimated Cost: 42700000
Greece 10-Aug-2022 Cadastre - Town Planning - Implementation Act In Expansion Areas Within The Revised G.p.s. Of D.e. Weight.
Greece 10-Aug-2022 Operations Of Integrated Waste Management Facility.
Estimated Cost: 24408531
Greece 10-Aug-2022 Supply Of Software.
Estimated Cost: 1966773
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