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Honduras Tenders - Find latest government Tenders, projects, contracts, and tenders notices in Honduras. Get RFPs, bids and tenders, RFQ, GPN and Online Auction in Honduras.

Get 100% accurate tender information in Honduras, etenders, E-procurement notices, Public Tenders, International Bidding opportunities, Request for Proposal, Request for Quotation, Expression of Interest, General Procurement Notice and more. Tendersinfo is the most trusted platform for all your government contract requirements in Honduras. German public tenders easily accessible and provide the most accurate and up to date information on the web.

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Tendersinfo is your one stop portal to search local tenders, state tenders & international Tenders in Honduras. Tendersinfo makes it really easy for you to find best tender for your business needs by comparing ROI, project type, bids closed time etc. Get complete info on Honduras tenders & Contracts released by:

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Tendersinfo is a powerful, searchable database that provides users with the best opportunities from Tenders and Contracts published in Honduras. You can Find the perfect opportunity for your next business venture by Using Advance search in our database by various search option like Location wise tender, NCBs, ICBs, CPV, Funded Tenders , Live/Active Tender, open tender, archive tender, latest tender and Honduras Free Tenders, etc. Contact us today and you'll be on your way to finding the perfect opportunity.

Top Sectors and industries in Honduras

Tendersinfo is the best and most reliable online tenders website in Honduras, providing latest government and private tenders, public procurement notices and contracts from all over Honduras. Tendersinfo cover every industries & sectors in Honduras to help people find their next business opportunity. However, you can find some of the top industries and sectors In Honduras which brings enormous business opportunities

  • Honduras construction Tenders
  • Honduras security Tenders
  • Honduras Defence Tenders
  • Honduras Environment Tenders
  • Honduras IT Tenders
  • Honduras Software Tenders
  • Honduras Oil and Gas Tenders
  • Honduras Printing Tenders
  • Honduras Infrastructure Tenders
  • Honduras Railway Tenders
  • Honduras Consultancy Tenders
  • Honduras Aviation Tenders
  • Honduras Telecom Tenders
  • Honduras Public Works Procurement Tenders
  • Honduras Chemical Tenders
  • Honduras Machinery and Equipments /M&E Tenders
  • Honduras Mining Tenders
  • Honduras Textiles Tenders
  • Honduras Automobiles Tenders
  • Honduras Furniture Tenders
  • Honduras Smart Cards Tenders
  • Honduras GIS/ GPS Tenders
  • Honduras Power & Energy Tenders
  • Honduras Renewable Energy Tenders
  • Honduras Non-Renewable Energy Tenders
  • Honduras Engineering Tenders
  • Honduras Marine Tenders
  • Honduras Bridges and Tunnels Tenders
  • Honduras Plastic and Rubber Tenders
  • Honduras Railways Tenders
  • Honduras Transportation Tenders
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Tendersinfo is best & most reliable one-stop solution for tenders, project information, project management, public procurement news, Business news, Open tenders, Public Tenders, eTenders in Honduras, Honduras eprocure notifications & eprocurement tenders in Honduras can't be missed. With Tendersinfo, you'll be able to find the best solutions to all your queries right here, Tendersinfo offer the best information from 1000s of sources, so that there is no need to visit each individual portal. Tendersinfo provide search answers that are accurate and up-to-date.

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Honduras Projects

Tendersinfo provide advance & accurate projects information. Users can use the projects information to plan & Pitch to buyers with their capability statement well in advance. Tendersinfo provide latest information on upcoming projects in Honduras.

  • Honduras public private partnership project
  • Honduras government contract
  • Honduras turnkey project
  • Honduras build operate transfer project
  • Honduras Infrastructure Project
  • Honduras BOT/BOOT Projects
  • Honduras Software Projects Etc.

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Honduras Contracts:

Tendersinfo provide latest Contract information about Honduras Procurement and Contracts. User can get information about who won the contract and at what price? You can subscribe Contract information of tendersinfo on awarded tenders from Honduras Federal Contracts, Honduras contracts, tender result and latest government contract awards.

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Tender Location Tender Sector Tender Summary Tender Date Tender Deadline
Honduras Automobiles And Auto Parts Acquisition Of Motor Vehicles.
28-Sep-2023 27-Oct-2023
Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama Engineering Design And Improvement Of 16 Educational Centers In Municipalities Of Multidimensional Poverty.
27-Sep-2023 09-Nov-2023
Honduras Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Industry, Chemicals Purchase Of Personal Items And Hygiene Supplies.
27-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
Honduras Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Infrastructure And Construction Supply, Installation And Installation Of Air Conditioning Equipment.
27-Sep-2023 10-Oct-2023
Honduras Security Services Contracting Of Security Services For Didadpol, Santa Lucía Training Center And Regional Office In San Pedro Sula, Management 2024.
26-Sep-2023 23-Oct-2023
Honduras Services Hiring Of Cleaning And Toilet Services For Didadpol, San Pedro Sula Regional Office Management 2024.
26-Sep-2023 23-Oct-2023
Honduras Pharmaceuticals 23500 Pharmaceutical And Medicinal Products.
26-Sep-2023 16-Oct-2023
Honduras Infrastructure And Construction, Energy, Power And Electrical, Services Contracting Of The Preventive And Corrective Maintenance Service For Three (3) Unitary Electrical Substations And The Medium Voltage Electrical System, Located In The Building Of The Central Bank Of Honduras (bch), On Bulevar Fuerzas Armadas In The Capita.
26-Sep-2023 20-Oct-2023
Honduras Energy, Power And Electrical Supply Of Electrical Materials For Construction Of Distribution Circuit Short-term Action Plan.
26-Sep-2023 27-Oct-2023
Honduras Building Contracting Of A Firm For The: Construction Of A Quality Model For Prebasic Education In Honduras (mcep)..
26-Sep-2023 30-Oct-2023
Honduras Software Services Digitizing Documents From Inactive Archives.
26-Sep-2023 29-Sep-2023
Honduras Textile, Apparel And Footwear Supply Of Uniforms For The Staff Of The Enp Port Protection Unit At The National Level.
25-Sep-2023 23-Oct-2023
Honduras Security Services Contracting Of Surveillance And Security Services For The General Directorate Of The Merchant Navy (d.g.m.m.).
25-Sep-2023 16-Oct-2023
Honduras Software Services Contracting Of High Availability Perimeter Firewall Support And Maintenance Services For The Honduran Institute Of Social Security (ihss).
25-Sep-2023 16-Oct-2023
Honduras Services, Marine Contracting Of The Towing Service For The Performance Of Docking And Undocking Maneuvers Of Ships In Puerto Cortes, Omoa And Tela..
25-Sep-2023 26-Oct-2023
Honduras Marine Contracting Of The Towing Service For Carrying Out Berthing And Undocking Maneuvers Of Ships In The Port Of San Lorenzo..
25-Sep-2023 25-Oct-2023
Honduras Security Services Security And Surveillance Services.
25-Sep-2023 30-Oct-2023
Honduras Software Services Digitization Of Documents From Inactive Archives.
25-Sep-2023 30-Sep-2023
Honduras Industry Company, Hereinafter Referred To As The Supplier In This Document, For The Supply Of Three (3) Digital Whiteboards To Be Delivered To The Bcie Headquarters Office In Honduras,.
23-Sep-2023 28-Sep-2023
Honduras Healthcare Equipment And Services Acquisition Of Osteosynthesis Supplies And Related Services For The Hondurian Institute Of Social Security (ihss).
23-Sep-2023 13-Oct-2023
Honduras Roadways Storage And Logistics / Transportation Service For Non-perishable Items, Nfis (non Food Items) Unhcr Honduras.
23-Sep-2023 10-Oct-2023
Honduras Industry Acquisition Of Digital Whiteboards For Cabei Rooms.
23-Sep-2023 29-Sep-2023
Honduras BFIS - Insurance Acquisition Of Collective Life And Personal Accident Insurance.
23-Sep-2023 09-Oct-2023
Honduras Industry Acquisition Of Medals And Distinctions For The National Police Awards Ceremonyony.
23-Sep-2023 16-Oct-2023
Honduras Textile, Apparel And Footwear acquisition Of Uniforms, Footwear And Implements For Use Of The Administrative Staff Of The National Autonomous University Of Honduras .
23-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Honduras Services Transmission Line Gap Cleaning Service.
23-Sep-2023 22-Oct-2023
Honduras Energy, Power And Electrical Acquisition Of Electrical Supplies For The School Hospital And Peripheral Emergency Clinics.
23-Sep-2023 25-Oct-2023
Honduras Energy, Power And Electrical, Telecommunications, Aviation acquisition Of: Electrical Parameter Analyzers And Meters; Thermographic Cameras; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) With Thermographic, Photographic Video And Lidar Sensors; Sf6 Gas Recovery And Processor; 30,000 Lb. Moisture Remover And Telescopic Crane. .
23-Sep-2023 16-Oct-2023
Honduras Energy, Power And Electrical, Services Two (2) 20 Kva, Three-phase, Uninterrupted Electrical Power Supply Systems (ups).
23-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Honduras Industry Analyzers And Meters Of Electrical Parameters; Thermographic Cameras; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) With Thermographic Sensors, Photographic Video And Lidar; Sf6 Gas Recoverer And Processor; Moisture Remover And 30,000 Lb Telescopic Crane.
22-Sep-2023 06-Nov-2023
Honduras Industry, Telecommunications Acquisition And Installation Of Screens And Interactive Kiosks.
22-Sep-2023 17-Oct-2023
Honduras Industry Acquisition And Installation Of Interactive Screens And Kiosks.
22-Sep-2023 18-Oct-2023
Honduras Industry, Laboratory Equipment And Services acquisition Of Medical Laboratory Equipment For The Microbiology Research Institute Of The Faculty Of Sciences Of The National Autonomous University Of Honduras .
22-Sep-2023 10-Oct-2023
Honduras Software Services Annual Renewal Oracle Database Licensing Support In On-premise Environment.
22-Sep-2023 09-Oct-2023
Honduras Furniture Provide And Meet The Need To Obtain Office Furniture And Kitchen Equipment Among Other Used Goods That Are Already In Poor Condition, In Different Departments, Units And Offices Nationwide, As Well As Acquire Furniture That Facilitates The Transfer Of The.
22-Sep-2023 16-Oct-2023
Honduras Industry, Laboratory Equipment And Services Modernization Of Mechatronics Laboratories.
22-Sep-2023 12-Oct-2023
Honduras Security Services security Service For The National Registration Of Persons Year 2024.
22-Sep-2023 16-Oct-2023
Honduras Energy, Power And Electrical Contracting Of Preventive And Corrective Maintenance Service For Eight (8) Three-phase Sdmo Brand Generator Sets, Located In The Buildings Of The Central Bank Of Honduras In The Cities Of Tegucigalpa, Comayagüela And San Pedro Sula, Effective January 27,.
22-Sep-2023 09-Oct-2023
Honduras Consultancy, Agriculture, Food And Beverages , Management, Business And Administration Accountant Assistant Project Manager Unit.
21-Sep-2023 28-Sep-2023
Honduras Law And Legal Individual Consultant For Legal Adviser.
21-Sep-2023 28-Sep-2023
Honduras Engineering, Healthcare Equipment And Services Consulting Firm Or Consortium Specialized In The Management And Supervision Of Hospital Infrastructure And Equipment And Related Works, Which Supports The Technical, Administrative, Financial, Environmental And Social Management Of The Implementation Of T.
20-Sep-2023 10-Oct-2023
Honduras Engineering, Roadways Preliminary Design And Competition Rules.
18-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Honduras Engineering Management And Supervision Support Agency For The Hospital Network Support Program Of The Republic Of Honduras.
18-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Honduras Automobiles And Auto Parts Supply Of Bicycles For The Project Shortening Distances And Overcoming The Exclusion.
15-Sep-2023 09-Oct-2023
Honduras Agriculture, Food And Beverages Supply For The Production Of 100 Galleys, Distributed As Follows: 30 Through The Pronaders Rural Funds And 70 Livestock Raising Schools Through The Sag, In 14 Departments, At The Same Time It Must Provide Training Aimed At The Beneficiaries And Provide A.
15-Sep-2023 30-Oct-2023
Honduras Technology Hardware And Equipment Acquisition Of Computer Equipment For The Secretariat Of Social Development.
15-Sep-2023 10-Oct-2023
Honduras Furniture Acquisition Of Furniture, Machinery And Equipment For The Implementation Of The Care Center For Irregular Migrants In Choluteca, Danlí And Ocotepeque.
15-Sep-2023 29-Sep-2023
Honduras Technology Hardware And Equipment , Telecommunications 39600 Spare Parts And Accessories, 4251c^ Communication Equipment, 42600 Computer Equipment.
15-Sep-2023 29-Sep-2023
Honduras Automobiles And Auto Parts Acquisition Of A Bus With Capacity Of 25-35 People, High Roof..
15-Sep-2023 11-Oct-2023
Honduras Services Janitorial Services For The New Embassy Compound (nec).
15-Sep-2023 17-Oct-2023
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